Fatcow VS iPage – Drupal Hosting Comparison

Having been in the industry for 10+ years, both Fatcow and iPage are well-known providers of affordable hosting services targeted towards small to medium-sized businesses and individuals. Therefore, choosing which company to go is usually hard work.

By our real-time monitoring results and hundreds of webmasters’ feedback, we are going to make an in-depth comparison between the two companies to help readers evaluate whether they are right choices for Drupal hosting.

Who Are That Cow And Page?

Fatcow is designed to be a different alternative in the hosting industry. Since its inception in 1998, the company has been providing an all-in-one hosting plan while many other web hosts are offering multiple choices with to some extent confusing pricing schemes. It claims to deliver the best value and service experience to worldwide users.

Company IntroductionOwned by the EIG group, iPage is a relatively large-sized company that has served over two million websites since 1995. Similar to Fatcow, this company upholds to its one-fits-all hosting plan – Essential Plan along with constant efforts in guaranteeing good performance, reliability, technical support, and more.

Before proceeding to a more detailed comparison, check the table below for an overall impression of the two companies.

Rating Fatcow iPage
Reputation 3.5 4.5
Price 3 4
Feature 3 4
Performance 3 4
Reliability 4 4.5
Support 4 4.5
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What About Their Hosting Plans?

For Drupal hosting, both of the two companies offer only one hosting plan that is able to satisfy the needs varying from beginners to webmasters.

The Original Fatcow plan is usually rated at $10.95/mo. This company is now making a limited-time promotion, granting new users up to 60% discount. The promotional price of this plan is $49/year, roughly $4.08/mo.

By contrast, iPage Essential Plan is provided at a cheaper price. With an 83% discount via this exclusive promotional link, users are able to start their hosting journeys with a minimum investment of $1.99/mo.

iPage Promotional Link Activation

What has to be noted is that the two companies renew their plans at fairly high prices after the promotion period, which makes Fatcow and iPage hosting plans reasonable at first sight yet far from competitive after extensive investigations.

What Features Are Available With Them?

Fatcow and iPage share many common points in hosting features. They both offer unlimited server resources with their hosting plans along with multiple extra freebies, including free domain transfer service, free marketing credits, free 1GB JustCloud storage, and a free domain name. Besides, they support multiple programming scripts, such as PHP, Perl, and Python.

However, when compared in a more comprehensive manner, iPage has surpassed its competitors in the following aspects.

  • It supports the latest version of PHP, MySQL, and Apache to make sure that users’ hosting platforms are 100% compatible with Drupal 6, 7, and 8.
  • The company provides vDeck as its default control panel to help users with easy account management. Besides, it integrates this control panel with a 1-click installer to simplify the installation process of multiple widely-used applications like Drupal.
  • Besides providing the fore-mentioned freebies, iPage has gone a further step in offering free domain registration service and a free SiteLock security suite.

To gain more detailed information about the two companies’ feature offerings, please check the following table.

Feature Fatcow ipage
Plan in View Original Fatcow Plan Essential Plan
Hosted Websites Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel Customized Control Panel vDeck
PHP/Perl/Python Yes Yes
Shell Access No No
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days
Original Price $10.95/mo $11.95/mo
Discount 63% off 83% off
Discounted Price $4.08/mo $1.99/mo
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Are They Reliable for Drupal Hosting?

Honestly speaking, the two companies have done a good job in providing reliable hosting service. We have hosted two sample Drupal sites with them since November of last year. No serious downtime issue has occurred. And by real-time monitoring outcomes, both of these companies have achieved an average of 99.95% uptime in the past thirty days.

Fatcow uptime

iPage uptime

The secrets behind Fatcow and iPage excellent hosting reliability lie in their adoption of solid and secure facilities. Both of the companies utilize two state-of-the-art data centers that feature N+1 power supplies, multiple Petabytes of storage, and 24×7 onsite system monitoring and management.

Also, they partner with multiple router providers using BGP for greater redundancy and use hundreds of high-performance servers aiming to ensure each user with an extremely reliable and secure hosting environment.

Green HostingAnother thing to be mentioned is that all servers and data centers of Fatcow and iPage are powered by 100% wind energy. Users are able to access these companies’ Green Badges to certify their sites as eco-friendly.

Since the problem of global warming is becoming more and more serious, both companies’ moves of progress may trigger more actions to reduce carbon footprints in this energy-demanding industry.

What About Their Performance?

When it comes to the hosting speed, Fatcow and iPage performances do not turn out to be the way as expected. Our monitoring results show that Fatcow takes 695ms averagely for responding to server requests while iPage consumes 559ms. The following chart presents more detailed statistics about their server response time.

As shown in the above chart, iPage is relatively faster than Fatcow. Technically speaking, however, either of the two companies’ performances is stunning when compared with many other industry leaders like InMotion Hosting who averages 237ms in terms of server response time.

Do They Offer Reassuring Technical Support?

With years of hosting experiences, Fatcow and iPage has gained a profound understanding of technical support and take it seriously to achieve a maximum of customer satisfaction rates.

Fatcow VS iPage Technical SupportThey provide around-the-clock support via multiple efficient channels, including a toll-free phone, live chat, and email system. Also, they select experienced support representatives to grant their users with enjoyable solutions for any problems that would occur during their hosting experience.

Moreover, both companies offer numerous helpful tutorials and guides collected or edited by their dedicated technicians to help users learn almost every aspect about their accounts and websites, such as domain management, email configuration, and website building.

Which One Is a Better Choice?

From this side-by-side Fatcow vs iPage comparison, both companies offer unlimited hosting services with fairly good uptime and satisfying technical support. However, there remain some obvious shortcomings with the two companies in regard to cost effectiveness and hosting performance.

As a result, if you are going to choose one provider out of these companies for hosting Drupal, we suggest you sign up iPage. After all, this company is offering relatively richer hosting features and faster page loading speed at a similar pricing level to its rival.

However, if you desire more optimized web performance at a relatively small budget, we recommend the following better choices. Awarded as the best Drupal web hosts by our editors and hundreds of webmasters, all of these companies are able to satisfy almost every aspect of your needs, including price, feature, uptime, speed, technical support, etc.