Best Drupal SEO Modules to Better Search Engine Optimization

Drupal is among the best content management systems for SEO. Its community has made a lot of contributions in the form of a large number of modules for ensuring that the webmasters use the best practices for creating effective and search engine friendly websites.

SEO modules are actually the best CMS tools that are used by the webmasters for controlling the essential elements of their SEO campaigns. If you are planning to create your websites and blogs with Drupal, then you need to make use of Drupal SEO modules. With amazing contributions of these modules, Drupal can make your SEO experience excellent.


This module helps you by automatically generating URL or path aliases for different kinds of content. You do not have to specify the path alias manually when you have this module. With the help of this module, you can have URL aliases like /category/my -node-title rather than /node/124. These URL aliases are created on the basis of pattern systems that make use of tokens. You can change these tokens according to the needs.


Page Title

All the contents in Drupal contain titles. Every page also contains titles. This module is presented in the head of HTML inside title tag. Page title is also utilized on search engine result pages as well. It can help you in enhancing the SEO of your websites to a great extent. With the help of this module, you can have a strong granular control over the title of your page. You can easily specify the patterns in order to set the structure of the titles in content pages.

page title

SEO Checklist

This is a Drupal SEO module that uses the best SEO practices for checking the websites for effective SEO. With the help of this module, you can exterminate the guesswork by developing a to-do list of modules for remaining tasks. The module gets updated with the recent techniques.

By using this module, you can divide the tasks into different needs like content, paths, title tags and many more. The module also helps you by keeping track of the work that has been done already. Date and time are placed next to each task that is done.

seo checklist

Search 404

This module carries out a search on keywords presented in the URL. It does not show a screen displaying 404 page errors but it shows the result of the search. This way, people are retained who are coming from the old URLs or from other indices of search. The module also incorporates the detections of search engine keywords. It further contains regular filtering based on the expressions from the URL.


Vertical Tabs

This module gets into the core and is only available for Drupal 6. It provides you with vertical tabs on the node add form. The other features of this module include vertical node forms, vertical content forms, vertical block forms, CSS for Garland, generic CSS for themes, colour module support when colour modules are used, vertical tabbed field sets and forms and many more. The module also allows you to do the configuration of vertical tabs on all the forms.

vertical tabs

Content Analysis

Content analysis module is designed for helping the websites that need content analysis. With the help of this module, you can enable a suite of analyzers of content in order to provide the readers with multiple views into the content on the website. The list of analyzers that are currently active include Quick SEO, keyword analysis, alchemy, W3C analyzer, readability, scribe SEO, and keyword search, etc. All of these analyzers have their own separate functions.

content analysis

Content Optimizer

By using this module, you can increase the rankings of your site in the search engines. This can be done by improving factors of on-page optimization and adopting the best content SEO practices. The module enables Quick SEO analyzer that provides you with instant analysis of the contents in a quick and easy manner. This is done in order assure that the best SEO practices are followed. This analysis exhibits statistics of vital content and also provides useful recommendations for the improvement of search engine rankings.

content optimizer

SEO Compliance Checker

You can check the node content when it is created or modified with the help of SEO compliance checker module. Whenever a node is saved or previewed by the publisher, this module checks and provides you with feedback on the rules of compliance. The module gets powerful support from UFirst Group. Effective SEO checks are performed by SEO compliance checker module.

seo compliance checker

Keyword Research

With the help of this module, you are provided with a guide to explore and choose the best keyword phrases for your website’s content directly from your website. The module also enables you to organize the targeted keywords and tag the pages with the help of recent methods and techniques. This module provides a quick report on the popularity of keyword phrases and then provides an instant recommendation of keywords to integrate with the content.



With the help of this module, you are provided with advanced analysis of your content. The module also provides you with excellent tools for publishing. You can get analytics of your site’s content with this module in hand. Insight has been designed as a perfect strategy of content for all of your Drupal websites. Basically, the module works as a report manager for SEO tools of Drupal.