1and1 vs SiteGround – Shared Hosting Comparison

With a great reputation, 1and1 and SiteGround are likely to be the first choices for shared hosting. Whether they deserve your money remains a question for most of our readers. Have learned the need, our editors want to show you a clear way through this 1and1 vs SiteGround comparison.

Linux shared hosting has a much larger user base than Windows shared hosting. This is the reason why we focus our eyes on Linux shared hosting. Furthermore, SiteGround is a dedicated Linux hosting provider. The objective ratings in below are a reflection of opinions from verified users and our editors. Apart from the below rating table, we will also have a detailed discussion on their price, feature, uptime, speed, and support.

Rating 1and1 SiteGround
Price 4 4.5
Feature 3 2.5
Uptime 4.5 5
Speed 3 3.5
Support 3.5 3.5
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1and1 vs SiteGround on Price

Price often comes first to your mind whether you have an enough budget. If not, you will have no more interest in learning the two web hosts. With the knowledge of your concern, both web hosts offer new comers special prices from $0.99/mo and $3.95/mo separately. In the regular time, their prices are starting at $7.99/mo and $9.95/mo.

Their time duration is quite different, because the 1and1 special prices renew after the first year and the SiteGround special offers can last 3 years. However, SiteGround charges users who choose monthly plan $14.95 for the setup fee. The competitors normally provide free setup service, even when users choose to send the payment monthly.

Price Information 1and1 SiteGround
Plan in Review Basic Startup
Regular Price $7.99/mo $9.95/mo
3-Year Payment $3.95/mo
2-Year Payment $3.95/mo
1-Year Payment $0.99/mo (1st 12mos) and then $7.99/mo $3.95/mo
1-Month Payment $8.99/mo $3.95+$14.95 Setup

1and1 vs SiteGround on Feature

Their feature offerings disappoint users who have the basic needs. 1and1 limits the use of SSH access, website builder, and cPanel. It brings users some inconvenience to run a website. SiteGround sets unreasonable allocation for disk space and bandwidth in each shared hosting solution. It is a common sense that the excessive use of server resources will result in punishment from web host.

Feature Information 1and1 SiteGround
Plan in Review Basic Startup
Free Domain 1 for 1 Year 0
Hosted Domain 1 1
Monthly Visits Unlimited 10,000
Disk Space 100 GB 10 GB
Databases 25 Unlimited
Email Accounts 500 Unlimited
Full Money Back 30 Days 30 Days
Control Panel Custom cPanel
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Website Builder Optional Yes
SSD Yes Yes
CDN No Yes
Ad Credits No No
SSH No Yes
SSL No Yes
Perl/Python/Ruby Yes Yes
PHP 7.2/7.1/7.0/5.6 7/5
Current Price $0.99/mo $3.95/mo

1and1 vs SiteGround on Uptime

Website content should be delivered to visitors. Otherwise, everything else is in vain. The flow of website content is according to whether server is operational. There is no possibility for a web host to guarantee 100% hosting uptime. But the rate should be at least 99.9%.

Recorded by a monitoring tool, both web hosts can achieve much more than 99.9% uptime. SiteGround will also compensate for users who experience more than 1% downtime on a yearly basis. You are invited to read the 1and1 uptime statistics.

1and1 vs SiteGround on Speed

Speed is also related to using experience, which should have your attention. Even if your website contains quality content, it is hard to have high rankings with slow speed. eComerce websites should be more careful to not choose a slow web host.

Just like uptime, we also keep track of their server response time. It is shown that both web hosts are disappointing with the failure to deliver less than 400ms server response time. Here we want to make a clearer comparison by the introduction of InMotion, an industry leading web host.

1and1 vs SiteGround on Support

Some setbacks must be ahead of your hosting journey. A solid support team and an extensive knowledge base will benefit you to remove them. To better check their support quality, much information is collected from our personal tests and real users.

Their technical support is not truly 24/7 available through live chat, phone call, and tickets. Certainly, users are also given access to rich server resources in their help center or knowledge base. However, there is always the need to have a support team solve complicated issues. Thus the lack of responsiveness also leads to the disappointment about 1and1 and SiteGround.

Wrap Up

Our advice is not to place an order on both 1and1 and SiteGround. If you cannot put up with the hosting environment and technical support, there is only a 30-day full refund policy. It is wise for you to check their service quality before the purchase of a hosting solution.

At this moment, you are still mired in confusion about where to go. If you trust our experience, we would like to recommend the below web hosts who have passed the tests from our editors. Their rankings are up to how deep an impression they leave on us. But the choice you are going to make should be based on your own requirements.