Arvixe VS JustHost – Drupal Hosting Comparison

Arvixe and JustHost are 2 web hosts who provide a range of hosting services, among which Drupal hosting is one of the most popular. So, what hosting resources do they offer? Are they reliable Drupal hosting providers?

To find out the answers, we made the Arvixe vs JustHost comparison, mainly analyzing their Drupal hosting on the aspects of pricing, hosting features, reliability, page loading speed and customer service.

Below is a rating table based on our personal hosting experiences with these 2 web hosts. By sharing it here, we hope that you can get a general impression on some critical aspects of their hosting services before proceeding to more detailed comparison in the following sections.

Rating Arvixe JustHost
Reputation 2 5
Price 3.5 4
Feature 3.5 4.5
Reliability 2 5
Speed 2 4.5
Technical Support 1.5 5
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Brief Introduction to Arvixe and JustHost

Arvixe is a fast-growing web hosting provider that has been in the industry for more than 13 years since 2003. Based in San Luis Obispo, CA, this company has been providing a wide range of personal, business, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting services for individuals, small businesses and enterprises. In the recent year, however, the company received many complaints for the terrible uptime and support.

JustHost, on the other side, is in the list of leading Drupal hosting providers. It is a relatively large-sized company with more than 500 employees on the payroll. Also, the company has invested over 8 million USD to build its dedicated word-class data center. In the Drupal hosting field, JustHost is widely known for offering cheap, rich-featured, and reliable hosting services.

What You Can Get From Both of Them?

Arvixe and JustHost have spared no efforts to make their services affordable and compatible with Drupal. On the basis of our comprehensive surveys and reviews from verified users, the two companies offer budget-friendly hosting packages along with all-inclusive features, with which users are able to run their websites in a hassle-free manner.

100% Drupal Compatibility

According to, certain basic requirements are needed for running Drupal properly. After checking the features of Arvixe and JustHost, we find the both web hosts are fully Drupal compatible. Now, you can check the detailed information in the following table.

Drupal Hosting Feature Arvixe JustHost
OS & Server Linux & Apache Linux & Apache
Disk Space Unlimited 50 GB+
PHP memory_limit 256 MB 256 MB
MySQL 5 & PostgreSQL Yes Yes
PHP 5 & suPHP Yes Yes
mod_rewrite Yes Yes
1-Click Drupal Installation Yes Yes

Budget-Friendly Hosting Plans

Arvixe releases 2 shared hosting plans named Personal Class and Personal Class Pro, which are priced at $4/mo and $7/mo in regular time. At present, you cannot expect any discount.

JustHost offers 3 web hosting packages – Basic, Plus and Pro, which regularly start at $9.49/mo, $12.49/mo and $25.49/mo. Now, this web host provides large discounts for the following promotional link that makes the prices start at $3.49/mo only.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

As for paying methods, both Arvixe and JustHost support paying methods like PayPal and credit card. They also offer 60-day and 30-day money back guarantee respectively for full refund. Also, JustHost allows pro-rated refunds after the guaranteed period, which makes your purchase risk-free.

Abundant Hosting Features & Beneficial Extras

Both Arvixe and JustHost provide rich hosting features, including sufficient allocations of disk space, bandwidth, programming languages, spam protection, and so on. The following table displays more information.

Feature Arvixe JustHost
Plans in View Persoonal Class Basic
Disk Storage Unlimited 50 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Websites 6 1
Subdomains Unlimited 25
Email Addresses Unlimited 25
Email Storage Unlimited 500 MB Per Account
.htaccess override Yes Yes
Custom PHP.ini Yes Yes
Zend Optimizer Yes Yes
Shell Access Yes Yes
CGI, Perl, Python, Ruby Yes Yes
IMAP & POP3 Yes Yes
Cron Job Yes Yes
Original Price $4/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 56% off
Discounted Price -/td>

How to Claim Link Activation

From the table above, it is clear that Arvixe and JustHost include their hosting packages with abundant server resources and all-inclusive basic features. In addition, they provide the most easy-to-use control panel – cPanel with a 1-click installer. With the help of these tools, users are able to manage their websites and install multiple popular applications like Drupal in an effortless way.

