Best Drupal Media Modules – Add Media Feature to Your Site

Drupal incorporates a very simple file management system. It is decent; however, doesn’t work out powerfully for most of the websites. The core issue of the Drupal community includes media management, both for site builders and web developers. If you are a beginner at Drupal, you are going to notice that the system of media file management is very basic, and it may not solve all of your media issues. The following list of Drupal media modules is surely going to help you out while working with Drupal.

Views Slideshow

This module can be used for the creation of slideshows of all kinds of contents besides images. It is powered by jQuery that is highly customizable. You can easily select the slideshow settings for all the views that you create. It contains features like slideshow items for news, image rotation, contact links rotation, products for ecommerce websites and many more. It also possesses the ability to generate space saver for you.

views slideshow


Colorbox is a very light-weight and easily customizable plugin for Jquery. This module can help you integrate Colorbox in the Drupal. You can display images, inline content and other elements in an overlay on the current page of your website. It works as a formatter in views and entities. With the help of this plugin, you can integrate image styles and image fields along with inserted module. You can easily choose between the default style and variant other styles incorporated in the module for you. You can also style up the plugin with your own theme.


Embedded Media Field

This is a highly extensible module that helps you in creating fields for various kinds of contents that can be utilized for displaying images, videos and other audio files from different third party service providers. You only need to paste the coding stuff embedded or URL from the third party providers, and the rest of the work can be done by the module itself. It can determine the content provider that can be used. Proper embedding format is used when it comes to displaying the content.

embedded media field

Image Resize Filter

This module is regarded to provide you with simplest solutions when it comes to resizing the inline images. The filters are used for resizing the images specifically when they are combined with WYSIWYG editors. You do not have to worry about the image scaling. All you need to do is to insert an image and to set up its width and height in the HTML. The image can get resized on the output. It also prevents the hot linking process of images from other websites.

image resize filter

Media Vimeo

Media Vimeo helps you in adding Vimeo as a support provider of media to you. With this module, you can display a thumbnail for videos that are actually hosted on Vimeo. You can also change the view preview mode with the help of this plugin. The easily usable and customizable features of this module make it extensive and helpful among all the other Drupal media modules.

media vimeo


This is a really simple module that is specifically used for overlaying the images on the current website pages. It is actually used as a snap for setting up and working on the recent browsers. This module is used for placing the images above the pages and not within them. You do not have to be confined to the constraints of layout special column widths. You can stay on the same page by using this module. It also provides HTML content support, visual effects and video content support to you.


Google Chart Tools: Image Charts

With the help of Google Chart tools, you can get an easy access to recent Google Interactive charts. This module is free to use. It is reliable and light-weight. You do not have to surf through side libraries and download other extra modules for using it. The module is really simple for extension and implementation within the framework of Drupal. The Google Chart tool is memory friendly. The plugin is simple and flexible to be used.

image chart

Nivo Slider

This plugin provides you with an easy and attractive way of showcasing the featured content on your posts and websites. It provides you with three different tools including simple procedure of adding slides to the slideshows, interface of administration for the configuration of slideshow settings and very simple slider positioning that makes use of Drupal block system. The process of installation is easy and does not require any extra knowledge.

novo slider

Media Gallery

With the help of this module, you can provide a rich media gallery to your website. It provides an excellent support to YouTube videos and images too. You are provided with an amazing facility to add other kinds of files. You can add media from existing files or from URL as well. The module also allows you to set up columns and rows, and to size the images for fitting into spaces. Media gallery also produces gallery blocks for you.

media gallery