HostPapa vs NameCheap – Blogging Hosting Review

Both HostPapa and NameCheap have survived in the fierce competition for more than 10 years. Founded in 2006, HostPapa has been providing shared hosting and VPS hosting. NameCheap, established in 2000, is also a dedicated hosting service provider. Under normal circumstances, shared hosting is the first choice for blogging hosting. Both web hosts seem to be a good option for blogging hosting. The HostPapa vs NameCheap comparison will reveal the fact and tell which is better for blogging hosting.

Things will be as clear as possible after the evaluation of their price, feature, uptime, speed, and support. Based on all the information, we present you with the below rating table and want you to have a general idea. The bad news is that neither of them is recommended to be your hosting provider. Now follow our steps to learn the detailed reasons.

Rating HostPapa NameCheap
Price 4.5 5
Feature 4 3
Uptime 4.5 4.5
Speed 4 3
Support 4.5 3
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HostPapa vs NameCheap on Price

On shared hosting, HostPapa has at a total of 3 packages and NameCheap gives more than 1 options. The former one is starting at $3.95/mo with a 51% discount off the regular price $7.99/mo and the latter one is priced from $0.82/mo ONLY for the first 12 months.

NameCheap will leave you a deeper impression because the renewal prices are as low as $3.24/mo. However, the fact of their cost-effectiveness will be revealed with the combination of price and feature.

HostPapa vs NameCheap on Feature

Below chart is a collection of the features for their basic plan. An early conclusion can be drawn that both web hosts lack some feature offerings.

It can be seen that NameCheap fails to provide a free domain name, ad credits, free website builder, Ruby on Rails, and more. And the money back guarantee is only valid for 14 days, much shorter than that of other web hosts. And the backups are regularly created for twice a week, which poses risk to your data security.

HostPapa is more rich-featured than NameCheap, coming with more server resources, extras, 30 days money back guarantee, and more. However, HostPapa charges you additional fees for backups. And there is no SSH and Ruby on Rails available for you.

Feature HostPapa NameCheap
Plan Starter Value
Websites 2 3
Free Domain 1 0
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 100 GB 20 GB
Ad Credits $200 0
Databases 10 50
Email Accounts 100 50
Backups Paid Twice a Week
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Full Refund 30 Days 14 Days
PHP 5.6/7.0 5.2-5.6/7.0-7.1
SSL Yes Yes
SSH No Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
Ruby No No
CDN Yes No
Renewal Price $7.99/mo $3.24/mo
Current Price $3.95/mo $0.82/mo(1st year)

HostPapa vs NameCheap on Uptime

Uptime is the measure of how accessible your website to visitors during a month. On their official website are a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 100% uptime guarantee without credits for the failure. To check whether they just make empty words, we use a monitoring tool and get uptime statistics.

As a matter of fact, both HostPapa and NameCheap have good uptime records which are better than 99.9%. However, it is also a fact that NameCheap does not carry out the commitment of 100% uptime. In the following, we present you with the HostPapa uptime statics in the past 30 days.

HostPapa vs NameCheap on Speed

To start with, we want to emphasize the importance of a fast hosting environment. It is a common sense that page loading speed will influence your SEO rankings.

During our investigation, however, we are disappointing to learn that neither of them ensures the fast running of their hosted websites. HostPapa is much faster than NameCheap, answering the server requests with 559ms on average. However, it still lags behind the average line in the industry. For example, there is a sharp gap on server response time between HostPapa and InMotion Hosting.

HostPapa vs NameCheap on Support

Support quality should also be a key factor before the purchase. Having dug into the details, we want to express our appreciation for HostPapa. On one hand, it enables phone, chat, email, and fax support. On the other hand, the knowledgebase is more informative and extensive than that of NameCheap.

NameCheap is inferior to HostPapa due to a lack of phone support and limited online resources. In particular, phone is an important communication channel for those who need real-time support.


To sum up, HostPapa stands out in the competition if there is the need to tell the winner. In the long run, however, HostPapa is still not a good option for blog hosting. The limited features and slow page load speed are the main downsides for this web host. Thus you still have the need to look for a good web host.

It is quite time-consuming to choose from the wide selection of web hosts. Thus we would like to narrow the range and save your time by making some recommendation in below. All the web hosts are selected according to our reviewing history. It is up to you on where to start your new hosting journey.