HostMonster VS InMotion Hosting – Similarities & Differences

HostMonster and InMotion have been among the top choices for shared hosting due to their great performance in affordability, reliability and support. There are a lot of similarities between their services. For example, they both provide cPanel, a free domain, and all the necessary features for hosting websites.

However, differences exist indeed, which lies in the refund guarantees, server resources, website builder, etc. To find out which web host is more suitable for hosting your website, you will need to dig into all the differences.

In below, we will compare the two companies’ shared hosting from several important factors including the price, performance, features and customer support. A quick comparison in these aspects is reflected in the following ratings.

Rating HostMonster InMotion
Price 4.5 5
Features 4.5 4.5
Performance 5 5
Customer Support 5 5
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Web Hosting Cost, Freebies & Refunds

In terms of the prices, free extras and other things related to your money, there are several similarities between HostMonster and InMotion.

  • Both web hosts provide 3 plans to make their shared hosting services scalable.
  • They are providing up to 50% discounts for all plans.
  • Their primary plans are priced no more than $4/mo with the discounts.
  • You can register a domain for free when checking out regardless of the plan you choose.

Still, the following differences can help make a choice that meets your needs better.

  • Expert for the primary plan, the other two plans offered by InMotion are a little cheaper than those offered by HostMonster.
  • InMotion provides the same free extras in all plans while HostMonster doesn’t.
  • The full refund period with InMotion is 90 days, while that for the competitor is 30 days. However, HostMonster also provides pro-rated refunds after the full refund period.

Now you can read the following information to see the detailed prices and free extras.

Hosting prices

At regular times, you have to pay at least $7.99/mo to get a shared hosting plan from HostMonster. However, as up to 50% discounts are applicable to all the plans, you can now spend $3.95/mo only when purchasing the primary Basic plan. The Plus and Pro plans, which include more server resources than Basic, are available from $5.95/mo and $13.95/mo when discounted.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

InMotion prices its Launch plan from $6.99/mo, but when the 50% discount is applied via the promo link below, the price decreases to $3.49/mo. The discounted price is the same affordable as that of HostMonster Basic.

However, for the other two plans offered by InMotion, Power and Pro, they are also discounted 50% now for $4.49/mo and $7.49/mo only. These prices are lower than those of HostMonster plans.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation


Besides the free domain, InMotion also provides $250 ads credits for free in all plans. As for HostMonster, it doesn’t offer many freebies in Basic, but the other two plans include attractive things.

  • Plus: $150 ads credits & 1 SpamExperts.
  • Pro: $300 ads credits, 2 SpamExperts, dedicated IP, domain privacy, and SSL certificate.

Hosting Resources, Control Panel & Other Features

When it comes to the hosting features, HostMonster and InMotion are the same in many aspects, such as the control panel, programming languages and database engines.

  • They both utilize cPanel as the shared hosting control panel, which makes it easy and convenient to manage websites, view the resource usage, create emails and complete many other basic hosting tasks. You can try a cPanel demo to see why this control panel is always the best choice for Linux hosting.
  • They offer an auto installer with which you are able to install hundreds of open source scripts with one click.
  • The popular programming languages, including PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails and Perl, are all supported.
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL are available to choose when you need to use a database-driven application.
  • The common development features like .htaccess, Cron Jobs, PHP.ini and SSH are included in all shared hosting plans.

Of course, there are differences. The main ones we have found are the website builder, the number of hosted sites and server resources. You can get more details by reading the comparison between HostMonster Basic and InMotion Launch.

Feature HostMonster InMotion
Plan Basic Launch
Disk Storage 50 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Website(s) 1 2
Parked Domains 5 6
Subdomains 25 25
Email Accounts 5 Unlimited
Databases 20 2
Website Builder Weebly BoldGrid
Auto Installer SimpleScripts Softaculous
Daily Backups Yes Yes
eCommerce Support Yes No
Regular Price $7.99/mo $6.99/mo
Discount 51% 50%
Special Offer $3.95/mo $3.49/mo
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Hosting Uptime & Speed

Both HostMonster and InMotion power websites with data centers featuring high-performance branded servers and well-connected networks. Below are their similarities.

  • Servers – All their servers are carefully tested and optimized for the maximum performance.
  • Power supply – The data center power is pulled from different grids. Besides, the standby diesel generators add another layer to the redundancy.
  • Network – Multiple network connections are available. Branded routers and switches have also been taken into use.
  • Security – All data centers are equipped with 24×7 physical security, and the servers are configured with advanced firewalls.

The two web hosts are almost the same excellent in uptime, while InMotion is a little faster than HostMonster in shared hosting.


Backed by custom-built data centers with complete redundancy in all key systems, HostMonster and InMotion are able to fulfill their promise of 99.9% uptime. Even if there are occasional downtimes, most of them are caused by scheduled maintenance in the midnight. The two companies’ great uptime has won them decisive edges over most other shared web hosts.

Our monitoring says that HostMonster has offered great uptime that averages over 99.95% in the past 12-month period. Below are its recent uptime records.

Similarly, InMotion is able to provide nearly 100% uptime in each single month. You can see how it performed in the recent days in below.


Thanks to the building of two data centers located on different coasts, the utilization of SSD drives, and the numerous efforts made in optimizing network management, InMotion has been among the fastest shared hosting providers. Therefore, it’s not surprising for us to find that this company outperforms HostMonster in speed. But to be honest, HostMonster has also done well as it is much faster than the average.

To show you some evidence, we have presented the comparison of the two web hosts’ server response time in the following chart.

Technical Support

HostMonster and InMotion have been offering responsive support for both pre-sales inquiries and after-sales issues. Currently, both companies provide the following resources for technical support.

  • A ticketing system for dealing with all types of issues, from applications to emails and servers.
  • A toll-free hotline for resolving simple hosting issues related to accounts, or for asking the support team to open a ticket for a complicated server-side problem.
  • Live chat for getting quick support on uncomplicated and easy-to-describe issues.
  • Hundreds of written articles covering email setup, DNS management, website configuration, script install, .htaccess, control panel tutorials, etc.
  • Video tutorials for many basic issues, such as website transfer, email account management, Cron Jobs and FTP account creation.

As the support teams of both web hosts consist of knowledgeable and professional agents that respond to support requests quickly, there is no big difference between the support quality. However, the facts below may make InMotion a better option for you.

  • Both HostMonster and InMotion offer forums for communications and technical support, while the latter provides faster answers to questions posted in the forums.
  • InMotion allows you to ask for support via Skype.

Which to Choose?

HostMonster and InMotion are two of the best shared hosting providers for starting small business sites and hosting open source scripts. If you want the Weebly website builder or free dedicated IP, choose HostMonster. And if you need the fastest possible speed, go with InMotion. Not in either occasion? Then the choice is completely free.