GreenGeeks VS Arvixe on Drupal Hosting

GreenGeeks and Arvixe are providers of affordable hosting services. Having been the industry for more than 12 years, Arvixe has earned itself a position. The same case goes with GreenGeenks. Since its inception in 2006, this company has become a remarkable presence in the field.

As a matter of fact, both of the companies provide cPanel and a number of other good features that help build and manage websites. Therefore, making a decision between them is usually a hard enough job.

That’s why we are carrying out this Arvixe vs GreenGeeks comparison. In the following parts, we will help readers make an in-depth investigation of the companies’ Drupal hosting services before making a final decision.

Overall Rating of the Two Companies

In the very beginning, we have worked out a rating table to help readers gain an overall impression of multiple aspects of the two companies, such as reputation, feature, performance, etc. All the statistics in the table and the following sections come from our real-world monitoring results and numerous verified users’ feedback.

Rating GreenGeeks Arvixe
Reputation 5 2
Feature 5 3
Performance 4.5 2
Reliability 5 2
Support 5 1.5
Price 4.5 3.5
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Common Advantages of Both Companies

100% Drupal compatible hosting environment

When choosing a reliable provider of Drupal hosting, compatibility is indisputably one of the top concerns shared by users around the world.

It is true that there are plenty of choices available in the industry. However, only a small proportion of these providers are able to ensure users with a 100% Drupal compatible hosting environment. Fortunately, the two companies we are discussing here belong to these minorities.

Drupal HostingThey provide the latest versions of PHP, Perl, Apache, and MySQL, enabling users to run Drupal 6, 7, and 8 in a smooth manner. Besides, they have made the following efforts to improve the hosting environment of Drupal.

  • Set the PHP memory_limit to 256MB, making it problem-free for running complex Drupal powered websites.
  • Run PHP as suPHP to level up Drupal hosting security.
  • Install Apache mod_rewrite to enable users to generate search engine friendly URLs.

Easy-to-use control panel and 1-click installer

Before enjoying the amazing templates, plugins, and other options of Drupal, some users, especially those who are completely fresh to open-source applications, may be hindered at the front of the installation process. This situation will by no means happen to GreenGeeks and Arvixe.

cPanel HostingBoth companies offer cPanel – one of the most user-friendly control panels. This control panel is icon-based and with a clean interface, which makes it possible for all level users to manage their websites and accounts with ease.

Moreover, the two companies provide a 1-click installer named as Softaculous, with which over 400+ commonly used open-source applications like Drupal can be installed, configured, and upgraded within few clicks.

Flexible and rich hosting features

GreenGeeks and Arvixe have been offering good deals to users. When it comes to hosting features, both companies include their hosting plans with rich server resources, such as unlimited disk space, monthly transfer, databases, and more.

Besides, they provide multiple beneficial bonus features, including a free domain for life, free site migration service, free site builder, and free marketing credits. More detailed feature offerings of the two companies are presented in the following table.

Feature GreenGeeks Arvixe
Plan in View Ecosite Starter Personal Class
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Domains Unlimited 6
Subdomains Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Mail Boxes(POP3 & IMAP) Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL 5 Databases Unlimited Unlimited
PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby Yes Yes
SSI, CGI, Git Yes Yes
SSH & Cron Jobs Yes Yes
Original Price $4.95/mo $4/mo
Discount 20% off
Discounted Price $3.96/mo
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Arvixe Edges Over GreenGeeks

A little more affordable hosting plans

For Drupal hosting, Arvixe provides two scalable plans for users to choose according to their needs. These plans – Personal Class and Personal Class Pro – are priced from $4/mo and $7/mo in respective. These prices rise to $7/mo and $10/mo when the billing cycle is 1 month or 3 months. But generally speaking, they are quite affordable.

In comparison, GreenGeeks offers an all-inclusive plan that is enough to cover almost all needs of both beginners and tech-savvy developers. Also, this company releases a promotional link, via which users are able to access its plan at $3.96/mo, 20% off from the regular price.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

Longer money back guarantee

Money back guarantee is an indispensable part of hosting services to encourage users advance bravely in their online journeys without any worries behind. Therefore, many reputable web hosts render much attention to this part.

