DreamHost VS iPage – Which Is Better for Bloggers

After your selection from web hosts, there may be DreamHost and iPage ahead of you. Having tried to collect much information, you should understand how time-consuming the task is. To give readers the convenience, our editors take over the task. This DreamHost vs iPage comparison is a great place where you can have a comprehensive understanding of the two web hosts.

Apart from our hosting experience, we also attach a great importance to their user feedbacks. This is because we want you to make a right decision through the objective comparison. Below rating table, based on the gathered information, can be the source of a general idea on their shared hosting. In the following, we will have a discussion on their pros and cons.

Rating DreamHost iPage
Price 4 4.5
Feature 3 4.5
Performance 3 4
Technical Support 3 4.5
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Pros of DreamHost

97 days money back guarantee

Within the first 97 days, your hosting fees will be refunded in full for the cancellation of your DreamHost account. iPage is inferior to DreamHost with the release of a 30-day refund policy. In our experience, 30 days are not long enough for iPage users to well test the service quality. What should have your attention is that iPage also value your money security.

SSD drives

SSD drives can be a great benefit to your website speed. For a long time, SSD drives have received high praises from webmasters because the speed can be up to 200% faster than HDD. Certainly, fast website speed is often the result of much investment and many efforts. However, SSD drives are a part of helping you gain a faster using experience.

DreamHost whose average server response time is 500ms equips the servers with SSD drives, performing faster than iPage. However, there is still the room for both web hosts to shorten their server response time.

Pros of iPage

Cheap hosting fees

The first thing is to check whether their shared hosting solutions are within your budget. Prices are up to the term length you choose. Ranging from $7.95/mo to $13.95/mo, DreamHost probably shock a great number of webmasters. With a different pricing strategy, iPage allows new comers to pay as low as $1.99/mo by activating the exclusive promotion link. Obviously, iPage is much more budget-friendly than DreamHost.

iPage Promotional Link Activation
Pricing Information DreamHost iPage
Billed Monthly $13.95/mo
Billed Every Year $9.95/mo $2.99/mo
Billed Every 2 Years $2.49/mo
Billed Every 3 Years $7.95/mo $1.99/mo

Green hosting

As an EPA Green Power Partner, iPage claims that the data centers and web servers are 100% powered by wind energy. This shows a sense of strong environmental awareness. However, DreamHost has not made any commitment to go green. From this perspective, iPage shoulders its responsibility to protect the place where we live, offsetting its carbon emissions.

Convenient support options

Their support team claims to be 24/7 technical support. Our tests and users feedbacks prove that both web hosts can guarantee the service quality through their support methods. Their answers are responsive and helpful to users. And rich online resources are available on their official website.

The failure of DreamHost is to give users more limited freedom to contact the support team. There is no way for users to get phone support unless they pay extra money for the service. This could be a main downside for DreamHost.

DreamHost and iPage – Common Points

Both unlimited package

On the market, many web hosts provide multiple shared hosting solutions of different sizes. Such is not the case with both DreamHost and iPage. Their users have no choice but to place an order on their all-in-one shared hosting solution. Thus almost all the features are included into their single plan. Both web hosts give you access to unlimited disk space, bandwidth, databases, and so forth.

However, an attention should be paid that both lack the offering of some important features. For instance, DreamHost does not provide users with website builder and iPage fails to support Ruby on Rails.

Both high uptime

As far as we see, it is impossible for web hosts to deliver 100% uptime. But DreamHost boasts that their uptime can be 100%. In fact, it is a good thing if a web host can make their hosted websites 99.9% up of the time. With a monitoring tool, their average uptime has been recorded to be more than 99.9%. With either of them, your website will keep running smoothly under normal circumstances.

Verdict – DreamHost or iPage

At the end of the comparison, most of you should have an idea on whether to opt for DreamHost or iPage. If there is the need to pick up a winner, you are more advised to go with iPage after an overall evaluation. Those who value page load speed should be still on the way to look for a fast hosting provider. Here are some alternatives to DreamHost and iPage. It will be a good option no matter which one you choose to host your website.