Besides what mentioned above, they also offer many free extras for their shared hosting customers. Below are the freebies included in the plans.

  • Free advertising credits – $200 for Arvixe and up to $300 for JustHost.
  • Free instant setup & site builder – Both are available.
  • CloudFlare CDN – Both offer.

How Arvixe Wins over JustHost?

It is certain that there are no two identical leaves. The same principle goes with Arvixe and JustHost. By our investigations, Arvixe has done a better job than its rival in the following aspects.

Free Domain for Lifetime

Free Domain for LifeBoth web hosting providers include a free domain in their Drupal hosting plans. However, Arvixe allows the free domain for lifetime while JustHost only allows for the first year of your sign up, after which, you have to pay extra money for it.

Free Website Transfer

If you purchase hosting service from Arvixe and you’ve already owned a website, you can count on Arvixe technical support representatives to help you transfer your website content, like databases and domain name. All provided is free of charge.

How JustHost Wins over Arvixe?

Similarly, JustHost has its own advantages in this competition with Arvixe. Displayed as below, it has outperformed Arvixe in the uptime record, page loading speed and technical support, three aspects that matter most to webmasters.

Better Uptime Record

Arvixe values uptime a lot. To live up to its commitment of achieving 99.9% uptime, this web host takes a series of measures.

  • Data center – State-of-the-art data center with advanced security systems.
  • Power – Uninterrupted power supply, backup generator.
  • Other facilities – Heating, air conditioning, ventilation and fire protection.
  • Security – 24×7 redundant monitoring capabilities.

JustHost guarantees 99.9% uptime as well. It applies dual quad processor performance servers and advanced data center facilities such as diesel generator backup power and UPS. In addition, 24×7 network monitoring is available so that any issue that arise will be addressed immediately.

We have hosted sample Drupal sites with Arvixe and JustHost for a long time. According to the monitoring statistics of the last 30 days, the former averagely achieves 99.75% uptime only while the latter keeps 99.99% uptime.

Arvixe Uptime:

JustHost Uptime:

From the aspect of uptime, JustHost definitely beats its competitor. In fact, you should never use a host with too many downtimes because your website is nothing when it is inaccessible.

Faster Page Loading Speed

While testing their uptime, we also observed their server response time. According to the data, JustHost takes an average of 350ms for server response, which is nearly 100% faster than that of Arvixe. You can now check in the chart below.

For all this, we can’t deny the efforts JustHost makes. The company utilizes high performance dual quad processor server, CloudFlare CDN, direct internet connections and multiple Tier 1 telecom providers, all contributing a fast speed.

Around the Clock Technical Support

To attract more customers, attentive service is also a key factor for web hosts. Fortunately, JustHost is aware of this fact, so it offers 24×7 technical support via multiple channels, covering email, online chat, ticket system and telephone.

The company has employed staffs who are professional and knowledgeable about Drupal hosting, so that you can rely on them whenever you are in need. Moreover, JustHost offers an exclusive knowledgebase where there are a large number of articles that can help you solve some basic problems.

However, for Arvixe, the inefficient technical support has always been a drawback of the company’s hosting services. As the prices of its plans are super-low, the investment in support is low, too. That’s why there are complaints about the outsourcing, over 24-hour ticket response time, and bad live chat that doesn’t help resolve any issue.

Arvixe Complaint

Conclusion – JustHost Is Recommended

According to the comparison, you can see both companies provide budget-friendly shared hosting that is rich-featured and 100% Drupal compatible. However, JustHost definitely wins when it comes to the most important aspects like reliability, performance, and technical support.

Therefore, if you want reliable and fast Drupal hosting that helps with your online business, you’d better choose JustHost who has a better performance in these aspects than rival.