HostMonster VS Network Solutions – Hosting Comparison

Having been making a concentrated effort to get hosting easier, HostMonster focuses on the popular hosting services like shared hosting and VPS only. Network Solutions, however, is quite different from HostMonster. This company’s primary service is domain name registration, while there are still many other solutions like web hosting, eCommerce website and online marketing tools.

Due to the significant difference, we would suggest HostMonster more if you need a quality hosting solution. Undoubtedly, the better concentration will contribute to a better service. Besides, our side-by-side comparison has also come to the same conclusion.

In below, we will show why HostMonster is better by presenting the two companies’ pros and cons in shared hosting.

Rating HostMonster Network Solutions
Prices 4.5 2.5
Features 4.5 3
Performance 4.5 3
Support 5 3
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The Similarities between HostMonster and Network Solutions

HostMonster and Network Solutions only have a few things in common in terms of their web hosting services, which include a free domain name and reliable emails.

Free domain

Both web hosts provide 3 shared hosting plans, and regardless of the plan you choose, you will get a free domain name after completing the purchase. However, there is still a small difference.

  • The domain offered by HostMonster is free for one year.
  • The one provided by Network Solutions is free for the length of your initial term. For example. A 2-year plan includes a 2-year free domain, and a 1-year plan includes a 1-year free domain accordingly. The company charges extremely high fees for the renewal. A .com domain requires $37.99 per year. This cost is about 3 times higher than that charged by HostMonster.

Reliable email hosting

HostMonster and Network Solutions provide very good email hosting that features reliable delivery. Besides, the spam protection makes sure that all the emails in your inbox are filtered carefully so that you don’t need to worry about spam. The email accounts are also sufficient, which is good for teamwork.

Why HostMonster Wins the Competition?

HostMonster is a much better choice when compared with Network Solutions because it provides more features and higher performance while charging fewer fees.

Charges lower hosting fees

HostMonster shared hosting plans are priced from $9.49/mo which is on the average level. However, there are up to 58% discounts available at present, so that you can get the special price of $3.95/mo by using the promo link below. With the discounts, you can also buy the more expensive plans at $5.95/mo and $13.95/mo.

When using HostMonster plans, you are able to enjoy a 30-day full refund guarantee, up to $200 advertising voucher, and many other free extras.

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The hosting plans from Network Solutions, however, cost much more. The special discounted prices which are accessible now start from $9.96/mo to $29.13/mo, and the renewals charge $12.95/mo to $36.95/mo. These prices almost equal those of the cheap VPS.

What’s worse, although the costs are very high, Network Solutions doesn’t provide really good features.

Provides better features

HostMonster offers the best Linux hosting control panel – cPanel, an easy-to-use script installer, and all the common programming languages including PHP, Ruby, Python and Perl.

Network Solutions also provides an application installer, PHP/Python, website management tools and more, while it still lags behind a lot considering the expensive fees and the absence of some good features. Below are more details.

Feature HostMonster Network Solutions
Plan Basic Essential Hosting
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 50 GB 300 GB
Email Accounts 5 1000
MySQL Databases 20 25
PostgreSQL Yes No
cPanel Yes Unknown
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
Perl Yes No
SSH Yes No
Regular Price $9.49/mo $12.95/mo
Discount 58% 23%
Special Price $3.95/mo $9.96/mo
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Delivers higher uptime

HostMonster has been recognized as a reliable hosting provider that secures customers’ data and offers a high percentage of uptime. With the use of a complete backup system, UPS power, and high-performance servers, the company’s uptime has been tested to exceed 99.9%. Network Solutions can also offer 99.9% uptime, but sometimes big outages happen, which has been severely complained in these years.

Here, we’d like to present the uptime monitoring results of HostMonster.

Offers faster speed

Besides uptime, HostMonster also wins Network Solutions in the server and network speed. The reasons vary, while the high network capacity, around-the-clock monitoring and free CDN should have contributed a lot.

The monitoring system set up by our experts shows that HostMonster servers need about 350ms to make a response. The response time of Network Solutions, however, is more than 700ms.

Supports all customers better

In terms of technical support, HostMonster is more considerate than its competitor due to the following reasons.

  • It offers more support channels. The phone number, live chat and ticket system provide enough choices for each troubled user. Network Solutions doesn’t provide live chat.
  • HostMonster has prepared numerous professional and helpful support resources including forums, knowledgebase, video tutorials, etc.
  • The support representatives of HostMonster are tested to be more professional in resolving the hosting related problems.

Conclusion – Try HostMonster

If you have to make a choice between HostMonster and Network Solutions for hosting a blog or a small online shop, the former undoubtedly deserves more attention. Besides the affordable prices, great after-sale support and high performance, the good industry reputation is also an important reason for trying HostMonster.