HostMonster VS GreenGeeks Shared Hosting

HostMonster and GreenGeeks are among those well-known web hosting providers in the US. The former has been offering reliable and affordable hosting services for almost a decade, and the latter has invested heavily in eco-friendliness and the first-rate technical support.

After comparing the two web hosts’ shared hosting solutions, we found a lot of similarities in the uptime, speed, support, and features. The main differences, however, are the price and server resources. We’ll show all the details in below.

And now, you can read some ratings from the following table.

Rating HostMonster GreenGeeks
Price 4 5
Features 4.5 5
Performance 5 4
Tech Support 4.5 5
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The Significant Differences Between Them

The shared hosting services from HostMonster and GreenGeeks are generally differentiated by the hosting costs and the available resources in different plans.

GreenGeeks provides cheaper plans

HostMonster currently provides 3 shared plans in total, and to improve the service quality, the company increased the renewal price of two plans recently. However, attractive discounts are offered for a long period that is as long as 3 years, which is great.

If you now purchase HostMonster plans through the promo link below, you can get the specials of $3.95/mo, $5.95/mo and $6.95/mo. The renewal costs, then, starts from $9.49/mo. Anytime refund is allowed.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

GreenGeeks also has 3 plans, but it has always been focusing on an all-inclusive one which includes unlimited resources. This plan charges a low fee of $3.96/mo for those taking advantage of the 20% discount with the company’s promotion link, and the renewals take $4.95/mo.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

You can spend almost the same fee to buy a 3-year hosting plan from either HostMonster or GreenGeeks, while the latter indeed charges less for the renewal.

GreenGeeks offers more resources

If you are clear about your hosting needs, you should pay attention to the server resources included in the two web hosts’ shared hosting plans. The number of allowed domains, email accounts, disk space and several other things are different.

However, you must rest assured that both HostMonster and GreenGeeks provide nearly any feature you may need, such as the easy-to-use cPanel, latest PHP, MySQL, Python, Perl and SFTP. More information is available in the table below.

Feature HostMonster GreenGeeks
Plan Basic Ecosite Starter
Website(s) 1 Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 50 GB Unlimited
Email Accounts 5 Unlimited
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes No
SSH Yes Yes
Website Backups Yes Yes
Free Domain Yes Yes
Special Price $3.95/mo $3.96/mo
Claim It Promo Link Promo Link

Same Good Things Between HostMonster and GreenGeeks

Except for the different prices and available resources of the starter plans, HostMonster and GreenGeeks both have obtained good reputations in the hosting performance and after-sale support.

Reliable hosting services with great uptime

Service reliability has always been a top concern of every buyer. Keeping this fact in mind, HostMonster and GreenGeeks have improved their facilities and technologies largely in the past years. Now the two web hosts are:

  • Using one or more data centers that are built with uninterrupted power supply, multiple backup power plans, and redundant network connections.
  • Offering firewalls, physical access control and many other methods to guarantee the security.
  • Configuring each server with RAID disk redundancy and backing up all data daily/nightly to prevent any possible data loss.

Our over two years’ monitoring shows clearly that neither of HostMonster and GreenGeeks has been through serious security problems, and the uptime of their servers and networks is outstanding.

Here you can see HostMonster uptime.

And below is the uptime of GreenGeeks.

Quite fast speed

To improve the speed of their hosting services, HostMonster and GreenGeeks has been upgrading their servers and optimizing the networks constantly. Besides, the anytime monitoring ensures that all facilities work properly in the way they should.

In addition, both web hosts provide a CDN for free. Powered by CloudFlare’s global data centers, the CDN has been proved to be effective in speeding up page loads. CloudFlare is one of the best CDN service providers, after all.

As a result, we have got quite good results when testing the two companies’ server response time and the page loads. Although HostMonster wins a little bit, they both possess a leading position in the industry.

Helpful and responsive technical support

The quality of after-sale support is usually neglected by many shared hosting providers, but HostMonster and GreenGeeks are exceptions. With thousands of users trusting them, the two companies have been providing helpful technical support which has won them a good reputation.

  • They offer all the popular contact methods, including live chat, toll-free hotline, and email.
  • A professionally designed ticket system is also available.
  • The replies to tickets, chats, and phone calls are quick, especially for GreenGeeks. You can always get responses from an expert within seconds.
  • They have extensive knowledgebases, blogs, and other useful resources that cover accurate solutions to both basic and advanced hosting topics.

Conclusion – Which Wins?

Since HostMonster and GreenGeeks both provide great uptime and excellent technical support, they are generally good choices for hosting all types of websites. But if you have more specific requirements, you can still select a better one to satisfy your needs.

  • If you need super fast speed to support your online store, go with HostMonster.
  • If you prefer green hosting or have to host multiple sites at the minimum costs, choose GreenGeeks.