Arvixe vs 1and1 on Drupal Hosting Solutions

This Arvixe vs 1and1 comparison is mainly about their Drupal hosting solutions when it comes to the aspects of prices, features, uptime, page loading speed, customer satisfaction, technical support and industry reputation.

The comparing results of each aspect are based on our real hosting experiences and real-world testing, which are precise and objective.

Rating Arvixe 1and1
Reputation 5 3.5
Feature 5 3.5
Speed 5 2.5
Technical Support 5 3
Uptime 5 3.5
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Brief Introduction to the Two Companies

Arvixe starts offering the quality Drupal hosting since the year 2003. With this web host, you can enjoy the exclusive Drupal-optimized environment, all the Drupal related hosting features and managed Drupal support. At present, Arvixe has become an official hosting partner of this CMS.

1and1 is a cheap and reliable hosting provider for Drupal, with the aim of delivering the most cost-effective Drupal hosting solutions with rich features and peak hosting performance. Backed by cutting-edge data centers and over 70,000 robust servers, this web host claims to guarantee 100% availability for all the hosted websites.

Arvixe Pros and Cons for Drupal Hosting

Arvixe has done great in terms of the Drupal compatibility, hosting reliability and technical support. As for the drawbacks, there are no big issues that may negatively affect the Drupal running.

The Pros

  • 100% Drupal compatibility. Arvixe offers an optimized hosting environment for Drupal running, coming with the latest version of PHP and MySQL, sufficient PHP memory limit, advanced Apache web server with mod_rewrite extension, and suPHP for the increased level of website security. All of these guarantee the 100% Drupal compatibility.
  • Great hosting reliability. Arvixe claims to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. If this web host does not live up to this promise during any month, you are qualified to receive a refund on the hosting fee of that month for compensation. This strong confidence comes from the utilization of bleeding-edge web server and cutting-edge data centers.

    All the servers used by this web host come with the latest Intel Xeon, the latest SCSI drives in raid 10 and SSD raid arrays, guaranteeing the top-notch performance and stability of your website. Besides, Arvixe utilizes the state-of-the-art segregation software, isolating your site from other websites in a shared environment effectively and giving you an unmatched level of hosting reliability.

    In addition, Arvixe rents multiple data centers, each of which is equipped with uninterrupted power supply, automatic cooling system, redundant network architecture and advanced facility monitoring. All of these can guarantee the proper running of web servers.

    To have a precise result of Arvixe uptime, we have started a testing for this web host since the beginning of this year. According to the result, Arvixe succeeds in achieving a 99.96% uptime for our sample site.

  • Managed Drupal support. Arvixe has a group of Drupal experts who can offer the managed Drupal support with the ultimate professionalism. Unlike the common support staffs who know little about this advanced CMS, Arvixe representatives have a deep insight into Drupal, thus being able to resolve any of your issues. As the support team is available all the times, you can ask for help no matter when you need help via hotline, live chat, ticket system and email.

The Cons

Arvixe claims to offer an unlimited allocation of disk space and monthly data transfer. But actually, this is just a promotional trick. Once you over-consume your server resources to a specific limit, your account will be banned.

1and1 Pros and Cons for Drupal Hosting

1and1 is famous for its cheap hosting charges and rich features. However, it fails to guarantee a fast page loading based on our performance testing.

The Pros

  • Cheap hosting charges. 1and1 has four hosting packages that are charged starting at $0.99/mo only with the annual billing. Even the most power plan of Unlimited Pro can be purchased at the price of $9.99/mo effectively.
  • Rich features. Due to the fact that 1and1 allocates a different level of hosting features to different plans, you can choose the most suitable one based on your needs and budgets. However, no matter which plan you choose, you can always get sufficient server resources, free domain names, unlimited database, more than 140 click & build apps, the updated version of PHP and MySQL, 1-click Drupal installer and many more.

The Cons

  • No cPanel. Instead of offering the most user-friendly cPanel, 1and1 provides a custom control panel for the management of hosting account and Drupal sites. According to our personal trying, the 1and1 control panel may lead to a larger learning curve for common webmasters than cPanel.
  • Slow page loading. When checking the hosting performance of Arvixe, we also have started another test for 1and1 with the similar Drupal site. Based on an unceasing monitoring using Pingdom, our sample site requires more than 700 ms for server responding. To be frank, the result really frustrates us for the average server response speed is around 500 ms. 1and1 even fails to reach the average line.
  • Value-less Starter plan. 1and1 has a Starter plan that charges you starting at $4.99/mo. With it, you can only get 100 GB of web spaces, 1 database and 1 website on each account, no free domain included and up to 300 MB of RAM only. To be frank, this plan is neither affordable nor rich-featured.

After presenting the pros and cons of their Drupal hosting, in the following, we would like to present more detailed illustrations on the price, feature offerings, and hosting performance that users worldwide usually put the first of their considerations.

Arvixe vs 1and1 on Hosting Package and Price

Arvixe has two hosting packages that are priced starting at $4/mo. With the coupon code BWH360, however, the price is down to $2.8/mo effectively. As for 1and1, you can get its hosting plans with the prices ranging from $0.99/mo to $9.99/mo.

From the first sight, the hosting plans of 1and1 seem to be more affordable than that of Arvxie. However, you should keep a wary eye on these alluring prices which apply to 12-month billing terms only. Moreover, with 1and1hosting plans, the features you can enjoy are quite limited as we will detail in the coming section.

Arvixe, by contrast, not only offers you budget-friendly hosting plans and beneficial discount but also promises no extra charges to make your purchase worry and risk free.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

Arvixe vs 1and1 on Feature Offerings

In terms of their hosting features, both of them offer a rich list. When comparing intensively, however, Arvixe is more generous. Check the detailed information in the following.

Price Values Arvixe 1and1
Plans in Comparison Personal Class Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Yes No
Money Back 60 days 30 days
Advertising Credits $200 No
PHP 5 Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Free Domain For Life For One Year
Drupal Installer Yes Yes
Regular Price $4/mo $0.99/mo
Discount 30% N/A
Promotional Price $2.8/mo $0.99/mo
How to Claim Coupon Code
Not Recommended

According to the table above, it is indisputable that Arvixe hosting services are more cost-effective than its opponent. Besides being more generous on the allocation of server resources, this company provides easy-to-use control panel, multiple freebies, and so on to further benefit its users throughout the globe.

Arvixe vs 1and1 on Loading Speed

The result of the hosting performance is based on our real-world testing. Since the beginning of this year, we have set up two identical Drupal sites. After getting them hosted with these two web hosts respectively, we have monitored their performance unceasingly.

As you can see from the chart below, Arvixe is up to 70% faster than 1and1, taking an average of 445ms only for responding to a server request. Frankly speaking, this server response time is much more outstanding than the rest of web hosts available in the field.

On the basis of the fore-mentioned facts, Arvixe has surpassed 1and1 a lot in regard to both hosting reliability and loading speed. Besides utilizing rock solid hosting infrastructures, according to our surveys, this company has done much more hard work behind the scenes to ensure users with peak performance.

Summary – Arvxie Is a Better Choice

Based on this comparison, Arvixe undoubtedly is a better choice than its rival for Drupal hosting. This company provides high-quality hosting services at reasonable prices that both personal and enterprise-level users are able to afford. Also, it guarantees a stable and fast hosting environment along with responsive technical support to support each step of users’ journeys to online success.

Besides, according to the reviews of hundreds of real customers, the majority of them are highly satisfied with the hosting service offered by Arvixe. Therefore, we sincerely recommend Arvixe to those who are looking for a trustworthy Drupal host on a small budget.