A2Hosting vs WebHostingPad for Faster Drupal Hosting

Both A2Hosting and WebHostingPad are reliable Drupal hosting providers on the web. When choosing between them, many Drupal users feel confused as they all offer rich features, great hosting performance, cheap hosting charges and helpful customer service. In this case, we have made a detailed A2Hosting vs WebHostingPad comparison, helping you make a wise decision according to our and others’ real hosting experiences with these two Drupal hosts.

A2Hosting vs WebHostingPad – Common Aspects

When comparing them, we have found that both A2Hosting and WebHostingPad have done great in terms of the hosting charges, features and Drupal compatibility.

Hosting Charges

A2Hosting has three hosting packages for Drupal users. Regularly, they are charged starting at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $18.99/mo. By visiting through the newly released promotional link, however, you can get the Drupal hosting starting at $3.92/mo effectively.

WebHostingPad strives to offer budget-friendly Drupal hosting solutions, charging you starting at $1.99/mo only. However, we have to mention that this cheap rate is only valid for the basic Power Plan with at least 3 years billing.

Price A2Hosting WebHostingPad
Plans in Comparison Lite Power Plan
36 Months N/A $1.99/mo
24 Months $3.92/mo $2.99/mo
12 Months $3.92/mo $3.99/mo

Features & Compatibility

The minimum technical requirements for proper Drupal running include PHP 5, MySQL 5, at least 60 MB of PHP memory_limit, suPHP, the latest advanced Apache web server and mod_rewrite module. After checking the feature lists of these two web hosts, they all meet and even far exceed these requirements to guarantee 100% Drupal compatibility.

Besides, they also offer an unlimited allocation of server resources, cPanel control panel, 1-click Drupal installer, SSH, SSL, Perl, Python, unlimited domain hosting and many more, meeting the hosting needs of different Drupal users.

A2Hosting vs WebHostingPad – Different Aspects

When it comes to the hosting performance, uptime, technical support and some other aspects, these two web hosts have done differently. Check the detailed information as following.

A2Hosting Wins Over WebHostingPad

  • Hosting Reliability – A2Hosting utilizes the ultra-reliable web servers that are expertly tuned by their engineers. Besides, this company locates these servers at three advanced data centers that are equipped with redundant power supply, redundant networks, strict security systems and closely monitored facilities. That’s why they can guarantee your site to be over 99.99% on the web. Below is the real-world testing result, demonstrating how A2Hosting supports our sample Drupal blog over the past days.

    As for WebHostingPad, this web host makes use of the Dual Xeon Intel Raid protected servers. However, all their web servers are placed at only one data center that is located in Chicago, leading to the heavy burden for the working of data center infrastructure and facilities. As we have tested this web host for uptime, it achieves a 99.47% uptime in the real world, causing 3 serious downtimes during the past 30 days.

  • Page Loading Speed – A2Hosting is famous for its fast page loading. It adopts a lot of speeding up technologies to boost the page loading up to 200% faster, such as SSD, Turbo Cache, APC/OPcache, Priority Plus, CloudFlare CDN, Railgun Optimizer and many more. WebHostingPad, however, falls behind A2Hosting for this aspect.

    The following chart displays how these two web hosts perform during the previous 30 days. According to the result, A2Hosting is 99% faster than WebHostingPad. Note that we use two same Drupal blogs for performance monitoring, so the result is 100% objective.

  • Technical Support – Although both A2Hosting and WebHostingPad offer the 24/7 technical support via multiple contact channels including live chat, email and hotlines. The support efficiency for A2Hosting is much better than that of WebHostingPad based on our real experiences.

    We have started an online conversation via clicking the live chat button offered by these two web hosts. A2Hosting gives us an instant response and resolves our issue professionally. WebHostingPad, however, takes around 5 minutes to give us a respond and the support staff continues asking us to be patient, but does not offer the effective troubleshooting.

WebHostingPad Wins Over A2Hosting

WebHostingPad pays much attention to the website security, offering advanced spam filters and security scanners to prevent Drupal users from any potential dangers. A2Hosting also has some security measurements, but are not as powerful as that of WebHostingPad. Here, we have to note that these cutting-edge security technologies are only valid for WebHostingPad Power Plan Plus package.

Besides, WebHostingPad also offers a free domain that is lasting for one year. As for A2Hosting, it simply lacks this offering.


According to this comparison, A2Hosting is undoubtedly the better Drupal hosting provider than WebHostingPad. It has done a great job in every aspect including price, features, hosting performance and support. Even, as we have started a survey among real A2Hosting customers, almost all of them are highly satisfied with its Drupal hosting solution.