10 Best Drupal Shopping Carts for Ecommerce Sites

A cart is used to collect or purchase items on most of the online stores. The checkout option collects information about the customer and the mode of payment. As most of the websites are built using Drupal, the options of Drupal e-commerce themes and Drupal shopping cart can come into handy, with which you can choose depending upon the requirements and the mode of payment. Here is the list of some good Drupal shopping carts available for Drupal e-commerce sites.

Ubercart Cart


Ubercart CartUbercart is one of the most popular Drupal open source shopping carts used for e-commerce these days. It has all the features available that you need to sell a product or service online. It is configurable for various options including physical products, digital products as well as subscription-based billing services.

The most attractive feature for this shopping cart is the configurable product catalogue having a block to show product categories. It also has a flexible product creating system and multiple product image support.

Drupal Commerce


Drupal CommerceThis module is another option to create online business and applications for all sizes. It has strict development standards included, increasing the security feature of the application. Core features of this application include product creation with customizable attributes, dynamic product displays, a variety of payment options, tax calculation and rules to define discount on pricing, and many more. With all these and other options, this shopping cart seems a good option to integrate into an online store.

Commerce Shipping


Commerce ShippingIn addition to other shopping cart options, this application also provides shipping rate calculation for Drupal e-commerce. It can integrate shipping service selection to both the checkout form and the order edit form.

Shipping rate calculation is done in the user interface along with the rules defined by the system administrator. It gives the integrator a high level of flexibility to implement simple or complex shipping scenarios.

AddtoAny Cart


AddtoAny CartAddtoAny is the sharing module for Drupal. It has sharing buttons for most of the social media. It is easy to integrate with Drupal. It also has Ajax support. These buttons can be displayed on articles as well as articles teasers, web pages, a block of the content on the page and in some cases on customs modes. AddtoAny also has the “every service” feature that allows you to add customizable sharing buttons.

Currency Cart


Currency CartWebsites are accessible internationally by anyone anytime from anywhere. While shopping online, currency is an important factor to cater for. This application offers different options for currency conversion, currency information and other metadata about currency on the website. It also includes a different way on how to display the price of items in different currencies. The application offers a list of currencies, any of which can be disabled or enabled as needed.

Commerce Flat Rate Cart


Commerce Flat Rate CartIn accordance with the Commerce Shipping, you can define a flat rate for many shipping services through this module. When you define a flat rate, you have to set a base rate for it. Flat Rate can further be adjusted based on weight or quantity of the items for which flat rate is being set. This functionality works on the same principle as adding a discount price for an item before adding them to the cart.

Commerce Features Cart


Commerce Features CartDrupal Common Features Cart is a developer’s module that allows exporting e-commerce functionality via features module. The easy-to-use feature enables you to have a simple and easy installation. Besides having the traditional e-commerce features, it contains additional features including adaptability, built for growth, is community driven, and connects socially.

Commerce Backoffice Cart


Commerce Backoffice CartThis module provides BackOffice support as the name suggests. Three sub-modules included are BackOffice product, BackOffice order and BackOffice content. These modules offer better options for stores where products are displayed in the form of groups. Some advanced filters are also available to refine the search and display options. It gives the store a better order management experience. Major benefits include low integration cost, decreased marketing time, better user experience and higher conversion rate.

Commerce Checkout Progress


Commerce Checkout ProgressThis Drupal module is used to add a visible block that allows you to shows at which step of the checkout process customers currently are. The current page in the list is marked as active to show the visible block. This module is dependent on Drupal Commerce and follows the installation of that module. Once that is done, steps could be performed for further configuration of the checkout progress. Clear instructions are available on Drupal website about how to configure this module to function properly.

Commerce Migrate Cart


Commerce Migrate CartThis module is used to migrate content to an e-commerce site from other sources. One such scenario could be to convert a website from some other CMSs to Drupal. This module contains the basic support to generate Drupal basic objects like users, nodes, files, terms and comments. Any content can be imported through this module, and this action can be rolled back when it is needed.