GreenGeeks VS 1and1 – Better Web Hosting Choice

Are GreenGeeks and 1and1 on your shopping list? If so, you can find the answer to the question that which one is a better web hosting choice. In fact, you are easily attracted by the two web hosts who have their own highlight in the fierce competition. GreenGeeks is well-known as a green hosting provider and 1and1 distinguishes the other competitors via a really cheap 1-year hosting plan.

However, you may not be looking for a green hosting provider or a cheap one only, but searching for a proper one who is worthy of your money. Therefore, we have made many efforts to explore more factors with which we are able to present you an editorial rating table. You can see that GreenGeeks achieves higher than 4.5 and 1and1 only gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Rating GreenGeeks 1and1
Price 4.5 4
Features 5 2
Performance 4.5 3
Support 5 3.5
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1and1 Edge over GreenGeeks – Cheaper Investment Option

Though there is a score gap between GreeGeeks and 1and1, we cannot deny that 1and1 greatly reduces your upfront investment. On the condition that you come into a position of controlling over the budget, the cheap investment option really means a lot.

Though the renewal prices for the 1and1 plans start at $7.99/mo, the introductory ones for them are now from $0.99/mo available for the 1-year term. Thus you don’t need to invest much in order to start a micro niche site.

In fact, GreenGeeks also sets an affordable promotional price $3.95/mo for the new comers who sign up for a 3-year contract towards the single plan. After the first term, the special offer will automatically turn into $9.95/mo.

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GreenGeeks Edges over 1and1

According to our explorations, we have to say that there are many reasons why you should give priority to GreenGeeks: the richer features, green hosting environment, better hosting performance, and more helpful customer service.

Richer Features

It is natural for you to not only care much about hosting prices but also pay attention to server resources. In the shared hosting plan, GreenGeeks almost includes everything you need to run a website. Though the Basic plan of 1and1 is charged for a low price, the resources inside it are also limited. There are some good features which are only available for GreenGeeks, such as, cPanel and free website builder, etc.

Feature GreenGeeks 1and1
Plan Ecosite Starter Basic
Domain(s) Unlimited 1
Disk Storage Unlimited 100 GB
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited 500
FTP Users Unlimited 20
MySQL Databases Unlimited 25
Free Domain Yes Yes
Free Website Builder Yes No
cPanel Yes No
SSH Yes Yes
SSD Yes No
CDN Yes No
Marketing Credits Yes Yes
Refund Policy 30 Days 30 Days
Regular Price $9.95/mo $7.99/mo
Special Offer $3.95/mo $0.99/mo
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Green Hosting Environment

Because web hosting servers are powered by fossil fuels, they produce a great number of CO2 to global warming. As a U.S. EPA Green Power Partner, GreenGeeks is able to wipe out its carbon footprint by purchasing wind energy credits. In addition, the data centers feature in eco-friendly hardware.

If you want to make contributions to the environment, it is possible for you to choose a green hosting provider when you host your site. In this way, you are able to lower, negate, or even reverse the carbon footprint of your website. However, it does not mean that you are advised to host a site with an eco-friendly web host at the sacrifice of the quality hosting service.

Better Hosting Performance

According to our monitoring, GreenGeeks is even able to provide a better hosting environment than 1and1 at the same time of being a green hosting provider. Simply judging from hosting reliability, it is hard to tell which one is the winner because the two web hosts have achieved more than 99.9% uptime thanks to the multiple data centers, redundant power supply, etc.

However, you can easily identify which one performs better in speed from the below comparison chart. The server response time of GreenGeeks (about 370ms) is more than 100% faster than that of 1and1 (about 750ms). GreenGeeks should owe the faster speed to the SSDs, CDN, and some other technologies.

More Helpful Customer Service

It is a fact that both GreenGeeks and 1and1 guarantee 24/7 support for clients who are faced with any issues, but there are more communication tunnels for you to contact GreenGeeks. In detail, you can ask for help from the two web hosts through the ticket system and a phone number while you can also get chat support from GreenGeeks.

If you rest on the official page of GreenGeeks for a long time, the chat box will automatically pop up to ask whether you need help, which gives us a deep impression. When we made a test for that, we get a responsive and helpful answer to our issues.

GreenGeeks Is a Better Hosting Choice

If you run a personal blog, 1and1 is fit for you due to the cheap investment option. However, you should go with GreenGeeks if you have a higher requirement on the hosting environment. In addition, the 30-day refund policy and the below reviews encourage you to have a try.