FatCow vs GoDaddy on Drupal Hosting Service

FatCow was established as a web host in 1998 with the headquarter located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Coincidentally, GoDaddy was launched as a domain registrar in the same year. Since then both of them have undergone rapid development.

Today FatCow and GoDaddy are well-known for providing affordable hosting services. Both are claimed to be popular with individuals and small businesses. This comparative review aims to find out whether they live up to their reputation and which one is a better choice for Drupal hosting. We’ve compared all the important factors including affordability, feature-richness, performance and technical support.

Rating FatCow GoDaddy
Reputation 3.5 3
Feature 3.5 3
Loading Speed 3.0 2.5
Reliability 4.0 4.0
Tech Support 3 3

Price & Plans

FatCow offers an all-in-one plan named as the Original FatCow Plan, which charges $49/yr for the initial term. The renewal/regular price starts from $10.99/mo. Payment can be made via Credit Card or PayPal. A 30-day money back guarantee is available.

In comparison, GoDaddy offers three web hosting packages named as Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate, regularly priced at $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $14.99/mo. Currently, it is offering a 50% discount with all plans so the price drops to $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $7.49/mo respectively. Full refund is available within 45 days after purchase.

In this respect, GoDaddy is more competitive because it offers more affordable plans and a longer money back guarantee.


We choose to compare the Deluxe plan from GoDaddy with the Original FatCow Plan because their prices are very close.

Feature FatCow GoDaddy
Plan in Review Original FatCow Plan Deluxe
Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel vDeck cPanel
PHP Version PHP4&5 PHP5.3-5.5
MySQL Databases Unlimited 25
FTP Accounts Unlimited 50
Email Accounts Unlimited 500
Cloud Storage 1GB N/A
Advertising Credits $300 N/A
Regular Price $10.99/mo $8.99/mo
Discount 63% 50%
Discounted Price $49/yr $53.88/yr

This table shows that both companies offer essential features for Drupal hosting such as MySQL and PHP. It is really difficult to tell which one is better because each has its own merits and drawbacks. In specific, the resources offered by FatCow are rich and attractive but it doesn’t offer cPanel. Deluxe does offer an advanced version of cPanel but some resources are too limited. Besides, it does not offer any marketing credits.

Uptime & Speed

FatCow has invested a great deal to ensure quality performance. It has built 2 data centers in Boston covering an area of 2400 square feet. The data centers are of the same network architecture and equipment. More data center highlights are listed as below.

  • Thousands of high quality servers and multiple Petabytes if storage;
  • 24/7 security monitoring;
  • Run on N+1 power;
  • Redundant routers and more.

By comparison, GoDaddy is more focused on domain services and attaches less importance to improving hosting performance. Although it claims to adopt high-performance servers for fast loading speed, many users complain about its slow loading speed.

We tested the server response time of both companies and found that FatCow was about 100ms fast than GoDaddy. However, neither of them is outstanding compared with InMotion Hosting as displayed in the chart below.

As for reliability, both companies promise a 99.9% uptime guarantee. According to our real-time monitoring, both of them have honored their promises this time. Read the following data we have collected for the past 30 days.

Technical Support

FatCow provides responsive technical help via live chat, phone and email 24/7. We tested their chat support and the customer representative did make a quick reply. We visited FatCow Help Center and found quite informative knowledge base and dozens of well-written tutorials.

GoDaddy offers technical support mainly through Phone. Its email channel is available but not very efficient. Its chat support is only accessible from 5 a.m. to midnight MST. This is obviously a disadvantage compared with FatCow’s support. There are popular topics in their Product Support Center and Blog serving as self-support channels.


Comparatively speaking, FatCow is a better choice than GoDaddy in terms of Drupal hosting. Although the Original FatCow Plan charges a higher price, it offers richer resources, faster performance and better technical support than GoDaddy does.

However, FatCow is not an ideal host, either. Its price is not very competitive and its performance is mediocre. After reviewing so many hosting companies, we find the following three really worth recommending. Their cost-effective plans always deliver fast speed and ultimate uptime.