GreenGeeks vs NameCheap – Cheap Hosting Comparison

In most cases, personal blogs and small-to-medium websites can run fine on cheap hosting solutions. Thus there is no need to purchase VPS hosting and dedicated server from the beginning. When shopping for a shared hosting, you should not be blind in pursuit of the cheapest service. Before your subscription, you need to check whether the cheap hosting solution comes with a quality hosting service. The GreenGeeks vs NameCheap comparison will do a favor for those who add the two web hosts into their shopping list and hang between them.

Admittedly, both web hosts are cheap options with a long history of dealing with hosting services. Simply judging from their official site, you will have the trouble to tell which one is more trustworthy. Certainly, they will claim to provide you with the best hosting service. To reveal the fact, we will make a detailed comparison on the charges, features, uptime, speed, and support. Our ratings and words are based on our in-depth investigation.

Rating GreenGeeks NameCheap
Uptime 5 4.5
Price 4.5 5
Feature 5 2
Performance 4.5 3.5
Support 5 4
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What Are the Similarities?

Both include cPanel control panel

As a web-based control panel for Linux hosting, cPanel has earned the reputation since 1997 due to the rich features and ease of use. For your convenience, both GreenGeeks and NameCheap allow you to control databases, domain name, email addresses, and almost every aspect of your website using cPanel.

Both guarantee high hosting reliability

To keep your website alive, it is important to choose a reliable hosting provider especially if you deal with business transactions. On the market, there are thousands of web hosts who make a 99.9% guarantee and show their confidence to do a good job in hosting reliability. However, not all have the ability to fulfill the promise. Fortunately, GreenGeeks and NameCheap are proved to be reliable hosting providers with our monitoring and from customers’ feedbacks.

In fact, there is no surprise that most web hosts can guarantee a good uptime as long as they do not oversell the hosting services. Generally speaking, the good uptime has a close relationship with top-tier data centers, quality servers, advanced facilities, and constant monitoring. For example, GreenGeeks equips the data centers with UPS & generators, fire suppression systems, raised floors, climate control, 24/7 security, etc.

What Are the Differences?

NameCheap is more budget-friendly

To avoid a loss of potential customers, web hosts including GreenGeeks and NameCheap have launched a promotional campaign for new comers. After discounts, the regular prices are lowered to a proper level, which enable you to have a better control over your budget. The starting price of GreenGeeks is now $3.95/mo with the special promotional link and that of NameCheap is $0.82/mo for the first year in your subscription.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

GreenGeeks offers more features

To your delight, you will get rich features from the all-in-one plan of GreenGeeks. On one hand, you will have access to unlimited disk space, bandwidth, mailboxes, FTP users, MySQL databases, and domains while NameCheap sets strict limitations for such features. On the other hand, you will get more free extras from GreenGeeks, such as, a free domain name, SSD, CDN, and ad credits.

An attention should be paid that NameCheap only makes a full money back guarantee within 14 days which are too short to test the quality. In the industry, most web hosts release a 30-day full refund policy to better protect your money security.

Feature GreenGeeks NameCheap
Plan Ecosite Starter Value
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited 20 GB
MySQL Databases Unlimited 50
FTP Users Unlimited 50
Email Accounts Unlimited 50
Domain(s) Unlimited 3
Free Domain Yes No
cPanel Yes Yes
SSD Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
CDN Yes No
Ad Credits Yes No
Refund Policy 30 Days 14 Days
Regular Price $9.95/mo $3.24/mo
Special Offer $3.95/mo $0.82/1st year
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GreenGeeks delivers faster speed

We record that NameCheap takes more than 600ms to answer each server request while GreenGeeks shortens the time to 370ms. To put it simply, the main reason why GreenGeeks can deliver a fast speed is that it works with SSD drives and content delivery network.

GreenGeeks opens more contact tunnels

There is no possibility that your website goes well without errors. At that moment, it is possible for you to get assistance from the extensive knowledgebase and professional support team at any time. However, GreenGeeks attaches a great importance to the real-person technical support. This web host enables phone, chat, and email support while NameCheap only opens contact tunnels for chat and ticket. From this perspective, you will have more flexibility to contact the GreenGeeks specialists.

Wrap Up

Admittedly, the really cheap hosting fees encourage you to have a try on NameCheap. However, you should stay away from this web host if you want a cheap hosting solution without scarifying the quality of service. GreenGeeks will live up to your expectations for affordable hosting fees, rich features, a high uptime, fast speed, and good support.