HostMonster VS HostGator – Drupal Hosting Comparison

HostMonster and HostGator are leading web hosting providers with over 10 years’ history in the industry.

As a popular open source script, Drupal is well supported by both of them, but if you want to figure out which company offers the hosting solution that suits your needs better, you will have to spend some time digging into the cost, features, performance as well as support.

This comparison of shared hosting is made based on more than 1 year’s monitoring of their uptime and server response along with hundreds of sincere reviews from real customers of the two companies. Now, scroll down to check for more detailed analysis.

What Are Common Between HostMonster and HostGator?

In fact, HostMonster and HostGator are the same good in most of the significant aspects including reliability, speed, support, etc.

Similar pricing and features

HostMonster once offered an all-in-one shared hosting solution, but several years ago, it made an upgrade and began to provide 3 plans to ensure the scalability.

Named as Basic, Plus and Business Pro, the plans are priced from $9.49/mo, $12.49/mo and $14.99/mo regularly, while they are now available at $3.95/mo, $5.95/mo and $6.95/mo for subscribers using the promotional link below.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

HostGator also has 3 plans which are called Hatchling, Baby, and Business. Purchasing any of the plans with the coupon code HG45PERCENT, you can obtain a 45% discount. The current prices of the plans start from $3.82/mo, $5.47/mo and $8.22/mo – very close to those of HostMonster plans.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation

For both web hosts, the entry-level plan allows hosting 1 website only; the second plan comes with no limitation, and the third plan includes some advanced features like private SSL certificate and dedicated IP. In below, we have made a feature comparison of the primary plans.

Feature HostMonster HostGator
Plan in Comparison Basic Hatchling
Allowed Website 1 1
Disk Space 50 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Parked Domains 5
Subdomains 25 Unlimited
Email Accounts 5 Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
1-Click Drupal Installer Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Shared SSL Yes Yes
Data Backups Yes Yes

High-level of usability

In addition to abundant server resources and all the basic hosting features, HostMonster and HostGator include a cPanel control panel within their hosting plans. By leveraging this reputable control panel, users can manage the domains, files, databases, emails, and many other aspects of their hosting accounts in an effortless manner.

Besides, the two companies integrate this control panel with an auto-installer, enabling users to install Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and many other hot open source applications within only few clicks. Also, they both provide a free site builder along with hundreds of theme and templates to help users easily control over the look and feel of their websites.

99.9% uptime guarantee

Like most other web hosting providers, HostMonster and HostGator guarantee 99.9% uptime for every customer. We have kept monitoring our small Drupal sites hosted with Basic and Hatchling and finally can conclude that the uptime of both platforms is excellent – averaging over 99.9% in the 12 months.

To be more specific, as you can see from the following chart, HostMonster has ensured an average of 99.98% uptime in the last thirty days. Frankly speaking, this uptime record is much more outstanding than that of many other so-called quality web hosts.

When it comes to HostGator, the company also performs well from the perspective of hosting reliability. Displayed as below, it has made sure that websites of its users are available 99.99% of the time, which is even slightly better than that of the former company.

24×7 technical support

Both web hosts claim to offer 24×7 customer service and technical support through live chat, email, and toll-free phone number. According to our experience of trying all the support methods, HostMonster is more responsive than its competitor with waiting times usually less than 1 minute.

However, HostGator has maintained a more extensive knowledgebase and more helpful video tutorials. You can learn to set up Drupal and manage your website by following the dozens of written tutorials and videos. Besides, HostGator blog is also a good place to know the industry and improve business skills.

Web hosting speed

HostMonster and HostGator power customers’ websites with more than one data center. To ensure the best possible connectivity, all of the data centers are equipped with a redundant network which is backed by multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers. Routing and switching have also been optimized.

Another technology utilized by the 2 companies is CDN. When CDN is enabled, the static content of your Drupal website is distributed to a network of servers, so visitors can load it from the nearest server instead of sending requests to your server. This technology not only speeds up the page loading but also saves the bandwidth for you.

Backed by the fore-mentioned robust infrastructures and top-notch technologies, both companies are able to support users’ online success with the swiftest loading speed. As the following performance comparison chart shows, they take less than 350ms on average for responding to a server request, which is even faster than the industry’s average 400ms.

Excellent community reputation

As two experienced web hosting providers, both HostMonster and HostGator have served a tremendous number of users throughout the globe and earned themselves a good reputation for providing affordable and rich featured hosting plans while not compromising on the hosting performance and the quality of technical support.

On the basis of our surveys, the two companies have enjoyed a high customer satisfaction rate in the whole field. For example, according to the 271 reviews we have received from HostGator customers, there are roughly 99.98% of these customers being pleased with the company’s hosting services. Refer to the chart below for more detailed statistics.

What Differs Them Apart?

Despite the similarities discussed above, there are some differences which mainly exist in the web hosting features.

HostMonster advantages

HostMonster offers more features and free extras, which not only makes the hosting experience easier but also saves the cost. The features that are not available for HostGator users are:

  • Free domain – Users of any plan have access to a new domain which is free for the first year of registration.
  • SpamExperts – The users of Plus and Business Pro can get free SpamExperts, a professional service that secures email with advanced filtering.
  • PostgreSQL – There is one more database choice for Drupal users.

Another advantage is that HostMonster has integrated Mojo Marketplace with cPanel. Through the interface of Mojo Marketplace, you can install Drupal with 1-click and purchase Drupal themes quickly.

HostGator advantages

HostGator is much larger than its competitor in size. Currently, this web host has over 800 employees and more than 9 million domains under management. It has a reputation worldwide.

When it comes to the advantages, the first point that needs to mention is that all Drupal hosting plans of HostGator have cheaper regular price than those of HostMonster. Taking the 3-year billing of the entry-level plan as an example, HostMonster Basic is priced at $5.99/mo, while Hatchling is $4.95/mo. HostGator solutions cost less for renewal.

The second advantage is that HostGator offers a little longer full refund period. This company allows 45-day full refund while its competitor guarantees 30 days. However, as a kind remainder, you should know that HostMonster offers anytime pro-rated refund.

The last point is that HostGator has been devoted to green hosting by purchasing renewable energy credits. If you want to buy an environment-friendly hosting solution for your Drupal site, this company is the right choice.

HostMonster VS HostGator – Which to Choose?

They are both good options considering the performance and support. If you are in one of the following situations, refer to the suggestions. If not, you can make a choice as you like.

  • Need PostgreSQL, free domain, or an easy way to purchase a professional Drupal theme? Go to HostMonster through this promotional link.
  • Want a green hosting solution or longer time for trial? Choose HostGator, and don’t forget to click this promotional link.