1and1 VS NameCheap – Which Is the Better Choice for Drupal Hosting

1and1 and NameCheap are among the popular web hosting providers that offer online services covering domain name registration and various web hosting solutions. Both companies have served a number of customers so far.

When coming to Drupal hosting, which of them is the better choice? If you are interested in the answer of this question, you have turned to the right place. Because in the following, we made the 1and1 vs NameCheap comparison to present in-depth analysis on the aspects of their Drupal hosting prices, features, reliability, performance and support.

Rating 1and1 NameCheap
Reputation 3.5 3
Price 3 2.5
Feature 3 2.5
Speed 3 3.5
Reliability 3.5 3
Technical Support 3 3
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What 1and1 And NameCheap Have in Common

Let’s start by having a look at what 1and1 and NameCheap have in common.

  • Drupal compatibility: Both 1and1 and NameCheap meet the technical requirements for Drupal hosting by applying Apache server, the latest version of PHP and MySQL database, and including at least 20 GB disk space and 128MB PHP memory.
  • 1-click installer: NameCheap has Softaculous application installer, which comes with a lot of popular applications like WordPress and Drupal, making updating and maintaining scripts an easy thing. 1and1 has exclusive 1&1 APP Center where there are 140+ applications, so you can install Drupal and other popular apps in just a few clicks.

1and1 Edges over NameCheap

Cheap Hosting Price

1and1 has 3 shared hosting solutions which are Basic, Unlimited and Advanced, regularly pricing at $6.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $14.99/mo respectively. However, through a default promotion, the prices become cheaper and are changed to $0.99/mo, $4.99/mo and $9.99/mo.

NameCheap launches 4 shared hosting plans named Value, Professional, Ultimate and Business SSD, whose prices start at $3.98/mo, $7.48/mo, $13.98/mo and $19.98/mo. Compared with 1and1, NameCheap has a higher pricing level.

Rich Hosting Features

To deliver reliable Drupal hosting services, both 1and1 and NameCheap provide sufficient resources and features. To better show you the similarities and differences of their features, we choose their basic plans to have a comparison in the table below.

Drupal Compatibility 1and1 NameCheap
Plan in Comparison Basic Value
Disk Space Unlimited 20 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Websites Unlimited 3
Subdomains 100 50
MySQL Databases 20 50
Email Accounts 100 50
Webmail Yes Yes
Email Forwarders/Autoresponders Yes Yes
Mailing Lists 5 10
FTP Accounts 20 50
Control Panel Custom cPanel
PHP 5.4/5.5/5.6 5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5/5.5
Perl Yes Yes
SSI Yes Yes
Ruby Yes No
Price $0.99/mo $3.98/mo

According to the table above, you can see both companies come with rich features and each has its own edges in different features. However, when taking their prices into account, you’ll find 1and1 is much more rich-featured and cost effective than NameCheap.

Great Uptime

Reliability is one of the most important factors for successful Drupal hosting. To test how they perform, we have been hosting several sites with both of them for quite a long time.

1and1 utilizes 2 data centers located in the US and it has around 70,000 high-end servers running parallel in operation. Besides, this company provides steel-reinforced walls, fully air-conditioned rooms, and interruption-free power supply with emergency diesel generators and plumb gel batteries.

According to our monitoring data, 1and1 delivers a good uptime, keeping 99.98% on average.

1and1 Uptime

NameCheap has multiple data center locations, like Dallas, Atlanta, and Phoenix, etc. Each data center is equipped with the latest servers from Dell, HP and Supermicro and these servers have at least 2 processors, 16 GB of RAM and 4 hard drives with RAID protection.

However, NameCheap achieves 99.59% uptime. Compared with 1and1, there is a large gap.

NameCheap Uptime

Other Advantages of 1and1

1and1 also has edges over NameCheap when it comes to money back guarantee and freebies.

  • Money back guarantee: Both companies offer a money back guarantee to make purchase more risk-free. 1and1 guarantees longer money back time – 30 days, while NameCheap only allows money back within the initial 14 days.
  • Free extras: 1and1 also includes some beneficial extras, such as 1 free domain name, private domain registration, 1and1 mobile website builder, $50 Bing and Yahoo search credits.

NameCheap Edges over 1and1

Easy to Use cPanel

NameCheap utilizes the most popular and easy to use cPanel as control panel while 1and1 uses a custom one. cPanel comes with a user-friendly interface, with which you can fully control your website with ease. However, for those who are not familiar with 1and1 custom control panel, account management may be a little challenging.

Fast Page Loading Speed

Actually, both companies have done a lot to deliver fast speed. To be specific, 1and1 utilizes CDN, multiple redundant 65 GBit/s connections, and 24 hours surveillance, etc.

As for NameCheap, it not only provides fully redundant network with high-speed SAN, but also comes with SSDs and high standard server security.

However, based on our careful observation on their server response time, NameCheap does a better job than 1and1.The former averagely takes 420ms, while the latter takes more than 1400ms. Below are reports of the detailed data recorded in the last 24 hours.

NameCheap server response:

NameCheap Server Response

1and1 server response:

1and1 Server Response

How About Their Technical Support?

As for customer service, both 1and1 and NameCheap offer 24×7 technical support via multiple channels. However, they have their own drawback. To be specific, 1and1 does not provide live chat while NameCheap does not support phone call.

To be frank, both live chat and phone support are important and responsive contacting methods. The lack of them can be inconvenient for customers especially for those who are in an emergency.


According to the comprehensive comparison, we have to admit both of them are fully Drupal compatible and have some advantages. However, considering all aspects as a whole, neither 1and1 nor NameCheap is recommendable for Drupal Hosting.

Instead of making a choice between them, there are some alternatives worth your attention as they provide quality and cost-effective Drupal hosting services with great reliability, high performance and solid support.