DreamHost vs GreenGeeks – Drupal Hosting Comparison

Both DreamHost and GreenGeeks are trust-worthy web hosting providers that guarantee the high-quality hosting solutions with affordable prices. However, when it comes to their Drupal hosting, which of them have done a better job?

To find out the answer, we have made a DreamHost vs GreenGeeks comparison in the following, showcasing their pros and cons based on the aspects of cost-effectiveness, uptime, hosting performance and technical support.

Editorial Rating of DreamHost and GreenGeeks

The below chart demonstrates their star ratings about these aspects after trying their services personally and collecting the feedbacks of real customers.

Rating DreamHost GreenGeeks
Reputation 3.5 4.5
Feature 3 4.5
Speed 2.5 4
Technical Support 3 5
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From the table above, it is apparent that GreenGeeks is more favorable than its rival in almost all the commonly-mentioned aspects. More elaborative explanations are given as below.

The Similarities of DreamHost and GreenGeeks

When it comes to their similar aspects, both DreamHost and GreenGeeks have done well in terms of the hosting reliability and Drupal compatibility. Check the detailed information as below.

Great Uptime Record

Both DreamHost and GreenGeeks claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime for all the hosted websites, so that you rarely experience any serious downtime and can have your contents distributed on the web all the times.

To figure out whether this is just a promotional trick or is the truth of fact, we have started an online monitoring with two sample Drupal sites that are hosted with these two web hosts, coming with the same content, template and modules.

After more than three months of monitoring, we have found that both of them have fully kept their promises. DreamHost succeeds in achieving a 99.92% uptime and GreenGeeks achieves a 99.98% uptime.

Check the following chart for more statistics about DreamHost uptime.

Check the following chart for more statistics about GreenGeeks uptime.

To sum up, it is true that both companies have fulfilled their promises of ensuring at least 99.9% uptime in the last thirty days. However, GreenGeeks wins over its opponent for providing users worldwide wit a more reliable hosting environment.

100% Drupal Compatibility

Not all the Drupal hosting providers can guarantee a rich hosting environment that is 100% Drupal compatible. These two web hosts, however, fully meet the system requirements of Drupal to promise a proper running.

  • The latest versions of PHP and MySQL
  • Apache web server with the version of 2.x
  • At least 256 MB of PHP memory limit for Drupal running
  • suPHP that can better safeguard your site
  • Some related extensions such as GD Library and JSON

In this case, users with two companies can be rest assured that they will run Drupal in a proper and smooth manner.

GreenGeeks Wins Over DreamHost

As for how can GreenGeeks win over DreamHost, we have found that this web host is better in regard to the following aspects. You can scroll down to check for more detailed illustrations.

Cheaper Hosting Prices

GreenGeeks regularly charges you starting at $4.95/mo. But with the release of this promotional link, however, you can enjoy a 20% discount and purchase at the price of $3.96/mo effectively.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

The regular price of DreamHost starts from $8.95/mo. As this level of hosting charge can be a burden for many webmasters, DreamHost now launches a 34% promotional campaign which reduces the price down to $5.95/mo. The discounted price seems affordable, but it is still much higher than that of GreenGeeks.

Prices DreamHost GreenGeeks
Original Price $8.95/mo $4.95/mo
Discount 34% 20%
Promotional Price $5.95/mo $3.96/mo
How to Claim Promotional Link

More Free Extras

In addition to the lower pricing level, GreenGeeks also provides more free extras than DreamHost. It includes a lifetime free domain name with each of its hosting packages.

Also, it provides a free starter site, free drag-and-drop site builder, free search engine submission & SEO tools, free site migration services, and so on to help users further narrow their hosting budgets.

Richer Feature Offerings

These two web hosts both offer Drupal hosting solutions with rich features that can meet the needs of the majority of Drupal users. These include a sufficient allocation of disk space and monthly bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, 1-click Drupal installer, daily backup service, free site builder, free domain name for the whole life and many more.

What GreenGeeks wins over DreamHost is that it offers the popular cPanel control panel while DreamHost utilizes a custom control panel. cPanel could make beginners’ life much easier, coming with rich and easy-to-use tools like phpMyAdmin, web-based file manager and hotlink protection.

Faster Page Loading Speed

GreenGeeks focuses on the hosting speed greatly. It only uses the DELL branded servers with the robust components, plenty server resources and the highest level of specifications. Even, all the servers utilize the solid start drives instead of the common drives to boost the page loading speed greatly.

To ensure that all of these great servers can work properly, GreenGeeks partners with reliable colocation providers for advanced data centers. Being with the UPS, cutting-edge security system and automatic climate control, these server spaces can guarantee an uninterrupted running of all the machines.

Even, GreenGeeks offers the CDN service that caches your content via multiple servers located all over the world, and delivers your content from the nearest servers from your readers..

In the following, we’d like to present a speed comparison chart that showcases how the two web hosts perform during the past days. As the chart displays, GreenGeeks is up to 33% faster than DreamHost, taking only 375ms on average for responding to a server request.

To be frank, the server response time of GreenGeeks is farily outstanding in the whole field, which makes it possible for visitors to access the websites of users in a prompt manner.

More Support Channels

Both DreamHost and GreenGeeks offer all-time-rounded support service via the channels of email, ticket system and live chat. All the support representatives are Drupal-knowledgeable and professional, assisting you at the best efficiency.

Also, GreenGeeks provides a tremendous number of video tutorials, guides, and other helpful materials for users to address and fix most commonly-seen issues that they have encountered during their hosting journeys.

However, DreamHost falls behind by lacking the free phone support. If you really need the free callbacks, you need to pay extra $14.95/mo for the premium support.

DreamHost Wins Over GreenGeeks

According to our reviews and real-world testing, we have found that DreamHost wins over GreenGeeks in the following three aspects.

Better Money Back Guarantee

DreamHost is a risk-free Drupal hosting provider that offers a full refunding period of 97 days. As compared with many other reliable web hosts that only allow you to ask for the refund within the initial 30 days, DreamHost is much more worry-free.

GreenGeeks, however, is within the scope of common web hosts that offer the 30 days money back guarantee.

Advertising Credits

This is might be the common feature offered by almost all the rich-featured hosting providers. Therefore, DreamHost offers $100 for Google AdWords. GreenGeeks, however, simply lacks this offering. In this case, it is indeed not competitive than the former company at this point of view.

Summary – GreenGeeks Is Recommended

Frankly speaking, from the in-depth DreamHost vs GreenGeeks comparison, both of these two web hosts are reliable hosting providers for Drupal, sharing multiple common merits as well as have many differences.

However, when considering the page loading speed, control panel, hosting cost, and support quality, GreenGeeks is certainly a better option. Therefore, we suggest you sign up GreenGeeks to render yourself with a good start for the hosting journey.