DreamHost VS 000WebHost – Shared Hosting Comparison

Shared hosting is perfect for most websites. DreamHost and 000WebHost are two options in the market. After a careful consideration of 000WebHost, we put free web hosting and Single Web Hosting aside. Free web hosting is valuable for those who want to acquire some hosting skills but not suitable for a growing website. Its Single Web Hosting plan comes with quite limited server resources. So this DreamHost VS 000WebHost comparison is made on the basis of their best shared hosting plan.

There is no choice but to opt for the single plan with DreamHost. Premium Hosting is selected from 000WebHost with the combination of hosting charges and package features. During a long time period, we value our own investigation and take user feedbacks seriously. So we are able to summarize all the information we have collected into the below rating table.

Rating DreamHost 000WebHost
Hosting Charges 4 4.5
Package Features 4 3.5
Hosting Uptime 4.5 3.5
Hosting Speed 4 3
Technical Support 3.5 3.5
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Hosting Charges

The hosting fee depends on how often you send the payment. With either of them, the cheapest price is available for the longest billing term. DreamHost reduces the price down to $7.95/mo, a much higher price than $3.49/mo of 000WebHost. However, the advantages DreamHost has over 000WebHost are the free lifetime domain name and 97-day money back guarantee.

Some web hosts offer a free domain name for the first year, for example, 000WebHost. Such is not a case with DreamHost who charges no extra money for the domain name from the beginning to the end. This will ease the financial burden to some extent. Another highlight lies in 97 days, the longest time to support a full refund in the industry.

Hosting Charges DreamHost 000WebHost
Plan in Review One Plan Premium Hosting
Monthly Payment $10.95/mo
Quarterly Payment $8.84/mo
Semi-Annual Payment $6.84/mo
Annual Payment $9.95/mo $5.84/mo
Biennial Payment $4.84/mo
Triennial Payment $7.95/mo $3.84/mo
Quadrennial Payment $3.49/mo
Full Money Back 97 Days 30 Days
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Package Features

Server resources come with no limitations: websites, disk space, and bandwidth have no cap. That is to way, there is no need to worry about having enough resources with their plan. Some noticeable features, SSL, SSD, and SSH, are also provided to users for free. They give the possibility to better run your website.

However, their custom control panel is a major concern to most of you. They are shadowed by Plesk, the most recommended control panel for Window users. They still have a long way to get good feedbacks on ease of use and powerful functionality.

Package Features DreamHost 000WebHost
Plan in Review One Plan Premium Hosting
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Domains Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Databases Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel Custom Custom
Free Domain 1 1
PHP 7.1 5.3
Python Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
SSL Yes Yes
SSD Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes Yes
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Hosting Uptime

The cost-effectiveness cannot be a simple measurement for a web host. Behind the appearance, their secret needs to be revealed with accurate statistics. On their official website, DreamHost sets a goal towards 100% uptime and 000WebHost only claims to commit 99% uptime. Both web hosts are different from their competitors who often advertise hosting uptime to be 99.9%. This means that the outage will be controlled within 3.6 hours each month.

Pingdom, a useful monitoring tool, records how the two web hosts deliver website content to visitors. DreamHost is not a 100% reliable web host and 000WebHost fails to deliver more than 99.9% hosting uptime. Anyway, there is no denying that DreamHost enables users to create reliable websites.

Hosting Speed

How about speed? Their server response time is a great reflection of their page load speed. Therefore, it is also under the monitoring of Pingdom. The statistics show a narrow gap between DreamHost and 000WebHost. Both of them utilize servers who cannot make quick response to requests. The average time to answer each server request is at least 500ms. From this perspective, those who run an eCommerce website should not have high expectations for the two web hosts.

In our rich reviewing history, InMotion Hosting is at the top of fast shared hosting providers. The average server response time can be shortened to less than 300ms with the use of Max Zone Technology. So this web host sets a great example for both DreamHost and 000WebHost.

Technical Support

Closely related to online presence, technical support should also deserve a high attention. Their holding time and expertise on shared hosting can be clear through our using experience and user feedbacks. First, their contact options are not good enough to ensure the convenience to contact their support. For example, both web hosts don’t offer phone support. And their responses also lack responsiveness and professionalism. Thus both web hosts fail to take customers seriously, which is the reason for many complaints on the support quality.

Wrap Up

At the end of this DreamHost vs 000WebHost comparison, it is easy to conclude that both web hosts are good option for shared hosting. We want to make your hosting journey as smooth as possible by listing out some great alternatives in below.