Arvixe VS FatCow on Shared Hosting

Both Arvixe and FatCow are widely known hosting brands that have been keeping a group of loyal users with affordable plans and great reliability. However, their differences are un-ignorable.

Based on uptime monitoring, performance tests and personal experiences, we find that Arvixe is better than FatCow in shared hosting although they both provide the common features. The former is faster, cheaper, and more risk-free.

This comparison will present the two web hosts’ similarities first, and then show how Arvixe wins its competitor. The following ratings are also clues.

Rating Arvixe FatCow
Uptime 4.5 3.5
Support 4.5 3
Price 5 2.5
Feature 4.5 3.5
Speed 4.5 2.5
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The Similarities Between Arvixe and FatCow

Arvixe and FatCow are able to provide good uptime and technical support, which has earned them the reputation in today’s market.

Good uptime

The two companies promise 99.9% service uptime for everyone who uses their shared hosting services, and they are powering all clients with handpicked servers in reliable data centers. For the power supply of the data centers, they both utilize UPS with backup generators, and for the network connectivity, they offer enough capacity through multiple available connections.

With the full redundancy for all the key systems, as well as the real-time technician monitoring of the network and servers, Arvixe can provide 99.92% or higher uptime.

Although not being the same excellent as the competitor, FatCow is also able to guarantee 99.9% uptime. The last 30 days’ monitoring of the company’s uptime is as follows.

Multiple support methods

Arvixe and FatCow provide technical support via multiple ways. You can access their support team via phone, a chat box on their website, and the helpdesk where a ticket system is available. For complicated technical issues, you can open a ticket, and for other simple issues, simply choose the more convenient ways.

Besides, the two web hosts have a knowledgebase in which many hosting topics are covered, such as email setup, DNS update and control panel. When you have a question about any commonly seen issue, you are suggested to search the knowledgebase first to find a written solution to your problem. The articles should include the details your want.

Besides all these things, Arvixe also maintains various discussion forums where you can share your hosting experience and improve your technical skills.

Hosting freebies

In all their shared hosting plans, Arvixe and FatCow provide some freebies. By gaining the following freebies, you can save some money while getting ways to promote your website.

  • One free domain. The domain offered by FatCow is free in the first year, while that from Arvixe is free for the lifetime.
  • $100 advertising credits for Google AdWords.
  • $100 advertising credits for Bing.

How Does Arvixe Beat FatCow

In fact, Arvixe is better than FatCow in all of the hosting price, refund guarantee, hosting features and speed. Details are offered in below.

Favorable price

Arvixe has been offering two shared hosting plans. These plans are available at affordable prices of $4/mo and $7/mo, while you can now obtain a secret 30% discount with the coupon code BWH360. This means the two plans could be purchased at $2.8/mo and $4.9/mo only, which makes them two of the cheapest shared hosting choices.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

FatCow, since the inception, has been providing one plan for shared hosting. The plan seems affordable nowadays because it is priced at $4.08/mo only for the first year. However, this price is a special offer, and when the initial term ends, you have to pay much more. The renewal price starts from $10.95/mo to $12.95/mo depending on the billing cycle.

60-day refund

As 30-day refund has almost been a standard of a reliable Linux hosting package, Arvixe and FatCow have met this standard. FatCow guarantees 30-day full refund, while Arvixe is even better by allowing 60 days for trials. You can ask for refunds at any time after cancelling your hosting account within the first 60 days.

More features

In terms of the shared hosting features, the most significant highlight of Arvixe is the cPanel control panel which is much more easy-to-use and intuitive than the vDeck control panel offered by FatCow.

Besides cPanel, Arvixe still has several other edges over its competitor, for example, the support for PostgreSQL database, SSH, etc. To learn more details, read the following feature table.

Feature Arvixe FatCow
Plan PersonalClass Original
Websites 6 Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
PostgreSQL Databases Unlimited No
PHP/Python Yes Yes
Perl/Ruby Yes No
SSH Yes No
Regular Price $4/mo $10.95/mo
Discount 30% 63%
Discounted Price $2.8/mo $4.08/mo
How to Claim Coupon BWH360

Faster servers and networks

Arvixe has been doing well in the speed of its shared hosting services. To achieve the optimal performance, the company has optimized its servers and networks, and now it:

  • Uses full SSDs for users’ databases, files, emails, etc.
  • Conducts 24×7 network monitoring and management.
  • Isolates the shared hosting accounts and keeps them in their own cages.
  • Utilizes a CDN for faster delivery of website data.

FatCow is good in reliability. However, it hasn’t done the same well in speed. Its servers are a little bit slow, according to monitoring. To see how, read the following monitoring statistics.

Have You Made the Decision?

If you have visited the two companies’ websites and read the comparisons above carefully, you should have found that Arvixe wins a lot when compared with FatCow.

Therefore, no matter you want a cheap shared hosting plan, great ease of use or high performance, choosing Arvixe is the more beneficial decision.