HostPapa VS A2Hosting on Affordable Green Hosting

Do HostPapa and A2Hosting have your attention? With environmental awareness deeply rooted in your mind, you also want to reduce your carbon emissions when you host a website. HostPapa and A2Hosting are web hosts who purchase green energy credits to offset the emissions which occur in their office spaces and data centers. However, you cannot make a clear decision until you find which one can provide you with the quality hosting service.

There is no denying that both web hosts set affordable prices for the share hosting solutions. However, more factors need to be considered before your subscription. The HostPapa vs A2Hosting comparison will save you much time and energy if you are on the way to explore which web host has the ability to provide a more quality service. To start with, we would like to show you a table where you can learn how we mark the two web hosts on the shared hosting.

Rating HostPapa A2Hosting
Price 4 4.5
Support 4 4.5
Feature 3 4.5
Uptime 3 4.5
Performance 4 4.5
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What Are the Similarities?

Judging from the rating table, it is obvious that A2Hosting distinguishes itself from HostPapa. However, there is no denying that the two web hosts share some similarities.

Both affordable hosting plans

With HostPapa or A2Hosting, you have the freedom to purchase a plan according to your needs. A piece of good news is that both web hosts now charge as low as $4/mo for their basic plans to attract new comers. The introductory prices of HostPapa are as low as $3.95/mo and those of A2Hosting start at $3.92/mo.

An attention should be paid that the low advertised price of HostPapa is valid for 3-year payment and that of A2Hosting is for those who sign up for 2-year contract. In addition, A2Hosting allows you to choose a monthly plan if you worry about a long-term deal. In a word, you will reduce your upfront investment with A2Hosting.

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Refund policy

If you are not satisfied with the first purchase of hosting services, you can submit a request for the cancellation of your account. Then a full refund will issued by HostPapa and A2Hosting during the first 30 days. The main difference is that A2Hosting also offers a pro-rated refund for those who ask for a refund after 30 days. From this perspective, A2Hosting shows much more confidence in the hosting service.

Both quality customer service

According to our test, both web hosts have the ability to get your problems solved in a timely manner. A great number of technicians are standing by to guide you out of puzzles no matter which method you use to get hold of them: sending an email, making a call, or having an online chat. Their quick response, friendly attitude, and professional knowledge have left us a deep impression.

Besides, there are many helpful articles and detailed video tutorials available for you in the knowledgebase. In other words, you are also free to consult the online resources when faced with the most commonly asked questions.

What Are the Differences?

A2Hosting is superior to HostPapa due to the rich features and better hosting environment. To make things clear, we will take a close look at the edges A2Hosting has over HostPapa.

A2Hosting offers richer features

On one hand, a conclusion can be drawn from the below table that you will get much richer features from A2Hosting. The Starter plan (HostPapa) and the Lite plan (A2Hosting) come with more than 100 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and easy-to-use cPanel. However, HostPapa lacks some important features which lead to troubles in the future, such as, SSH, SSL, etc.

Feature HostPapa A2Hosting
Plan Starter

Disk Space 100 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain Name 1 0
Website(s) 2 1
Databases 10 5
Mailboxes 100 25
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
PHP Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Python No Yes
SSH No Yes
Ruby No Yes
SSL No Yes
SSD No Yes
CloudFlare CDN No Yes
Current Price $3.95/mo $3.92/mo
Conclusion Recommended

A2Hosting offers a better hosting environment

On the other hand, you will enjoy a more reliable and faster hosting environment with A2Hosting. Our monitoring tells that the uptime of HostPapa falls behind 99.9% and the server response time averages 520ms. The job of HostPapa in the past 30 days cannot compare with that of A2Hosting. We have also made an in-depth exploration on what hosting infrastructure A2Hosting has built.

  • You can choose a SSAE16 certified data center from A2Hosting: USA-Michigan data center, Europe-Amsterdam data center, or Asia-Singapore data center.
  • All the servers are powered by redundant power supply.
  • There are multi-homed network connectivity, SSD drives, and CloudFlare CDN at your service.
  • Engineers keep a close eye on the network all the time.

Final Verdict

We cannot deny the efforts HostPapa has made to improve the environment. However, HostPapa is far from a good web host because of the limited features and slow speed. We recommend A2Hosting who can reduce your upfront investment, offer richer features, guarantee a faster speed, and provide better customer service. Moreover, your money security is backed by an anytime money back guarantee.