Eleven2 VS HostGator – Who’s the Better Choice

Eleven2 and HostGator are among the old web hosting providers with about 15 years’ history. However, it seems that they are in quite different conditions now. The former is serving thousands of hosting customers, while the latter is managing over 9 million domains.

The business size doesn’t mean all, but it can indeed indicate the service quality because we have found some edges that HostGator has, such as the speed, uptime, and technical support. Eleven2 also offers some attractive things, but its poor performance has driven away a large number of customers in the recent few years.

Before reading the detailed comparison, you can check the following ratings first.

Rating Eleven2 HostGator
Pricing 4.5 4.5
Features 3.5 4.5
Performance 2 5
Technical Support 2.5 4.5
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Hosting Cost – Both with Affordable Plans & Refund Guarantee

The affordable price is the decisive factor for many webmasters to choose Eleven2. This web host provides 3 plans for the traditional shared hosting and shared SSD hosting respectively. No matter which type of shared hosting you choose, the prices of the plans start at $5.95/mo, $10/mo and $20/mo.

The difference, then, is the discount available. For the traditional shared hosting, there is a 30% discount for lower prices starting at $4.17/mo, and SSD hosting is promoted with a 50% discount for $2.98/mo. The promotional prices are valid for the first term only.

For shared hosting, HostGator offers the traditional services only which are covered by 3 different plans. All plans now come with a 45% discount for those orders placed through the promotional link below. So you can access the special prices starting at $3.82/mo instead of paying $6.95/mo when signing up.

For all new accounts on HostGator servers, there are free website transfers and $200 advertising credits for Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation

In terms of the refund guarantee, both web hosts are considerate although there are small differences in the policy.

  • Eleven2: Full refunds within 60 days of signup.
  • HostGator: Full refunds within 45 days of signup.

Web Hosting Features – Both Good

In their shared hosting plans, Eleven2 and HostGator provide some good features to make users’ life easier.

  • Both of them offer the popular cPanel. However, Eleven2 has made a lot of customizations based on the interface of cPanel and renamed the control panel as e2Panel.
  • The control panels of both companies include an auto installer.
  • Automated backups are available for increased security of files.

The major difference between them lies in the server resources. At the similar pricing level, Eleven2 allows hosting more sites on one account, while HostGator packs its plans with more disk space and bandwidth. You can read details in the comparison between their primary plans.

Feature Eleven2 HostGator
Plan S-100 Hatchling
Disk Space 10 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 50 GB Unlimited
Website(s) 11 1
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
PHP Yes Yes
Perl Upon Request Yes
Python No Yes
Ruby on Rails No Yes
SSH Jailed Yes
Regular Price $5.95/mo $6.95/mo
Current Price $4.17/mo $3.82/mo
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Reliability – HostGator Is Reliable While Eleven2 Is Not

Both Eleven2 and HostGator guarantee 99.9% service uptime, but it’s quite a disappointment that the serious downtime issues are the biggest accusation against the hosting services offered by Eleven2.

If you search “Eleven2 downtime” in Google, you will easily find a lot of complaints in the hosting forums which say continuous downtime or serious downtime lasting hours/days. Many webmasters were attracted by the cheap price to sign up, but most of them left later because of the unbearably bad uptime. The serious downtime problem has earned Eleven2 a lot of 1-out-of-5-star user ratings. The company’s uptime monitored by us is usually no more than 99.8%.

HostGator, however, is much more reliable since its uptime can be kept over 99.9% at most times. This is also an important reason why millions of bloggers and businesses have chosen this web host to support their online presence. Here is a piece of the uptime monitoring results.

Speed – HostGator Is Much Faster

Due to the downtime issues, you cannot expect consistently fast speed from Eleven2 even if the company provides CDN. The server response time can sometimes be 500ms yet 2000ms for some other times.

HostGator is not the fastest, either, but its efforts made to improve the hosting performance have been proven to be effective. The custom-built network, expert monitoring, CDN and high-performance servers have helped HostGator reduce the server response time under 400ms.

Technical Support – HostGator Wins

Eleven2 and HostGator provide helpful resources for after-sale support, such as a knowledgebase, video tutorials, a live chat system, and a helpdesk. When meeting a trouble, you can choose either to seek solutions from the available tutorials, or to contact a real person.

Even though, you will see big differences when seeking help from these two web hosts.

  • HostGator offers much more written resources in the knowledgebase. Besides, there is a blog for hosting trends and business tips.
  • Besides live chat and ticket, HostGator also offers support through phone calls and allows users to communicate in forums.
  • The HostGator support team is more efficient in dealing with customers’ support requests, so you can always receive a reply in a reasonable time no matter which contact method you choose. For Eleven2, however, many people say the technical support is non-existent – helpless answers, or endless waiting. The support quality has declined a lot in the past year or two.

Conclusion – HostGator Provides Better Services

HostGator is undoubtedly the winner in the competition with Eleven2. Paying fewer fees to get started with HostGator, you can receive more server resources and enjoy much better performance and customer service. Besides, this web host has a much higher reputation in the industry. So we’d suggest you consider HostGator seriously instead of Eleven2.