Best Free Drupal Themes for Beginners

After building a Drupal site, webmasters need to choose a suitable theme to beautify their sites. For many beginners set strict budgets to run a website, they wish to find an elegant as well as cheap theme. In fact, there is a series of free Drupal themes on are available for customers to save budget.

Here, we recommend the best 10 Drupal themes in the following, which are all free to users. All the themes below are premium and gain popularity among webmasters. We hope that readers can get the favorite one from those options to make their sites fascinating and attractive.


Danland is an elegant theme in the style of seascape, designed for people who love scenery. There is a build-in image slideshow on the main page, on which you can set any banners as you want. Besides, you are able to set the layout at 1, 2 or 3 columns, which make the web page look clear and intuitive.



Business is a modern idea with a great looking, which is also quite customizable. It is commonly used by the webmasters who prefer to clean web page layout and fashionable style. People can handle this theme easily, so it is suitable for the small and middle-sized business websites.


Corporate Clean

Corporate Clean is released by More Than Just Themes. To make the web page clean and clear, this theme makes use of a responsive grid layout. You can put various web content into different sections so that visitors can be aware of the information about your site at the first sight.

corporate clean


Skeleton is a mobile-friendly theme created upon the Skeleton Boilerplate, coming with 2 color schemes and many other features. This theme supports Superfish module and Blog core module. In addition, it also allows you to customize the company logo, banner, slogan, site-name, and so on. You can add user images to nodes and comments.



Touch is a light weight theme with good looking. The web content on the main page is divided into 3 columns, 6 sections. The post thumbnails are displayed on the homepage, and each of them is attached with a related picture. Thus, the whole page looks clean and in a good order.


Premium Responsive

Premium Responsive is a customizable Drupal theme with configurable layout. You can set the sidebar on the right of the homepage or the left. There are 4 distinct choices available for users to personalize the layout. This theme is also suitable for Smartphone, iPhone, Android, Tablet and more mobile devices.

premium esponsive


SimpleCorp is a stylish Drupal theme with responsive design. There are more than 15 color schemes and button color options provided for you. You can customize the background image based on your own needs. And also, you are able to set multiple social networking link buttons on the homepage, including Twitter, Google+, Facebook and so on.


Mix and Match

Mix and Match is a color-based theme, coming with a bundle of colors. For some readers like beautifying the websites with bright colors, this theme is a good choice. Additionally, it also features HTML5, configurable fonts & heading styles, media queries and many other functions.

mix and match

Dark Elegant

Dark Elegant is a powerful theme designed for Drupal users. You can put attractive images on the slideshow and display the key information in this area. All the posts are shown in order below the slideshow, from which visitors can quickly get the popular articles with a glance.

dark elegant

TB Purity

TB Purity is flexible theme inspired by JoomlArt Purity. Users are allowed to modify the column width to match their sites perfectly. With this theme, the web page looks simple and clean, on which you can display the Main Menu, User Login, User Links, and so on. You can add images and titles selected from posts to the slideshow.

tb purity