GreenGeeks VS InMotion Hosting – Drupal Hosting Comparison

GreenGeeks and InMotion are among the leading green hosting providers. They have more similarities than differences in their shared hosting solutions. Both of them are reliable, utilizing the latest technologies to support Drupal, while they offer many different things in their packages.

We have provided as many details as we can in below to help you make a choice between the two web hosts. Real-time monitoring statistics are also included.

What Are the Same Between GreenGeeks and InMotion?

No matter which web host you choose to host Drupal, you can enjoy the following features which can ensure a good hosting experience.

  • 100% Drupal compatibility ensured by the latest PHP, MySQL and optimized web server.
  • 1-click Drupal installation and update with Fantastico or Softaculous.
  • cPanel control panel with tons of features for the management of databases, files and domains. Google Apps integration is also covered.
  • Unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer.
  • Secure emails with SMTP support and spam protection. You can create unlimited email accounts.
  • SSH for secure remote connections and command execution.
  • SSDs, high-performance disk drives which are several times faster than HDDs.
  • Free website transfer with no downtime.
  • Free data backups which are performed daily.

Besides the good features listed above, the two web hosts can compete with each other in the aspects below.

Green hosting

Both of GreenGeeks and InMotion have invested much in keeping their services green. For GreenGeeks, being green is its career, and so far, the company contributes to environment protection by:

  • Partnering with environmental organizations to purchase wind energy credits.
  • Using energy-efficient hardware in data centers.

Similarly, InMotion has made its own contributions by:

  • Building a green data center in Los Angeles which uses much less energy in cooling.
  • Planting 5,000 trees by partnering with Trees For The Future.


Both web hosts have been offering reliable hosting services backed by more than 99.9% uptime. All of their data centers have multiple power feeds, battery backups and diesel generators, which ensures that there is no downtime caused by power failure.

Also, by connecting the data centers to multiple major bandwidth providers, GreenGeeks and InMotion can guarantee no network failure, too. Moreover, the data centers are staffed 24×7 for server and network monitoring.

Now you can read the uptime records of the two companies in below. The former is for GreenGeeks, and the latter is for InMotion.

Around-the-clock support

GreenGeeks and InMotion offer 24×7 technical support for all available communication channels. Even if you make a call on 2 AM, there is a real person answering your questions.

Another good thing is that both companies deal with customers’ requests in a timely matter. If you start a chat, you can receive a response within a few seconds. Emails are always replied within 2 hours. All of these statements have been proved by our personal experience.

GreenGeeks Edges over InMotion

GreenGeeks is much younger than InMotion, but during the past 7 years, it has made continuous efforts to optimize its services to meet more customers’ needs. At present, it owns an advantageous position over its competitor in the following aspects.

Unlimited hosting at cheaper price

All of GreenGeeks shared hosting plans feature unlimited resources and websites. Even with the basic plan, you can host unlimited domains and create unlimited databases. The regular price starts from $4.95/mo, but if you use the promotional link below, you are able to obtain a 20% discount for $3.96/mo.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

InMotion limits the number of websites in all plans except for the most expensive one. For the basic plan, only two websites are allowed. If you sign up with InMotion now with the promotional link below, you can gain an over 50% discount for any plan, with which the price of the Launch plan is reduced to $3.49/mo.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation

The table below is made for the comparison between the primary plans of the two web hosts, from which you can see that GreenGeeks is a more cost-effective choice when judging from resources.

Feature GreenGeeks InMotion
Plan in Comparison EcoSite Starter Launch
Websites Unlimited 2
Databases Unlimited 2
Sub-Domains Unlimited 25
Parked Domains Unlimited 6
Regular Price $4.95/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 20% 56%
Discounted Price $3.96/mo $3.49/mo
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation

Free domain for life

For all shared hosting plans, GreenGeeks offers a free domain for life which values $18.95/year. You can choose either to register a new domain or to transfer your existing domain for free.

CloudFlare CDN

GreenGeeks has been partnering with CloudFlare for years. Using any of the company’s plans, you can enjoy the benefits brought by CloudFlare CDN. No additional fee is charged.

InMotion Edges over GreenGeeks

Being a privately held web hosting company, InMotion has been growing fast due to its outstanding performance and technical support. Compared with GreenGeeks, it has the following advantages.

More ads credits

InMotion provides $250 advertising credits in each shared hosting plan with which you can promote your websites and services on Google, Yahoo, Bing and This gives you a good opportunity to gain better visibility in search engines. GreenGeeks also offers marketing credits which value $75.

Favorable features for Drupal users

InMotion has prepared more features for Drupal users to deliver better using experience.

  • Safe application rollback enables you to get back to the previous working version when there is a problem with the design or functionality of the newly updated version of Drupal.
  • PostgreSQL is supported, which gives you more database options. This feature is important for developers.

Faster speed

InMotion is the fastest among the 200+ web hosts we have reviewed. The strategic data center locations guarantee fast speed for all users in the US, and the BGP route optimizer ensures that your data is always served by the fastest routes.

The company owns and operates its own data centers both of which are housed with name brand hardware including Dell servers and Cisco routers.

GreenGeeks also uses high quality hardware, but it does not own any of the facilities. The data centers in the US, which are equipped with Cisco and Juniper switches, are powered and managed by SingleHop.

According to our monitoring, InMotion is much faster than GreenGeeks in both server responses and page loads. Read the chart below for the 2 companies’ server response records.

Better community support

InMotion has maintained a highly extensive support center which includes a knowledgebase, video tutorials, and education channels for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. The written tutorials are a great resource for both beginners and developers.

Besides, there is a community where you can browse others’ questions or ask your own. All questions in the community are answered by InMotion staff within 1 hour, and some are even within 15 minutes. The company is quite responsible.

More favorable money back guarantee

The last advantage of InMotion, which is also the most obvious one, is that this company offers 90-day full refund guarantee. You should feel safe about your cost. GreenGeeks also guarantees refund, but the time is limited to 30 days.

GreenGeeks VS InMotion – Which Is Better for Hosting Drupal?

If what you need is a reliable hosting platform for Drupal, you can make a free choice between the two web hosts. But we do have some suggestions for users with special needs.