The Best Open Source CMSs to Start a Self-Hosted Blog

If you want to create a website for your business or you want to start up your own blog, then you need to choose a content management system for the purpose. This article is going to discuss three of the best open source CMSs that contain amazing features and functionalities, and are capable of meeting your blogging and web development needs.


Joomla is among the best open source CMSs, which helps you in building the websites and other strong online applications easily. It is an award-winning CMS, which is considered second to none. Many online developers and blog writers use it for creating their blogs. The features like easy usability and extensibility make this system the best among all the other software available. Joomla is regarded to be the best free solution that has been made available to everyone on the web.

joomla logoJoomla is used for the creation and building of corporate websites, business portals, online information platform, publications and magazines, government applications, online reservations, small and mid-sized business websites, ecommerce sites, community portals, non-profit organizational sites, personal home pages, family home pages and school websites too.

Joomla has been designed with simple and easy process of installation. You can also set it up if you are not an advanced user with little learning curve. There are many web hosting services available online that offer the one click installation services of this content management system. The installation only takes just a few minutes.

You can easily create effective websites with the help of this system. It requires a minimal set of instructions. In case that you have some specific needs or demands, then Joomla is excellently extensible, and you can use hundreds and thousands of extension that have been made available for you in the extensions directory of Joomla.

All in all, Joomla is a perfect content management service, which is definitely going to serve your blogging and web creation needs.


drupal logoDrupal is a free package of software that allows you to manage, organize and then publish your content easily. The best thing about this software is that it contains unlimited options of customization for you.

Drupal is an open source content management system that has been supported by a community of around 63,000 users and developers as well. The software has been created under the terms and conditions of General Public License, which means that anyone can easily download it without paying any cost. The central principles of Drupal give a lot of encouragement to collaboration, usability, modularity and standards and many more.

In addition to the community, many companies in the marketplace are using Drupal. A large variety of local businesses and global organizations are making use of this system for creating their websites and contents. The users of Drupal include news publishers, corporate website developers, artists, musicians, universities, social media networking websites and many more.

Drupal incorporates many useful tools that can help you in organizing, structuring and using your content in an effective manner. You can categorize the posts with taxonomy, and the software can help you in creating path URLs, creating customizes lists and associating the content with the other contents presented on your websites. It also helps you in creating defaults for the creators of contents. Variant themes and extensions have been provided to you for extending the usability of Drupal.


wordpress logoWordPress is PHP-based software, which helps you in creating beautiful websites and blogs. WordPress is free, and is regarded to be the best open source CMS among all.
The software has been created by the volunteers of a community. It provides you with thousands of plugins and extensions that can be downloaded from the official site and many third parties. These themes and plugins could be used to transform your website into anything you want. The most interesting thing about WordPress is that it has 60 million users currently.

For installing WordPress, you need to get the services of a reliable web host. This web host can install the software with a single click. WordPress is easy to be customized, and you can use it for almost anything you want. You can even get started with blog posts for free using the platform known as However, it would be better if you download the software and then install it by yourself.

WordPress can be used for blogging and website creation. In addition to the resources available online like mailing lists and forums, it would be the best if you attend at WordCamp. This platform offer information all over the world for educating the people regarding the use and features of WordPress. These resources are organized by the users of WordPress. All in all, WordPress is highly preferred and greatly recognized by most of the massive organizations and bloggers working on the web.

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