Arvixe vs WebHostingHub on Hosting Drupal

When choosing between Arvixe and WebHostingHub for the Drupal hosting service, you may feel confused as both of them offer affordable and scalable services. In this case, we have made a comprehensive Arvixe vs WebHostingHub comparison concerning about their Drupal hosting solutions.

Note that we mainly compare their features, Drupal compatibility, support service, hosting charges, uptime and page loading speed.

Arvixe vs WebHostingHub – Common Aspects

Arvixe and WebHostingHub are all 100% Drupal compatible, and they offer rich features in the real world.

100% Drupal Compatibility

Both Arvixe and WebHostingHub now offer the latest version of PHP and MySQL, Apache web servers pre-configured with mod_rewrite and at least 128 MB of PHP memory limit, as well as using suPHP to run PHP.

With these hosting features, the Drupal CMS can be installed and running properly without any errors caused due to the incompatibility issues.

Hosting Features

As Drupal only runs under a rich hosting environment, these two web hosts offer a sufficient allocation of disk storage and monthly data transfer, along with a long list of hosting features including free domain names, multiple domain hosting on one account, 1-click Drupal installer, cPanel control panel, up to $200 marketing credits for Google AdWords and Yahoo!/Bing, shared SSL, SSH, Perl, Python and many more.

Arvixe Edges Over WebHostingHub

Free Domain

Both of them provide the free domain name registration. However, this beneficial extra of Arvixe is available for the whole life, while that of WebHostingHub is only valid for the first year. After that period, you have to pay at least $11.99 for each year.

PayPal Payment Method

In addition to the credit card, the two web hosts also allow the PayPal payment method. However, Arvixe enables a direct “check out with PayPal” process, while WebHostingHub requires you to send a verified email to their Billing Department for the receiving of PayPal payment request.

WebHostingHub Edges Over Arvixe


The Drupal hosting offered by Arvixe is available from $4/mo. There is also an upgrade plan which is priced from $7/mo. Generally speaking, these prices are affordable.

As for WebHostingHub, you have to pay $3.99/mo to get its Drupal hosting service by visiting the company’s website through this promotional link.

Here, you have to note that WebHostingHub allows you to pay $1.95/mo for the first three months. This promotional activity is valid for the 2-year and 3-year billing of its Spark plan.

WebHostingHub Promotional Link Activation

Page Loading Speed

Theoretically, both of Arvixe and WebHostingHub are able to guarantee a fast page loading speed as they all use quality web servers and fast network connections. However, according to our real-world monitoring, WebHostingHub indeed achieves a fast speed while Arvixe doesn’t. The former requires less than 400ms for the server response, which is over 70% faster than the latter.

Great Hosting Reliability

WebHostingHub utilizes the high-quality servers and two world-class data centers located at the east coast and west coast of USA. These data centers come with the robust server components, uninterrupted power supply, high-powered and multi-tiered network architecture, and 24/7 monitoring.

Backed by these facilities, this web host claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. To figure out whether it has kept this promise, we have carried out the uptime monitoring for over 2 years. With the unceasing checking using Pingdom, we have found that WebHostingHub has achieved over 99.95% uptime on average.

As for Arvixe, however, uptime is a big concern, because there have been too many downtimes since the beginning of this year. Not only our testing sites, but also many other sites on the shared servers became offline frequently without any notification. The downtime sometimes lasted for minutes, while some users have also reported serious ones lasting over a week.

Money Back Guarantee

WebHostingHub keeps an industry-leading standard by allowing 90 days for money back, while Arvixe only supports 60 days. Both guarantees are good, while you can get 30 days more to try with WebHostingHub.

Drupal Site Building

WebHostingHub is pretty suitable for new Drupal users who have no idea where to the start the Drupal site building. This is because this web host has an exclusive 1-2-3 Easy Website Creation service, with which you only need to click a few buttons to have your Drupal site online. Besides, this web host offers lots of Drupal themes and modules for you to choose. Arvixe, however, simply lacks these offerings.

Arvixe vs WebHostingHub – Which One to Choose

Without doubt, both of them are affordable and rich-featured choices for Drupal hosting. However, WebHostingHub indeed wins over its competitor, since its offers much better uptime, speed, and 24×7 responsive technical support via live chat, phone and email. Besides, with the 90-day money back guarantee, you can now try WebHostingHub without any risk.