000WebHost VS InMotion – Cheap Hosting Comparison

No matter what you are, a newbie or an experienced web developer, you can find a proper hosting solution from 000WebHost and InMotion. There is no problem to satisfy your need for the creation of a website from a scratch. For example, an option to build a Drupal website with either of them is only a click away. In this 000WebHost VS InMotion comparison, we will set the two web hosts apart in a professional way.

Our careful investigation speaks that InMotion is a better option for the establishment of your online presence. The reasons can be seen from the below rating table and the following details through our collection of hosting charge, available feature, hosting uptime, hosting speed, and technical support. The information comes from their official website, online forums, a monitoring tool, and real users.

Rating 000WebHost InMotion
Hosting Charge 5 4.5
Available Feature 4 4.5
Hosting Uptime 3.5 5
Hosting Speed 3 5
Technical Support 3.5 5
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Reasonable Hosting Charge

Most website owners will have a start with 000WebHost, since the free and really cheap hosting solutions increase the attractiveness of this web host. However, what deserve your careful consideration are strict limitations on the technical support and server resources.

With the goal to grow your website and save your budget, Premium Web Hosting (000WebHost) and Launch (InMotion) are the most cost-efficient hosting solution. Aside from the cheap hosting charges with 000WebHost, InMotion also gives new comers considerable discounts through this promotional link. Then the regular prices are reduced down to $2.95/mo for the 3-year subscription.

Hosting Charge 000WebHost InMotion
Plan in Review Premium Hosting Launch
Quarterly Payment $8.84/mo
Semi-Annual Payment $6.84/mo
Annual Payment $5.84/mo $4.49/mo
Biennial Payment $4.84/mo $3.49/mo
Triennial Payment $3.84/mo $2.95/mo
Quadrennial Payment $3.49/mo
Full Money Back 30 Days 90 Days
Conclusion Not Recommended Recommended

90-Day Full Refund

In the industry, the full refund period can be from 0 to 97 days. Just like most web hosts, the 30-day full refund policy applies to the 000WebHost hosting solutions. For InMotion lengthens the time to 90 days, users can try the Business Hosting with a much lower risk. As a result, your sense of money security will be at a higher level.

cPanel Control Panel

Free domain name, website builder and some others are common noticeable features between the two web hosts. After the selection of a hosting solution, both web hosts have no problem to meet your growing need for a website. However, their control panel remains the same regardless of your choice. 000WebHost gives you no choice but to manage a website with the use of a custom control panel. However, the most useful control panel -cPanel- is included in the InMotion Business Hosting.

Available Feature 000WebHost InMotion
Plan in Review Premium Hosting Launch
Free Domain 1 1
Hosted Domains Unlimited 2
Databases Unlimited 2
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel Custom cPanel
PHP 5.3 7
Perl Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
SSD Yes Yes
SSL Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes Yes
Current Price $3.49/mo $5.99/mo
Conclusion Not Recommended Recommended

Good Hosting Environment

On the 000WebHost official website lies a 99% uptime guarantee. Before our research, we can clearly notice that InMotion has more faith to provide a reliable hosting service from the 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Pingdom, a monitoring tool, has revealed the fact that both web hosts don’t leave their words behind. However, 000WebHost still disappoints users who need a reliable hosting environment. Constant downtime will bring 000WebHosting users to a terrible situation. This is not an issue with InMotion who averages the uptime to 99.98% during our monitoring and outperforms the job in the past 30 days.

As a reflection of page loading speed, their server response time is also under our monitoring. The sharp gap proves that InMotion is a much faster web host. In fact, it is difficult for any other web hosts to challenge the average of 237ms server response time. 000WebHost is not an exception who can compare with InMotion.

Good Technical Support

Free web hosting is advisable to those who want to learn the management of a website before the purchase. To rely on the 000WebHost technical support, a paid solution should be your choice. However, the responses from 000WebHost are still much slower than those from InMotion.

InMotion brings the convenience and guarantees quick replies with multiple contact channels (chat, phone, Skype, and email) and well-trained support members. Apart from true 24/7 technical support, more than 3,000 documents are included in the Support Center. Thus both our editors and InMotion users give high marks to the technical support.

Wrap Up

With the passage of more than 20 years, 000WebHost fails to build a growing reputation in the industry. In contrast, InMotion has focused on providing quality web hosting services since 2001. At this moment, you should have a clear idea on the advantages InMotion has over the competitor.

From the below chart, you can also listen to more voices from some InMotion users. This will give you a deeper impression on InMotion.