Arvixe VS SiteGround – Drupal Hosting Comparison

Both Arvixe and SiteGround have been providing Drupal hosting services for a couple of years. They offer the latest PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Apache web server to optimize the using experience of Drupal users. Some other technologies like Zend Optimizer and mod_rewrite are also supported.

This post compares Arvixe PersonalClass plan with SiteGround StartUp plan to reveal their edges over each other. You should be able to make a decision after reading the details.

First of all, read the editorial ratings of the two plans.

Rating Arvixe SiteGround
Plan in Comparison PersonalClass StartUp
Reputation 3.5 3.5
Pricing 5 2
Uptime 4.5 3.5
Speed 4.5 3
Support 4.5 5
Editorial Review Arvixe Review SiteGround Review

Arvixe Edges over SiteGround

According to our trial and monitoring, Arvixe PersonalClass plan wins SiteGround StartUp in the following aspects.

Cheaper price and better features

PersonalClass is much cheaper than StartUp both for the initial term and the renewal. See their prices in below.

  • PersonalClass: Regularly $4/mo & now discounted 30% for $2.8/mo for new customers applying the coupon code BWH360.
  • StartUp: Regularly $9.95/mo & now discounted 60% for $3.95/mo.

It is clear that StartUp is much more expensive. As the special price of $3.95/mo is valid for the first term only, the renewal costs double, and even more. At such a high rate for shared hosting, StartUp only allows to host one domain, which makes the cost even higher.

Comparatively, PersonalClass allows Drupal users to host up to 6 domains on one account at a low cost. Undoubtedly, this plan is a more cost-effective choice.

Now read the following table to see which plan comes with more features.

Rating Arvixe SiteGround
Plan in Comparison PersonalClass StartUp
Hosted Website(s) 6 1
Free Domain for Life 1 1
Disk Space Unlimited 10 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Databases Unlimited Unlimited
Free Website Transfer Yes Yes
cPanel & Softaculous Yes Yes
CloudFlare CDN Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Advertising Credits $200
Full Refund 60 Days 30 Days

More reliable backups

Arvixe offers daily backups powered by R1Soft, a premium backup software that has done well in continuous data protection and disaster recovery. R1Soft has a good reputation and great features that you can count on.

SiteGround does not offer backup and restore service in StartUp. Therefore, you cannot back up or restore your website with cPanel. Besides, if your site is larger than 500 MB in size, it costs you extra $25 to ask for SiteGround to make a full backup.

Better uptime

Arvixe and SiteGround care about the hosted websites and promise 99.9% uptime. They both apply redundancy for data center power supply and network connections.

SiteGround shows their yearly uptime and monthly uptime on the official website. The statistics are great, but as a matter of fact, the numbers have been keeping all the same since we noticed them for the first time in one year ago.

Also, SiteGround claims that they have a downtime prevention software which can resolve 90% server performance issues automatically, which is not convincing enough. For the site used to test SiteGround performance, we get an average of 99.89% uptime in the past 6 months.

Arvixe, on the other hand, does not offer any uptime records on their site, but according to our monitoring, the uptime is quite good, with no frequent downtimes. The average uptime for the past year is 99.94%, and the records for the last 30 days are shown below.

Faster server response and page loads

There is actually no big difference between the two companies’ server response and page loading speed, but Arvixe indeed performs a little better for most locations in America.

Both of Arvixe and SiteGround use multiple data centers. All of Arvixe data centers are located in America, while SiteGround has only one data center in this country. The speed of SiteGround services might be quicker for users in Europe and Asia, but users from North America should have a better experience with Arvixe.

To ensure the best possible speed, Arvixe runs MySQL, PHP, Apache and mail on different servers all of which are equipped with SSD drives and RAID 10.

More effective support channels

Both companies offer live chat, phone and support ticket as support channels. But for SiteGround, they do not offer technical support through phone and live chat for StartUp users. Those two methods are only for sales assistance. So you can only seek help via the HelpDesk.

SiteGround Edges over Arvixe

The only advantage that SiteGround has is the effectiveness of technical support. The company does very well in the following aspects.

More responsive support tickets

The only method for StartUp users to ask for help is to submit a support ticket in the HelpDesk. But fortunately, you can get very quick responses from the support team – usually in minutes, and the representatives are always helpful. The responsiveness gains SiteGround ticket support a high score.

More written tutorials for Drupal

SiteGround offers more Drupal tutorials than its competitor. The tutorials are in a complete series which covers Drupal installation, upgrade, optimization, themes, modules and user management. They are good resources for newbies to learn Drupal.

Which Should You Choose for Starting a Drupal Site?

From our point of view, Arvixe is a better option for Drupal users, especially beginners. The cost is less; the features are more attractive, and the performance is better. Moreover, you can have a longer trial with this provider.

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