GreenGeeks vs GoDaddy for Hosting Drupal

This GreenGeeks vs GoDaddy comparison is made for Drupal users who are looking for a better Drupal hosting provider between them.

To come out the result, we have personally tried their hosting for more than three months, monitored their uptime and page loading speed, checked their hosting charges and feature offerings and collected the feedbacks from the real customers.

Editorial Rating of GreenGeeks and GoDaddy

In the following, we have made a comparison chart demonstrating our general impression about their hosting services. The detailed information can be checked in the following parts.

Rating GreenGeeks GoDaddy
Reputation 5 4.5
Feature 5 4
Speed 5 3.5
Technical Support 5 4

From the table above, GreenGeeks wins over GoDaddy in multiple aspects of their hosting services. Now, refer to our detailed analysis in the following.

GreenGeeks vs GoDaddy – Similar Aspects

On the basis of our comprehensive researches, GreenGeeks and GoDaddy both guarantee excellent hosting reliability and provide rich features for users to run Drupal smoothly.

Reliable Hosting

According to our real-world testing, both GreenGeeks and GoDaddy have done great in terms of the hosting reliability. They all claim to promise at least 99.9% uptime for all the hosted websites by utilizing the robust web servers and advanced data center infrastructures. As we have monitored, they not only have fully kept their promises but also achieve a better uptime track record.

The sample site that is hosted with GreenGeeks is 99.98% online.

The sample site that is hosted with GoDaddy is 99.93% online.

Rich Features & Drupal Compatibility

As for the hosting features, both of these two web hosts allow the unlimited allocation of web space and data transfer, free 1-click Drupal installer, free Drupal site migration service, free domain name registration and multiple enhanced technologies for Drupal security.

Besides, in order to guarantee 100% Drupal compatibility, both of them offer the latest version of PHP and MySQL for the proper installation of Drupal, at least 128 MB of disk space for the basic running of Drupal sites, suPHP working as the handler of PHP for the enhanced level of security, and the advanced Apache web server that is the base of the majority of Drupal development and deployment.

GreenGeeks Wins Over GoDaddy

As one of the best Drupal web hosts, GreenGeeks has outperformed many peer hosting providers in the field, including GoDaddy. Besides providing high-quality hosting services, it has also spared much efforts to help users worldwide narrow their budgets to a maximum degree. More explanations are given as below.

Cheaper Hosting Charges

The Drupal hosting of GreenGeeks is starting at $3.96/mo effectively for customers purchasing via this promotional link. Personally, this level of hosting price can be afforded easily by people without any burden.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

As for GoDaddy, it sets its Drupal hosting starting at $4.99/mo, which is not as cost-effective as GreenGeeks.

More Free Extras

Besides cost-effective hosting packages, GreenGeeks also provides the following free extras for its users worldwide while GoDaddy simply lacks most of these offerings.

  • A Free domain name: When you have selected a hosting plan from GreenGeeks, the company will register or transfer your domain name as a part of the web hosting package. This service is provided without any extra charge.
  • Free site building tools: GreenGeeks includes a free starter site together with a drag-and-drop site builder to help you create a professional-look website in a simple and fast manner.
  • Free marketing credits & SEO tools: With GreenGeeks, you have access to up to $100 marketing credits and multiple search engine submission and SEO tools to support your online success.
  • Free nightly backups: All shared hosting accounts are backup nightly with GreenGeeks for data protection. This service again is offered for free.

Page Loading Speed

To compare their hosting speed, we have set up two Drupal sites coming with the same contents, same templates, and same modules. After getting them hosted with GreenGeeks and GoDaddy and monitoring them using Pingdom for about 6 months, we have found that GreenGeeks achieves a faster Drupal hosting speed than GoDaddy. The below chart demonstrates a small piece of our testing result for about 30 days.

In fact, what contribute to the fast hosting of GreenGeeks include the utilization of dual quad core frontend servers, SSD, RAID-10 storage array and optimized database servers. Besides, its data centers are featuring with 24/7 facility monitoring which is 10-second based, courtesy nightly backups and multi-gigabit connection.

Exclusive Drupal Hosting Package

Unlike GoDaddy that offers a general web hosting that is Drupal compatible, GreenGeeks has an exclusive Drupal hosting package for both Drupal beginners and veterans. With it, you can enjoy 1-click Drupal installation/updates, real time Drupal security scanning, automatic brute force detection, Drupal web serving performance tweaks, Drupal database performance tweaks and many more.

Excellent Technical Support

It is true that both GreenGeeks and GoDaddy offer the 24/7 available technical support that can be asked via hotline calling, email sending, instant online conversation and ticket opening. Even, the support efficiencies achieved by them are great.

However, as compared with GoDaddy, the support of GreenGeeks is more Drupal concerned. The support people of GoDaddy are more likely to resolve all the hosting issues.

With the representatives of GreenGeeks, however, you can not only ask about hosting issue but also get a great answer to Drupal issues. Even, GreenGeeks offers plenty of Drupal related tutorials in the knowledge base.

Better Industry Reputation

Established in 2006, GreenGeeks has grown from a startup to a superior web hosting provider. During the past years, it has maintained an excellent reputation in the whole industry for being budget-friendly yet reliable.

According to the 109 reviews that we’ve received from real GreenGeeks customers, the company has enjoyed a customer satisfaction rate that is up to 99.8%.

From this point of view, the company certainly edges over GoDaddy, the one that is widely criticized for several aspects of its hosting services, especially the slow page loading speed.

GoDaddy Wins Over GreenGeeks

In addition to the Drupal hosting, GoDaddy allows a great service for domain registration. This means you can have a better experience if your Drupal site requires an easy-to-remember and budget-friendly domain.

Besides, unlike GreenGeeks that only offers an all-in-one Drupal hosting, GoDaddy allows three packages, so that you can choose one based on your budges, website scale, hosting needs and server resource utilization.

Lastly, GoDaddy offers a longer period for full refunding which is 45 days in total. As for GreenGeeks, it allows 30 days for money back.

Summary – GreenGeeks Is Reommended

According to this comparison, both of these two web hosts are great in terms of hosting reliability, feature offerings, and Drupal compatibility.

As for the page loading speed and support service, however, GreenGeeks is undoubtedly the better option. Even, this web host is the recommended hosting provider by