Best Drupal Photography Themes to Showcase Your Photos

You may have tons of fantastic photography works, but a less appealing theme of your website might make them swallowed in the world of the Internet. Thus, you may find that it is really a challenge to find a proper theme to make your portfolios more appealing to others, and at the same time you do not need to spend too much energy on web managing.

To be honest, an excellent photography theme needs to be full-featured, very easy to use, adaptable to any screen size and cost-effective. After all, the theme decides the way your photos presented to web visitors. Therefore, selecting a good theme plays a pivotal role in showcasing your photography.



Other is a creative and responsive photography theme for Drupal. With this template, you can make full use of the 3 blog layouts, 5 portfolio styles, 3 team layouts, 3 post formats and more to create a customizable website and present your galleries professionally and stylishly. Featuring AJAX, Other offers you and your visitors a smooth browsing experience.




If you want to make your works and products appear elegantly and attractively in front of your visitors, FWallpapers can be a good option for you. It is already SEO optimized and can assist in making your photography viewed by many more website visitors. Besides, FWallpapers comes with drop-down menus, sortable portfolio, easy theme options, 8 built-in colors, CSS3, Google web fonts, and more.



For photographers who intend to build a Drupal website to share their works in a clean and professional style, Viola can be an excellent helper. With the built-in blog, you are able to get rid of the tedious and complex installation work if you want to start a blog to display your stunning pictures as well. Now, you can check the download link in below and showcase your photos in galleries.



As we can see in the following screenshot of MARKETSQUARE, this Drupal photography theme is designed to be modern and clean. With this template, you can create a highly customizable website and make your wonderful works appreciated by thousands of web visitors. However, you may say that you specialize in photography, but know little about coding stuffs. Actually, there is no need to worry about this question with MARKETSQUARE, because it has prepared the super easy-to-use drag & drop layout builder and delta module for you.



Consilium is a carefully designed Drupal theme that is for photographers in particular – just as you can read from the top of the screenshot: “I am professional photographer and graphic designer.” Featuring the valid HTML and CSS, layered PSD and jQuery, you are capable of showcasing your portfolios clearly and professionally with more ease.



With Antoni, you can upload high-resolution photos of yourself on the slider, allowing your visitors to get to know you in the first 5 seconds. This Drupal theme comes with installation instructions attached to the Documentation folder, making it easier for you to start the photographer carrier.



As a one-page multi-purpose Drupal template, Sonnet can be applied not only for photo gallery, but also for many other uses, including business portfolio and product showcase. It is powered by the cutting-edge Bootstrap, HTML 4 and CSS 3. Furthermore, Sonnet features a context module which has received numerous fans, and by using it you can generate an appealing layout effortlessly.



Just as it claims in its description on the download page, Wellfolio is extremely easy-to-use both for Drupal masters and beginners. When it says it is easy to use, it means that you can install this template in seconds, and customize it effortlessly after the installation with the 3 preset skins, jQuery animation, PrettyPhoto gallery, wonderful contact form, Google map and custom panel, etc. You can also find the PSD & help file inside Wellfolio.

ST Kanjira


If you are looking for a theme which can generate a visual effect like Pinterest for your Drupal website, then you find it when you get to know ST Kanjira. With the built-in Drupal Masonry module, you can present your fantastic photos in a reader-friendly grid, just as Pinterest does. It is designed responsively, which means you can feel free to share photos you like anywhere, anytime and on any devices. It also allows you to display your works in galleries, customize the page with the 8 preset colors, and get more visitors effortlessly with on-site SEO tools.

st kanjira



Hatch is an excellent Drupal photography theme that is lightweight, allowing you to spare more time on your photography other than the website management. Powered by XHTML and CSS, it is easier for you to create an amazing photography Drupal site. This template is compatible with browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Chromium.