eNom VS GoDaddy – Which Is Better for Drupal Hosting

Located in Redmond, Washington, eNom was founded in 1997. It is a domain name registrar and web hosting company which also sells other products closely tied to domain names. GoDaddy, appeared in the same year, is one of the largest web hosting companies and provides various services,like WordPress hosting, Drupal hosting, Joomla hosting, and so on.

As the customer driven companies, both eNom and GoDaddy claim to provide the best service for users. In order to find out whether they live up to their reputation and which one is better for Drupal hosting, we make this comparative review from some important aspects including price, features, performance and technical support.

Rating eNom GoDaddy
Reputation 2 3
Feature 3 2.5
Performance 2.5 2
Reliability 3 2
Tech Support 1.5 2
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eNom VS GoDaddy – Price

Speaking to the pricing policy, eNom releases three plans, including Just The Basics with $4.88/mo, Best Value with $8.00/mo and Business with $17.60/mo. Of course, the company promises there is no any hidden fee.

Comparatively, GoDaddy provides three packages named as Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate rated at $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $14.99/mo initially. For annual billing cycle, this company offers a 50% discount and decreases its starting prices to $3.49/mo which is not very expensive for many people. In addition, full refund is available within 45 days after purchase.

For this part, GoDaddy is more competitive because it provides more affordable packages compared with eNom.

eNom VS GoDaddy – Feature

In terms of hosting features, eNom and GoDaddy have something different. We make a clear comparison between the two web companies by choosing the intro-level plans of Just The Basics and Economy from eNom and GoDaddy respectively. Following part is the specific condition.

Feature eNom GoDaddy
Plan in Review Just The Basics Economy
Web Storage 20GB 100GB
Monthly Bandwidth 200GB Unlimited
Email Accounts 50 100
MySQL Database 15 10
PHP Yes Yes
Ruby Yes No
24×7 Phone Call Yes Yes
Price $4.88/mo $3.49/mo
Conclusion Not Recommended Not Recommended

This table shows that both companies provide some essential features for Drupal hosting like MySQL and PHP. But obviously, GoDaddy doesn’t provide Ruby, which might cause some troubles when users need this programming language. eNom has few email accounts and less storage space. Hence it really hard to say which one is better or worse.

eNom VS GoDaddy – Performance

Actually eNom and GoDaddy focus much attention on domain service instead of improving hosting performance. Although they claim to ensure the high-performance of their servers and provide fast loading speed and quick response, many users are not content with their slow page loading speed.

According to relevant statistics, GoDaddy delivers 784ms in server response time, which is slower than most web hosting providers. And the similar condition goes to eNom, too. Therefore, the slow network connectivity is a problem need to be solved as soon as possible if the two companies want more customers.

eNom VS GoDaddy – Technical Support

Technical Support eNom and GoDaddy offer technical support through ticket, email and phone call to help users solve their problems. But actually the email is available but not very efficient and phone call is efficient but not very suitable if there are time differences between customers and hosting providers.

The absence of live chat is a big drawback for two companies compared with other leading web hosting providers. Live chat is welcomed by almost non-English users. The two companies provide 24×7 technical support to help users solve problems.


According to the in-depth comparison above, although eNom and GoDaddy can keep websites running smooth, they don’t provide stunning service and features. In general, GoDaddy is more appropriate for those who want cheap domain registration.

As a matter of fact, we don’t recommend you to purchase both of them, but suggest you to go with the following web hosts because of their rich features, excellent performance, reliability and support.