A2Hosting vs DreamHost on Drupal Hosting Service

When choosing between A2Hosting and DreamHost for supporting the Drupal CMS, many newbies may feel confused as both of them are reliable web hosts that guarantee 100% Drupal compatibility.

In this case, we have made an A2Hosting vs DreamHost comparison in the following, demonstrating their similarities and differences. Note that we mainly compare the price, feature offerings, uptime, speed and technical support.

Rating A2Hosting DreamHost
Reputation 5 4
Pricing 5 3.5
Uptime 5 3.5
Speed 5 3.5
Support 5 2
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A2Hosting vs DreamHost – Similarities

Both of these two web hosts have done great in three aspects for the proper running of Drupal websites, including Drupal compatibility, features and uptime.

Drupal compatibility

It is widely known that Drupal, one of the best open source CMSs, poses a high requirement on the hosting environment. According to Drupal.org, the basic system requirements for Drupal running include:

  • At least 60 MB of memory limit
  • Apache web server (the most recommended) with mod_rewrite extension
  • MySQL database (the most recommended) with version 5.5.x + for Drupal 8 and version 5.0.x + for Drupal 7
  • PHP version 5.5.x + for Drupal 8 and version 5.2.x + for Drupal 7
  • Set up suPHP as the PHP handler

Based on our investigations, both A2Hosting and DreamHost have succeeded in meeting or even exceeding the technical requirements above. In this case, users can be rest assured that they will run Drupal smoothly with the two companies.

Hosting features

As for the featuring offerings, both of these two web hosts are generous, offering unlimited bandwidth/storage, unlimited domains allowed on one account, unlimited email accounts, 1-click Drupal installer, Solid State Drives, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSL, CGI and free advertising credits.


A2Hosting and DreamHost all claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime with the help of robust servers and cutting-edge data centers.

A2Hosting utilizes the exclusive Turbo servers pre-configured with RAID 10, and locates them at three cutting-edge data centers featuring redundant power supply, multi-homed network and strict infrastructure monitoring. As tested, they achieve a 99.99% uptime.

DreamHost uses the Debian Linux web servers and rents two advanced data centers at Los Angeles, CA – all aiming to guarantee a stable website running. Besides, this web host promises customer compensation in the Terms of Services due to a failure of at least 99.99% uptime. According to the monitoring, they achieve a 99.92% uptime.

A2Hosting Edges Over DreamHost

Despite the fore-mentioned common points, A2Hosting and DreamHost have their own advantages as well as shortages. From our surveys, the former company edges its opponent in the following aspects.


A2Hosting sets the hosting charge starting at $3.92/mo only via this promotional link. DreamHost, on the other hand, charges you starting $5.95/mo with the 34% discount.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

Taken as a whole, it is apparent that A2Hsoting plans are relatively more budget-friendly than that of DreamHost, enabling all-level users, especially those individuals and small-to-medium-size businesses, to start their hosting journeys more confidently.

Drupal.org recommendation

A2Hosting has been listed as the partner of Drupal.org, which is a convincing evidence proving that A2Hosting wins over DreamHost in terms of Drupal hosting.

Multiple packages

Under the background of today, it is common that your needs are apt to change according to the development of your business. In this case, it is better to have multiple choice of hosting plans in hand to grant yourself with more flexibility for upgrading or downgrading your current plan.

From this point of view, A2Hosting is more competitive than the other company. It currently has three packages coming with different feature offerings and price levels. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable one without paying extra money. DreamHost, however, only has an all-in-one hosting solution.

Control Panel

A2Hosting offers the cPanel control panel, but DreamHost offers a customized one. For newbies, the cPanel is much better than a customized control panel due to its ease of use.

In addition to this highly-acclaimed cPanel control panel, A2Hosting also provides a 1-click installer to help users install Drupal, WordPress, Magento, and many other popular open source applications in a simple and fast way.

Customer service

A2Hosting allows an all-time technical support via phone, live chat, ticket system and email, responding any query within the shortest time. DreamHost, however, mainly assists webmasters via the ticket system and the email support.

On the basis of many webmasters’ feedback, the technical support experts of A2Hosting are fairly patient and professional, being dedicated to helping them address and fix any issues 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Besides manual supports, users also have access to numerous helpful tutorials, guides, and other resources for self-help support.

Page loading speed

In addition to the utilization of redundant network, well-equipped data centers and solid web servers, A2Hosting also offers its exclusive speeding up technologies for achieving better performance. According to our real-world testing, A2Hosting is around 26% faster than DreamHost.

The following chart compares the hosting speed of these two web hosts with two identical Drupal blogs. Obviously, A2Hosting wins the game.

DreamHost Edges Over A2Hosting

To be frank, DreamHost is inferior to A2Hosting in multiple aspects, making it not a web host as ideal as its rival. However, the company has indeed done something good like allowing a longer money back guarantee and providing multiple free extras.

  • Money back – DreamHost allows 97 days for the full money back while A2Hosting only allows 30 days for a full refund.
  • Advertising credits – DreamHost offers $100 for free while A2Hosting offers $50.
  • Free domain – DreamHost includes a free domain into the hosting package while A2Hosting lacks this offering. Even, DreamHost allows the domain privacy service for free to protect your personal information for domain registration.

A2Hosting vs DreamHost – Which One is Better?

From the A2Hosting vs DreamHost comparison, clearly, both of them are reliable and affordable Drupal hosts, coming with some pros and cons.

However, when choosing between them, A2Hosting is surely better for the cheaper hosting charges, faster hosting speed, and better uptime, and more quality customer service.