GreenGeeks promises to issue a full refund to users who are not satisfied with its hosting services and submit valid cancelation requests within their first 30 days. From this perspective, Arvixe has gone a step further. It lengthens this standard 30-day money back guarantee to 60 days, making its users more hassle-free after the purchase.

GreenGeeks Edges Over Arvixe

Better hosting reliability

It is common that users are longing for excellent reliability and high performance from the web host that they choose. GreenGeeks understands the needs in depth and values server uptime a lot. That’s why our editors and other webmasters acknowledge it as a great web hosting company.

According to our investigations, GreenGeeks has invested heavily in its hosting infrastructures. It utilizes multiple world-class data centers, hundreds of high-performance servers, and robust network hardware.

By real-time monitoring results, GreenGeeks has committed 99.98% uptime in the past thirty days. Check the following GreenGeeks uptime chart for more detailed statistics.

On the contrary, Arvixe doesn’t do as well as what it promises. The guarantee of 99.9% uptime failed in most months in the past year, and sometimes, the uptime even fell below 99.5%, which is much to disappointing. What’s worse, the support team doesn’t always actively help resolve the server issues that cause downtimes.

Faster page loading speed

When it comes to the hosting performance, GreenGeeks also wins over its rival. Shown as below, GreenGeeks requires an average of 370ms for responding to server requests while Arvixe is over 80% slower, taking about 700ms.

To achieve such terrific performance, GreenGeeks has done much hard work in the following aspects.

  • It provides multiple data center locations, including Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto, and Amsterdam, with which users are able to choose the closest one to their visitors.
  • It partners with Juniper, Cisco, and other leading infrastructure providers to make its hosting environment extremely reliable and fast.
  • The company utilizes top-notch servers with high-tech specifications, such as Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon processors and 64GB DDR3 RAM, to maximize hosting performance.
  • It cooperates with CloudFlare to provide free CDN to boost further the page loading speed of users’ websites.

24×7 responsive technical care

Technical support is a critical part of users’ overall experience with a web host. That’s why GreenGeeks has taken it very seriously and made constant efforts to grant users with high-quality tech assistance.

The company employs the most experienced and patient technicians with 5+ years of hosting experience to back its users. Also, it offers responsive and effective technical support that is available 24x7x365 via live chat, phone, email, and ticket systems. In this case, they are able to address and resolve any problems that users may encounter in a quick and effective way.

What’s better is that GreenGeeks has the fastest support response speed among all the web hosts we’ve reviewed. Live chat and phone calls are answered immediately within a few seconds only, and tickets are replied in minutes. Almost all tickets are resolved within one or two hours.

Technical SupportAs a backup plan, there is a knowledgebase in place with numerous tutorials, guides, and other articles, helping readers find out self-help solutions to many aspects of their websites and hosting accounts, such as domains, SSL, mail, etc.

As for Arvixe, however, technical support is not a value-adding part. The company has been severely complained for the lack of professionalism and slow support responses. You can find a lot of complaints like the following one easily on the Internet.

Arvixe Complaint

Good reputation & customer satisfaction rate

Customer satisfaction rate is one of the most important elements that reflect how reputable a web host is. Since not all customers are alike, it is beneficial to listen to what others are saying about the two companies before proceeding to more detailed surveys.

Based on the statistics that we have collected, GreenGeeks enjoys a better reputation and a higher-level of customer satisfaction rate. As the following chart shows, nearly 97.6% of the 254 verified customers assume their satisfaction to the Drupal hosting services of this company on HostUCan, a leading hosting review community.

Arvixe, due to the bad support and uptime, remains a low satisfaction rate that keeps below 40%.

Conclusion & Suggestion

From this side-by-side comparison, GreenGeeks is undoubtedly the better choice for Drupal hosting. It offers affordable hosting plans along with richer features, more excellent uptime, faster page loading speed, and more responsive technical support.

Therefore, if you have a high requirement on hosting reliability and performance, it is better to sign up GreenGeeks.