Drupal VS SharePoint – Which is Your Choice?

Drupal is a popular CMS for building business websites and communities. However, many people are confusing the differences between it and other software. In the previous, we have contrasted Drupal with WordPress, Joomla and Concrete5. Today, we are going to make comparison between Drupal VS SharePoint.

Drupal and SharePoint are two of the most popular content management systems designed for creating websites, both of which have won a good reputation in this field. However, as some people still know little about the two site building platforms, we make this comprehensive comparison between Drupal and SharePoint to help some newbies understand them better.


Developed by over 630,000 users and developers, Drupal has edged itself into the best content management systems. For it is distributed under the terms of General Public License, Drupal is free to download. Moreover, it is written in PHP and commonly used for business collaboration and knowledge management. It is able to run on different computing platform which supports Apache, IIS, MySQL, PosgreSQL, and many more.


Launched in 2001, SharePoint has been used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies. It is developed by Microsoft and commonly used for building an enterprise website. SharePoint always does a good performance in the areas of internal document management, business intelligence & reporting and highly scalable across internal enterprise environments. It is suitable for the websites hosted with Windows hosting.

drupal vs sharepoint usability


Drupal is an extremely easy-to-use software package, used for organizing, managing and publishing web content. Many customizable tools help users build everything on their individual sites, personal blogs or enterprise applications. With the sophisticated programming interface, developers can finish the basic website installation and administration without any professional programming skills. Besides, thousands of add-on modules and themes make web design easy and distinct.

SharePoint includes numerous applications used to add more functionality. The powerful admin console makes it easy and quick for people organizing and managing their web content. In addition, users can get various apps in on the SharePoint store, most of which are free. With those apps, like ContentCommander, Dell Social Hub, PowerBI, and many more, users are able to build their sites with ease.


Drupal keeps tracking the possible security problems and has an organized process to deal with the issues. The security team of Drupal is always ready to address any security issues. Users need to subscribe to the security mailing list, from which they can get the newest information about the security advisories.

SharePoint utilizes advanced technologies to ensure a high level of security on each website, which are also accessible and simple to use. With continuous data backup, premier disaster recovery and 24/7 experts monitoring, the data is transferred and stored in a particularly safe circumstance.

Themes /Add-ons

drupal vs sharepoint themesThere are thousands of free Drupal themes available to users via Drupal.org designed for customizing the website appearance. Some popular themes like Zen, Omega and Bootstrap have been downloaded thousands of times since they are released. Among the numerous themes, customers can find the best one to beautify their Drupal sites.

SharePoint also enables users to set and customize the site looking with various themes. People can choose the favorite theme from the giving options to beautify the appearance of the websites. Once selecting a theme for the site, all other web pages will inherit that theme automatically, making the whole website orderly.


For Drupal users, the FAQ, forums, community documentation are available, on which people can search the questions they need to ask as well as exchange experience with other users. For non-English speaking customers, Drupal allows them to install Drupal in their own language.

SharePoint provides customers with thoughtful support through multiple channels, such as asking for a help from PC manufacture, Microsoft, Microsoft store and disability answer desk. If people wish to get more knowledge or skills on SharePoint, they can realize it by searching articles, training and videos on the official site.

Which is Your Choice?

Based on this in-depth comparison, we finally get the conclusion that each of them has its own merits. If you run a website with Microsoft technology, SharePoint is a solid choice for you. For some people have exact demands on the themes or develop their websites with PHP, Apache and MySQL, we suggest them to select Drupal.

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