GreenGeeks VS SiteGround – Hosting Comparison

As two popular providers of varied hosting services including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS/cloud, and dedicated servers, GreenGeeks and SiteGround have obtained thousands of customers in the US, Canada, and dozens of other countries outside North America.

The two web hosts are not among the oldest in the industry, however, they are indeed two of the fastest growing companies due to the ease of use and high performance of their services.

This comparison between GreenGeeks and SiteGround concentrates on their shared hosting plans, aiming to make the sameness and differences clear. The ratings below indicate the general information for the comparison.

Rating GreenGeeks SiteGround
Reliability 5 4
Price 5 2.5
Features 5 3
Speed 4.5 3
Support 5 3
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The Sameness of Their Shared Hosting Services

GreenGeeks and SiteGround are almost the same in terms of the web hosting service uptime and refund guarantee.

Good reliability

The past few years have witnessed the reliability of GreenGeeks and SiteGround. They have never been reported for serious attacks or downtimes issues that affect the vast users.

Both GreenGeeks and SiteGround utilize some of the best facilities to guarantee the stability of their web hosting services. These facilities feature:

  • A redundant electrical system with UPS technology, additional power feeds and backup power generators, which prevents all the possible electricity outages.
  • Highly-availability network which includes Gigabit connectivity to multiple carriers and is routed intelligently.
  • High-end security systems with physical access control and human security.

With such facilities, the uptime of the web hosting services offered by GreenGeeks and SiteGround hardly falls below 99.9%. For a piece of detailed information, read the monitoring of GreenGeeks uptime in the following chart.

30-day refunds

Both of GreenGeeks and SiteGround provide refunds for first-time accounts that are cancelled within 30 days of service delivery. This means when you use their hosting plans for the first time, you get 30 days to try. In the unlikely case that you don’t like the service you receive, you can terminate it and obtain a refund.

The Differences Between GreenGeeks and SiteGround

Though the two companies are similar in the service uptime, they are different in many other aspects, such as price, speed, feature and support.

Price – GreenGeeks offers cheaper plans

For shared hosting, GreenGeeks offers 3 unlimited hosting plans among which the most popular one is Ecosite Starter. This plan comes with some of the industry’s cheapest prices. Its regular price starts at $4.95/mo, while the promo link below can reduce your cost to $3.96/mo with an exclusive 20% discount.

Another exciting thing is that Ecosite Starter includes a lifetime free domain name as well as free marketing credits.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

SiteGround web hosting plans seem affordable at the first glimpse, too. The starter plan StartUp charges $3.95/mo only. However, the renewal cost doubles this price because you have to pay $9.95/mo when renewing an account. $9.95/mo is not cheap at all for a plan with limited features.

Features – GreenGeeks provides more resources

The web hosting plans offered by GreenGeeks and SiteGround include many features in common.

  • All of them come with cPanel control panel and the Softaculous auto installer.
  • They include a free website builder.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, email accounts and MySQL databases are available.
  • They support PHP, Python, Perl, SSH and CGI.

But when it comes to other features like disk space and the hosted sites, GreenGeeks plans are much more feature rich although they are cheaper. Below are more details about the two web hosts’ starter plans.

Feature GreenGeeks SiteGround
Plan StartUp Ecosite Starter
Disk Space Unlimited 10 GB
Hosted Site(s) Unlimited 1
Daily Backups Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes No
SSDs Yes Yes
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
Regular Price $4.95/mo $9.95/mo
Discount 20% 60%
Special Price $3.96/mo $3.95/mo
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Speed – GreenGeeks is faster

Both of GreenGeeks and SiteGround have purchased high-performance hardware and adopted many technologies to make sure their customers can enjoy fast speed. The things contributing to better speed include:

  • Well-configured servers which are upgraded and optimized regularly.
  • Solid State Drives that deliver over 3 times faster speed than HDDs.
  • Advanced routing and switching, and around-the-clock network management.
  • CloudFlare CDN.

The page loading speed of SiteGround is on the average level while GreenGeeks is faster. We have monitored the two web hosts’ server responses and find that the later is about 20% faster. Below is the monitoring of GreenGeeks.

Technical support – GreenGeeks is more responsive

GreenGeeks and SiteGround provide high-quality technical support. They both supply multiple contact methods including tickets, phone number and live chat, and their support agents are able to resolve various hosting issues without hesitation.

Still, GreenGeeks wins for the following reasons.

  • It treats all customers equally, which means you can get the same quality support no matter which hosting plan you are using. SiteGround, however, provides premium support for all plans except for the cheapest one.
  • GreenGeeks provides the fastest support responses among all the web hosts we have reviewed. Live chat and phone calls are responded within seconds, and tickets are replied in minutes.

GreenGeeks offers green hosting

All of GreenGeeks web hosting services are green, powered by renewable energy. The company purchases 300% wind energy credits for the power consumptions, which makes it a great choice for those who care about the environment.


It is clear that GreenGeeks is the better hosting choice because it wins much in the cost-effectiveness and performance. No matter you want a cheap hosting plan to start your first website or a high-performance platform to power an online business, going with GreenGeeks is the better solution.