FatCow VS NameCheap – Good Option for Blogging?

It turns out to be a tough decision for those who have not had a clear idea about FatCow and NameCheap. Whether they are a good option for blogging is a question which needs a professional and objective answer. With the goal to benefit our readers, our editors come out this Fatcow vs NameCheap comparison after a collection of much information from an in-depth investigation.

The fact with relevant to price, feature, uptime, speed, and support can be revealed by our dedicated editors and warm-hearted customers. It is unwise to trust what the two web hosts are saying on their official website. The further search should take more time and energy so as to learn their real service quality before the purchase of a hosting solution. For those who want to have a general idea, the below rating table should have your attention.

Rating FatCow NameCheap
Price 4 5
Feature 4.5 3
Uptime 4.5 4.5
Speed 3.5 3
Support 3.5 3
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FatCow VS NameCheap on Price

Both their pricing strategies are quite different from most web hosts in the market. Fatcow not only allows users to send the quarterly payment but also lowers the price to $4.08/mo for the yearly payment. For the first 12 months, NameCheap users can purchase a shared hosting solution with $0.82/mo ONLY before the renewal prices from $3.24/mo.

A big concern for FatCow users is the high renewal price from $12.95/mo. A 30-day full refund policy applies to the hosting solutions from FatCow. It is valid for credit-card payments only. However, it could be better with the provision of a pro-rated refund policy. What’s worse, NameCheap limits the full refund period to 14 days.

Price Information FatCow NameCheap
Plan in Review One Plan

Monthly Payment $5/mo
Annual Payment $4.08/mo $0.82/mo for the 1st Year
Biennial Payment $4.08/mo
Triennial Payment $4.08/mo
Renewal Price $12.95/mo $3.24/mo
Full Refund Policy 30 Days 14 Days
Pro-rated Refund Policy No No
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FatCow VS NameCheap on Feature

With FatCow, the unlimited package should worth the hosting fees. The least of perfection is to integrate vDeck control panel with the plan. This will disappoint those who have the desire for an easy website management. In addition, SSH is not available for users, which makes it difficult to execute commands in a remote machine.

NameCheap users will be disappointed to find limited server resources, no provision of some features, and a lack of frequency for the backup service, etc. Also, each domain name is not for free from the beginning to the end.

Feature Information FatCow NameCheap
Plan in Review One Plan

Website(s) Unlimited 3
Free Domain 1 0
Disk Space Unlimited 20 GB
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Databases Unlimited 50
Email Accounts Unlimited 50
Backups Daily Twice a Week
Control Panel vDeck cPanel
PHP Version 5.3 to 7.1 5.2 to 7.1
Website Builder Yes Yes
Ruby Yes No
Perl Yes Yes
SSL Yes Yes
SSH No Yes
Ad Credits Yes No
Current Price $4.08/mo $0.82/mo
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FatCow VS NameCheap on Uptime

What is impressive is that NameCheap boasts about their ability to guarantee 100% hosting uptime. Most web hosts only have the courage to make a 99.9% uptime guarantee. FatCow doesn’t advertise any uptime guarantee on the official website. Anyhow, their real uptime speaks louder than the words. To be honest, it takes us a long time to get their uptime records.

Both web hosts can achieve more than 99.9% uptime but NameCheap still has a long way to reach the commitment. In our experience, there is no web host who can bring no downtime to their web hosts. Downtime will happen because of the regular maintenance.

FatCow VS NameCheap on Speed

By the way to monitor their server response time, our editors show no appreciation for their hosting speed. This is a piece of bad news for those who run an eCommerce website or value reading experience. For example, the average server response time of FatCow is more than 700ms in the past 30 days. From the below chart, you are able to learn more detailed statistics about FatCow.

Server response time means a lot to your website speed. The slowness of your website will result in the fewer visitors and less income. Generally speaking, top-tier data centers, quality servers, advanced technologies, and more work together to deliver fast speed.

FatCow VS NameCheap on Support

The first thing that should be noticed is their contact methods. FatCow provides technical support through email, live chat, and phone. However, NameCheap users will be faced with the lack of phone support. During the hosting journey, there are some instances when phone call should be the first choice to contact support.

Through the personal tests, we aim to check their support quality. NameCheap needs a shorter time to answer our questions while violent impatience comes to our editors who cannot get quick responses from FatCow. Before your trying to get technical support from their support members, it is advisable to consult the knowledge base or support center where many articles and tutorials are prepared.


At the end of this FatCow and NameCheap, it is clear that both web hosts are not good enough for blogging. The below web hosts are selected to be great alternatives to FatCow and NameCheap. This time, you will save much time look for a web host who can best satisfy your need.