HostPapa VS JustHost – Web Hosting Comparison

It is not an easy job to select a shared hosting plan from the sea of hosting providers who boast of their hosting services and give discounts to attract new comers. If you exactly want to compare HostPapa and JustHost, you do not need to make a further exploration on your own. The HostPapa vs JustHost will help you tell which one can provide you with a cheap and reliable shared hosting plan.

From the perspectives of the company reputation and company size, there is no doubt that you will just go straightforward towards JustHost. However, it is not wise to simply judge from the brand, which means that your choice needs to be well backed by more reasons. The rating table in below is the best explanation for why you should give preference to JustHost.

Rating HostPapa JustHost
Price 3 4
Features 3.5 5
Uptime 3 4.5
Speed 3 5
Support 4 4.5
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HostPapa VS JustHost on Plans & Prices

At first, we will take a close look at the most sensitive factor, pricing, which has a direct influence on whether to skip over a web host. On the condition that the pricing is beyond your budget, you will continue to seek for an ideal hosting provider. Luckily, the two web hosts both charge the shared hosting solutions for reasonable prices.

The HostPapa plans (Starter, Business, and Business Pro) are priced from $9.99/mo, $14.99/mo, and $24.99/mo in the regular time. To promote sales, HostPapa gives special discounts for new comers from $3.95/mo, $3.95/mo, and 12.95/mo.

JustHost has also released three hosting solutions (Basic, Plus, and Prime), the discounted prices for which are from $3.49/mo, $5.95/mo, and $6.95/mo. In fact, the regular prices start at $9.49/mo, $10.99/mo, and $14.99/mo. Just like HostPapa, the minimum prices are only for 36-month payment. The below promotional link provides a convenient way for you to get the discount.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

In comparison, JustHost is more budget-friendly due to the cheaper plans and more considerate refund policy. The reason is that JustHost offers a pro-rated money back guarantee after 30 days while you will completely lose your money if you cancel your account on HostPapa after 30 days.

HostPapa VS JustHost on Hosting Features

It is nice for HostPapa and JustHost to both provide unlimited monthly data transfer and an ease-of-use cPanel. The unlimited bandwidth enables you to run a website with heavy traffic. And the control panel enables you to install many free open-source applications like WordPress and Joomla with 1-click. What’s more, we also attach a great importance to more features of the Starter and Basic.

Feature HostPapa JustHost
Plan Starter Basic
Website(s) 2 1
Disk Space 100 GB 50 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts 100 5
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Marketing Credits $200
FTP Accounts Yes Yes
1-Click Script Installs Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Python/Ruby No Yes
CGI No Yes
SSH No Yes
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To some extent, the two web hosts both make restrictions for some resources. The Starter plan is packed with more disk space and email accounts. In addition, you can get $200 marketing credits for Google and Bing. However, it is not in support for some important features like SSH.

HostPapa VS JustHost on Hosting Environment

A reliable and fast hosting environment is a key factor in creating a long-term relationship with a web host. Therefore, it is necessary for to know which one performs better. Having made a test for the uptime and the speed, we will tell you that JustHost beats HostPapa via more than 99.9% uptime and less than 400ms server response time.

Though HostPapa responsiveness for website is acceptable, it fails to create a reliable hosting environment with an average of 99.8% uptime. Indeed, JustHost makes more efforts to gain higher customer satisfaction by housing the dual quad processor servers, utilizing advanced facilities, and 24/7 network monitoring. Therefore, JustHost deserves your long-term partnership.

HostPapa VS JustHost on Customer Service

Your online presence relies on not only a reliable hosting environment but also a quick response to technical issues. In this sense, you may care much about whether you can get helpful support from the two web hosts. It is a piece of good news that you can get helpful chat, phone, and email support at any time from the well-trained team members.

Moreover, there are many useful articles and videos available for you to seek for solutions to most frequently asked problems. The experienced technicians make a great contribution to these helpful articles and videos.

Final Verdict – JustHost Is Recommended

In a big picture, we recommend JustHost which lives up to its reputation and our expectation. The only shortcoming is that you need to pay more to get unlimited disk space, email accounts, and many free extras including marketing offers. If you host a site on JustHost, there is no need for you to worry that your website is not accessible by your users.