eHost VS A2Hosting – Which Is Better

eHost and A2Hosting are two popular providers of shared hosting which are gaining an increasing reputation. They both can meet all the basic hosting needs, and they are powerful enough for personal blogs, small image sites, online stores, etc.

When making a choice between them, however, you must pay attention to the features they offer, the uptime and speed they deliver, and the price of their plans. Also, they have slight differences in the technical support. In below, we will offer the details you need.

Rating eHost A2Hosting
Uptime 3.5 4.5
Price 4 4
Feature 3.5 4.5
Speed 3 4.5
Support 3.5 5
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Both Provide Quite Good Uptime

eHost and A2Hosting have received a few complaints about the reliability of their shared hosting services. According to our investigation, such a result should attribute a lot to their reliable US-based data centers which feature UPS and are connected through multiple network paths. Both of these two web hosts have a data center in the US, and A2Hosting also uses data centers in Asia and Europe.

Although the user reviews are quite good, we still have conducted uptime monitoring for eHost and A2Hosting in order to find out the real statistics by ourselves. Fortunately, there is no disappointment because both of them are able to reach 99.9% monthly uptime.

The statistics for A2Hosting even averages over 99.93%, which is as displayed below.

eHost Advantage – Cost-Effective All-in-One Plan

eHost focuses on shared hosting only, and there is a single plan available for its users. This plan includes a free domain name, unlimited server resources, and many other features. The current price of the plan starts at $2.75/mo, 50% off the regular $5.5/mo, which is quite affordable. Renewals start at $5.98/mo to $13.98/mo depending on your choice of the billing cycle.

A2Hosting offers shared hosting, as well as other advanced solutions like VPS, cloud and dedicated hosting. For shared hosting, there are three plans which are designed for individuals and businesses respectively.

The regular prices of the plans start at $7.99/mo, which is a little higher than that of eHost plan. But now, a 51% discount is valid through the following promotional link, so you are able to buy the plans at $3.92/mo – $9.31/mo only.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

For different plans, A2Hosting provides different allocations of database storage, email storage, etc, so the basic Lite plan doesn’t include so many server resources as the eHost plan. You can see the details in the table below. But pay attention that A2Hosting does offer unlimited resources as eHost in the other two affordable plans.

Feature eHost A2Hosting
Plan eHost Plan Lite
Allowed Website(s) Unlimited 1
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited 25
Databases Unlimited 5
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Website Builder Yes Yes
Refund Guarantee 30 Days Anytime
Regular Price $5.5/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 50% 51%
Current Price $2.75/mo $3.92/mo
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A2Hosting Advantages

A2Hosting has several notable advantages over eHost. These advantages make it the much better choice for developers, environmentalists, online store owners, and any web hosting beginner.

Developer-friendly hosting plans

eHost provides all the basic developer features, for example, the commonly used programming languages including PHP, Ruby, Perl and Python. Besides, the other features like SSH, .htaccess and cron jobs are also available.

However, besides these features, A2Hosting also offers many other things that accelerate the web development. These include:

  • The latest programming languages like PHP 7.0/7.1, PostgreSQL 9.4, MySQL 5.6, and Python 3.2.
  • The version control software including CVS, Git, Mercurial and Subversion.
  • Easy Google Apps setup.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Green hosting

A2Hosting has been caring much about the environment since its inception. To protect the globe, this web host also makes its services 100% carbon neutral by cooperating with for the creation with clear energy. Besides, it recycles the old servers, and plants trees for each hosting package sold.

Fast hosting speed

A2Hosting has made a lot of efforts to speed up its hosting services, and these efforts include upgrading and accelerating the servers, and offering fast network connections. Here are some details.

  • A2Hosting uses pure SSDs for the OS, database storage and files.
  • The company purchases servers with 12 CPU cores and 64 GB RAM, and each account comes with sufficient allocations.
  • Free global CDN is enabled by default for 2 times faster page loads.
  • A2Hosting offers data center locations in the US, Asia and Europe.

Below is our monitoring of its server responses.

eHost is not slow, either. Due to the stability of its servers and the highly-connected networks, this web host can deliver quite stable hosting speed. However, this doesn’t mean the speed is fast for everyone. Since the server response time averages over 600ms and page loads take 3 seconds or longer, you will find everything is good if you run a small personal blog. However, developers and small businesses do need better performance.

Prompt and accurate technical support

Both eHost and A2Hosting provide a helpful knowledgebase with tutorials, as well as some real-time contact methods like phone and live chat. Also, a ticket system is prepared for any troubled users experiencing problems that are complicated or not emergent.

Although both web hosts offer 24×7 technical support, there are indeed some differences between them that may affect your experience to some extent.

  • A2Hosting provides an extensive knowledgebase which is well categorized. You can find specific solutions by searching, or browse the tutorials by categories.
  • A2Hosting offers replies to customers in a quick and professional matter. There are no automated messages or useless ticket messages.
  • eHost is on the average level in terms of technical support, but A2Hosting is considered to be good.

eHost or A2Hosting?

We would recommend the latter. eHost is not a bad choice for bloggers, but A2Hosting is much better for hosting eCommerce sites and serving development. The quicker hosting speed and more responsive technical support would bring you a better using experience. That’s why A2Hosting has received high ratings from its users.