HostMonster VS GoDaddy – Which is More Cost-Effective?

HostMonster VS GoDaddyBased on the fact that both HostMonster and GoDaddy are reputable Linux based web hosts in the market, people may feel confused about which one is a better choice. Considering some readers have little experience in web hosting industry and have no idea about how to evaluate a web host, our editors review HostMonster and GoDaddy carefully at first, according to which we write the HostMonster VS GoDaddy in every aspect.


Both companies enjoy a high reputation in the industry and provide hosting services for millions of people. HostMonster devotes itself to offering high quality hosting service at affordable prices. After many years’ continuous efforts, the company is recommended by the whole industry.

On the other side, as the biggest domain name registrar in the field, GoDaddy aims to offer cheap domain name for all users. As a result, a lot of people think highly of its domain name registration service. However, is its hosting service sharing the same fame? Well, this is what we are going to figure out in the following part.

Rating HostMonster GoDaddy
Plan In Comparison Basic Economy
Reputation 4.5 5
Feature 5.0 4
Loading Speed 4.5 3.0
Reliability 5.0 4.5
Tech Support 5.0 3.5


HostMonster creates three shared hosting packages whose starting price is $9.49/mo regularly. Now, the company gives a 58% discount, which enables all the new users to get the outstanding hosting service at $3.95/mo by visiting the promotional link.

Differently, there are four shared plans offered by GoDaddy – Economy, Deluxe,Ultimate, and Business Hosting that are priced from $2.99/mo, $4.99/mo, $7.99/mo, and $20.99/mo after up to 62% discounts. It is obvious that GoDaddy provides almost $1/mo cheaper hosting service than HostMonster. However, price is not the only factor which needs to considered when you are choosing a cost-effective hosting plan.


The two companies try their best to provide easy-to-use features. Accordingly, both of them offer a 1-click installer that helps users install a lot of useful scripts with a few clicks. Besides, HostMonster and GoDaddy utilize the most popular cPanel control panel that is famous for the graphical interface and intuitive icon names.

With the consideration of server resources, an attention should be paid that both web hosts put some limits on those. For example, GoDaddy only allows 1 website, 100 GB disk space, 50 FTP users and 25 subdomains for the Economy plan. Anyhow, unlimited server resources are available for more advanced users. However, features like Ruby on Rails and CGI are not available for all the GoDaddy plans. Such is not a case with HostMonster, which makes HostMonster a winner on this aspect.

Feature HostMonster GoDaddy
Plan In Comparison Basic Economy
Website 1 1
Disk Space 50 GB 100 GB
cPanel Yes Yes
Money Back 30 Days 30 Days
CGI Yes No
Ruby on Rails Yes No
SSH Yes Yes
Credit Cards & PayPal Yes Yes
How to Claim Learn More Learn More

Uptime & Speed

With a long history, both HostMonster and GoDaddy own world-class infrastructures. For example, HostMonster purchases high quality servers, establishes 3 stat-of-the-art data centers in different locations, and equips them with constant power supply, standard cooling system, and many other technologies. Besides, to minimize the risks, the company arranges a group of experts to monitor all the servers 24×7 to ensure all the problems can be solved within the shortest time. Most often, the occurrence of problems has been prevented thanks to their efforts. Therefore, HostMonster has enough confidence to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. In the past month, the average uptime is recorded to be 99.98%.

Based on the principle of objectivity and accuracy, we also began a performance testing about the two companies for a month. As all the figures show, both companies perform excellent in uptime and keep their promise as well. Then, we count the average server response time of both companies in the past month. It turns out that HostMonster achieves 342ms while GoDaddy reaches 784ms. So a conclusion can be made that HostMonster is up to 129% faster than its competitor.

Technical Support

All the customers of HostMonster and GoDaddy can get professional technical support through email, hotline, as well as live chat all the time. Theoretically speaking, users don’t need to worry about when to encounter difficult problems. Besides, there are knowledge base, forums, and communities with written tutorials to help people deal with basic problems.

However, our personal tests tell us two different stories. We feel it much hard to get instant technical assistance from GoDaddy. Known as the efficiency, live chat is the way we choose to contact their support team. But HostMonster answers our requests in a much faster way, which leaves us a much better impression. In fact, HostMonster also has a higher customer satisfaction rate on the aspect of technical support.

Conclusion – HostMonster Is Recommended

After comparing the two companies comprehensively, we have to say both HostMonster and GoDaddy are reliable and trustworthy web hosting providers. If you want cheap domain registration, then, GoDaddy should be your choice. However, when you plan to choose a rich-featured, fast, and responsible web host, HostMonster is highly recommended.