A2Hosting vs NameCheap on Faster Shared Hosting

A2Hosting, a comprehensive hosting provider, has earned the reputation in the hosting field for the Linux hosting service. NameCheap who is well-known for the name registration service also opens multiple hosting services to the public. The A2Hosting and NameCheap comparison will make things clear that which web host can offer the faster shared hosting service.

Since the shared hosting service gains popularity among webmasters we decide to focus our eyes on it for the comprehensive comparison between A2Hosting and NameCheap. Furthermore, we launch an in-depth investigation into the hosting performance due to the direct influence on the using experience. Certainly, there are many more factors which you should also take into consideration.

Rating A2Hosting NameCheap
Price 4.5 5
Feature 4.5 3.5
Support 5 4
Performance 5 4
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NameCheap Edges over A2Hosting

In fact, we are sorry to say that NameCheap has the single advantage over A2Hosting though we have been trying to find more. Specifically, NameCheap can ease the burden of your budget thanks to the cheaper hosting fees. Though the introductory offers (from 0.82/mo) are valid for the first year ONLY, there is no denying that the renewal prices (from $3.24/mo) are also budget-friendly.

In the regular time, the A2Hosting shared hosting solutions are priced from $7.99/mo. With the promotional link, you can receive a 51% discount. It is true that A2Hosting is not as cheap as the competitor, but the current prices from $3.92/mo are also affordable for an overwhelming majority of webmasters. And A2Hosting gives your much more flexibility on the billing cycle (1/12/24 month).

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A2Hosting Edges over NameCheap

During our investigation, A2Hosting leaves a much deeper impression on us because it is more generous on features, offers a better customer service, and provides a much faster speed. Scroll down your page to take a close look at the edges.

More available features

Undoubtedly, all the necessary features are included within all the plans due to their rich experience in the hosting field. The main differences are the allocation for server resources and the free extras. In a big picture, A2Hosting comes with more available features. On one hand, this web host sets no limit of the disk space, which means the disk space can satisfy your needs under normal circumstances. On the other hand, it charges SSL certificate and ad credits for free. Therefore, A2Hosting shows more generosity on the features.

It is worth your attention that NameCheap only launches a 14-day refund policy so you will take a higher risk to try it. However, A2Hosting not only supports a full refund within 30 days but also ensures a pro-rated refund after 30 days.

Feature A2Hosting NameCheap
Plan Lite Value
Disk Space Unlimited 20 GB
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Certificate Free Paid
PHP Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
MySQL Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes Yes
SSH Access Yes Yes
Ad Credits Yes No
Node.js Yes Yes
Refund Policy Anytime 14 Days
Conclusion Recommended

Better customer service

When browsing the official site, we notice that A2Hosting enables phone, chat, and email support while NameCheap does not provide phone support. From this perspective, A2Hosting attaches a greater importance to the customer service because it gives you more freedom to use the most convenient method to get technical assistance.

In fact, we have to admit that NameCheap can also make a quick response to our chat though it is not as responsive as A2Hosting. In detail, A2Hosting only needs less than 4 seconds to answer our chat and NameCheap doubles the time. And both web hosts have the ability to get our problems solved in a professional way.

Much shorter server response time

At the beginning, we would like to emphasize that both web hosts have no problem to guarantee a high hosting reliability with the utilization of stable data centers, branded web servers, constant monitoring, and advanced facilities for power feeds, the security, climate control of server spaces. For more statistics, we would like to take A2Hosting as an example.

However, there is a big gap between the two web hosts when it comes to the server response time. With a monitoring tool, we record that A2Hosting is almost 50% faster than NameCheap whose server response time averages 595ms in the past 30 days. After an in-depth investigation, we find the main reasons for the achievement of A2Hosting.

  • The server locations are across the globe (USA, Europe, and Asia) while NameCheap does not have a data center in the Asian area.
  • The integration with CloudFlare CDN can better handle all the requests to servers.
  • A2Hosting uses SSD drives for OS, database, and files.

Final Verdict

When we put aside the hosting performance, A2Hosting is the better choice. Now that you have a higher requirement on the speed, you are more advised to start a new hosting journey with A2Hosting who can provide a faster hosting environment under normal circumstances. In addition, there are some extras available for you to improve the speed to a higher level, for example, Railgun Optimizer.