HostPapa VS HostGator on Shared Hosting

HostPapa and HostGator are two web hosting brands that are known to millions. Serving a large number of websites, they can meet most normal needs by offering the necessary features and support.

There are reasons why they are chosen by many hosting users, but their pricing policies, web hosting performance and several other things are quite different, which should affect the choice you will make.

Considering these facts, we will display the two companies’ similarities and differences in shared hosting one by one to help you get a better understanding.

Rating HostPapa HostGator
Prices 3 4.5
Features 3 4.5
Uptime 2.5 5
Speed 3 4.5
Support 4 5
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What Are the Similarities?

HostPapa and HostGator offer multiple shared hosting plans. And in the plans, they offer many similar things. Also, they are quite the same in some technologies, which you can see in the list below.

  • cPanel – All their users can take advantage of cPanel to manage websites and hosting accounts in a well-designed graphic interface. With the integration of an app installer, the installation and update of the popular open source scripts are as easy as pie.
  • Free website transfer – This covers the migration of the website, domain, database, scripts and files.
  • Telephone, live chat and ticket support – HostPapa and HostGator care the customer satisfaction, so they have been providing around-the-clock technical support through various convenient ways.
  • Online support resources – The two companies offer FAQs, knowledgebase and instructional videos to help you improve your hosting skills.
  • Refund policies – HostPapa ensures full refunds within 30 days, and HostGator stretches the period to 45 days so you have a longer time to try.
  • Free marketing credits – No matter which plan you buy from them, you can receive a free marketing package which includes $100 credits for Google AdWords and $100 credits for Bing.

What Are Their Differences in Shared Hosting?

If you review the two web hosts’ shared hosting plans carefully, you will find a lot of differences between their features, for example, the available server resources and CDN. Besides, the uptime and speed monitoring shows that HostGator delivers much better performance than the competitor.

Shared hosting price – HostGator wins

HostPapa has three plans which come with relatively high prices in the regular time. When no discount is claimed, they are available from $9.99/mo, $14.99/mo and $24.99/mo. The good news is, a promotion is going on which allows you to buy the plans at prices from $3.95/mo to $12.95/mo. The discounted prices are acceptable, but the renewals are really expensive.

HostGator is also providing a discount now. With the coupon code HG45PERCENT, you are able to get 45% off the regular price and purchase the three shared hosting plans at affordable prices starting at $3.82/mo.

This price seems cheaper than that of HostPapa, while you will still pay less for the renewal which requires a minimum of $6.95/mo. Besides, you get 15 days more to try and test.

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Shared hosting features – HostGator wins

HostGator surpasses its competitor when it comes to the features included in their shared hosting plans. For example, the former offers unlimited server resources while the latter doesn’t. Besides, the former supports some advanced features like SSH and CDN.

To show more details, we will compare the basic plans of the two web hosts in below.

Feature HostPapa HostGator
Plan Starter Hatchling
Website(s) 2 1
Disk Storage 100 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts 100 Unlimited
Databases 5 Unlimited
SSH No Yes
Python/Ruby No Yes
CDN No Yes
Regular Price $9.99/mo $6.95/mo
Discount 60% 45%
Special Price $3.95/mo $3.82/mo
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The hosting uptime – HostGator wins

HostPapa claims itself as a reliable hosting provider that offers the ultra service stability. The information that supports this statement includes the customized servers with enhanced security, multiple data center facilities, redundant UPS systems, etc.

Such information, however, is not convincible enough because our monitoring shows that HostPapa cannot deliver an average of 99.9% uptime.

HostGator has been enjoying a reputation over the years. The reasons, then, lie heavily in the reliability of its hosting services. Backed by custom-built data centers and servers which are under full management, the company can always offer great uptime that exceeds 99.9%. The data security has also been well ensured.

Shared hosting speed – HostGator wins

HostGator is not the fastest in the industry, but it has indeed surpassed HostPapa in the speed of the servers and networks. This conclusion has been reflected by our monitoring of the two web hosts’ server response time as well as the page loading speed. The former is usually about 50% faster than the latter.

In the chart below, you are able to see the recent monitoring statistics of the two companies’ shared hosting servers.

Find the Winner?

With all the details above, you should have picked out the better hosting provider for you between HostPapa and HostGator.

In our editors’ opinion, HostPapa is not a bad web host, but its competitor simply performs even better. Therefore, we would suggest trying HostGator, not only for the better performance, but also because of the longer trial period.