Arvixe VS InMotion Hosting – Select the Better Option for Drupal Hosting

Due to the generous sponsorship to the Drupal community, Arvixe and InMotion are official supporters for Drupal. It is true that both of them offer highly compatible web hosting services for Drupal users, but some differences still exist. Users with specific requirements should pay more attention.

For this comparison, we select Arvixe PersonalClass plan to compare with InMotion Launch plan, figuring out which one is more valuable. The factors taken into account are pricing, web hosting features, uptime, speed and support.

Pricing – Tie

Arvixe PersonalClass is priced from $4/mo, but when you select the short billing terms like 1 month or 3 months, the cost increases to $7/mo. The free extras included in the plan are:

  • $100 Google AdWords credits.
  • $100 Bing/Yahoo search marketing credits.
  • A free domain for life.

The regular prices of InMotion Launch plan start at $6.99/mo. However, the promotional link below brings an over 50% discount which reduces the prices to $3.49/mo. This plan also includes freebies:

  • $250 marketing credits for Google, Yahoo/Bing, and listing.
  • Zero-downtime free website transfer.
  • Free domain name and free daily data backups.
InMotion Promotional Link Activation

Features – Which Wins? It Depends on What You Need

Launch cannot compete with PersonalClass in the amount of domains allowed on one account, but in terms of the management tools and some other features, it is quite good, coming with its own highlights. Read the table below to see the similarities of the plans and some of the differences.

Feature Arvixe InMotion
Plan in Comparison PersonalClass Launch
Allowed Websites 6 2
Databases Unlimited 2
Subdomains Unlimited 25
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Yes Yes
1-Click Drupal Install Yes Yes
PHP 5 Yes Yes
MySQL Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes Yes
Daily Backups Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Application Rollback No Yes
Full Refund 60 Days 90 Days
Price $4/mo $3.49/mo
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Both Arvixe and InMotion offer some special features which differ them apart from each other.

Specials offered by Arvixe

  • Attracta SEO tools – promoting Drupal sites in search engines.
  • R1Soft – fast and flexible data backups and recovery.

Specials offered by InMotion

  • Custom-built AMP (Account Management Panel) – handling account and billing issues easily.
  • Safe application roll-back – helping users having problems with an updated Drupal version roll back to the previous version securely.
  • Google Apps integration – setting up Google Apps for Work in cPanel in minutes.

Uptime – InMotion Wins

Arvixe and InMotion both guarantee 99.9% uptime. To get the promise covered, they utilize UPS system and redundant data center power to ensure that there is no downtime caused by power outage. Besides, for uninterrupted network connections, the companies connect their data centers with multiple tier-1 Internet Service Providers to minimize the risk of network failure.

We haven’t seen any difference in the two web hosts’ equipment that contributes to reliable uptime. But statistics have told the truth that InMotion provides much more reliable hosting services than the competitor.

We have monitored the uptime of InMotion from Feb, 2013 and Arvixe from Jun, 2014 to collect real records. So far, the records of InMotion are quite satisfactory as the uptime seldom fell below 99.9%.

However, for Arvixe, the situation is really different. The company actually cannot keep its own promise because it failed to offer 99.9% uptime in most months. Downtimes are normal to see, not only for us, but also for many other users.

Speed – InMotion Wins

InMotion has been known for super fast hosting speed. The strategically located data centers cover users in the whole North America, as well as Europe. Besides, the fast speed also attributes to the following factors.

  • High performance servers with SSD drives.
  • Fast network with carrier-grade network core and advanced routing & switching.
  • Max Speed Zones covering most locations in the US.
  • Direct data connections with peering exchanges.

Arvixe has also made efforts in speeding up their servers and networks, for example, applying a Content Delivery Network. However, the efforts haven’t come out really good results.

Below is the comparison of the server response time of Arvixe and InMotion in the past 30 days.

Support – InMotion Wins

The standard support channels offered by Arvixe and InMotion are almost the same: live chat, email, phone, support ticket, and a knowledgebase. However, there are still many differences.

  • The responses from InMotion support team are tested to be good both in speed and the knowledge about web hosting and Drupal. Arvixe, however, usually delays the replies for tickets to a few days.
  • Besides the standard channels, InMotion also provides support via Skype and multiple social media like Twitter and Facebook.
  • InMotion has built dedicated education channels for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 to introduce both basic and advanced tutorials. Some of the tutorials are very popular among Drupal learners.

InMotion Education Channel for Drupal

InMotion Is the Better Option

According to our review and investigation, InMotion is the better choice of Drupal hosting no matter what you care is the cost, server performance, technical support or ease of use. The long refund period also makes it worry-free to try the Launch plan.