How to Add and Configure a Contact Form on a Drupal 7 Website

Contact form is accepted by most Drupal sites owners as an important means of interacting with visitors. For webmasters looking for an effective method to enable a contact form on website, Drupal has released the contact form module for that purpose, which is selected in this guide to deal with how to add and configure a contact form on a Drupal 7 site.

After having a contact from added to your Drupal site, visitors are able to submit any information via the form and that will be sent to you by email. It is a good method to answer questions in real time and collect general comments for a better understanding of your visitors. It is especially great for the business sites.

Add a Contact Form to Drupal 7 Website

Since we are going to add a contact form to Drupal 7 site by means of a contact form module, log into Drupal 7 dashboard with personal login information and access to Modules tab where shows you a list of modules to choose from. Find out and check the Contact module that is used to enable contact forms. Scroll down to the bottom of the Modules setting page and click “Save Configuration” to make the Contact module into effect.

install contact form module

Since the configuration options have been saved, click “X” on the top right corner to close this page. Here requires you to access to People tab and set permissions for your contact form. Focus on the Permission tab on the top right corner and click it. This is where to take full control of anonymous users, authenticated users and administrator so as to specify what they can do on your site.

Search for the Contact option and that further enables three permissions for licensed users, in terms of contact forms administration and the right to use site-wide & users’ personal contact forms. Check the boxes respective for certain user roles and grant permissions to them if needed. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click “Save permissions” to confirm all changes.

set permissions for contact form

Here, we suggest you to enable the “Use the site-wide contact form” permission for all user roles thereby allowing everyone to access to your contact form freely.

Configure the Drupal 7 Contact Form

Having the contact form added to your Drupal 7 website, you should set about configuring the contact form. Log into the Drupal 7 dashboard with your own account and then target the Structure tab on the top of your admin panel. That enables you to manage block content, content types, menus and categorization on Drupal site.

An item called “Contact Form” appears on this tab since you have installed Drupal 7 contact module on website. Click it to the Contact Form setting mode and this is where to set up categories for the contact form.

structure contact form

All categories are listed here and that allows you to Edit & Delete certain categories if needed. Access to the “Edit contact category” page for a certain category and that enables you to modify category name, recipients, auto-reply, weight, etc. Make some changes according to personal needs and click “Save” button to confirm settings.

edit contact category

If the existing categories can no longer satisfy your needs, go to Structures > Contact from and add more categories by clicking “Add category” as planned. That requires you to name the new category properly and add as many recipients as needed to Recipients mode with comma separated. And then, leave a message in Auto-reply mode and that will be sent to a user automatically when submitting a contact.

After having all settings done, click “Save” button to make this newly created category into effect. Add more categories to manage your contact form in an organized way.

add new category

Add the Contact Form to Menu

If you wish to add the newly contact form to the menu in Drupal 7, then you should make some changes to the menu settings via Drupal 7 dashboard. Access to your admin panel and go to Structure > Menus. This is where to add new menus to your site or edit the exiting menus.

Here is a list of items shown on the Menus tab. Target the “Main menu” and click “edit menu” option.

edit main menus

Go to the List Links tab and click “Add Link”. A list of fields requires you to fill out, including Menu link title, Path, Description, and so on. Enter your contact form URL into the Path field and give it a proper name via “Menu link title” field. Since you have all settings confirmed, click “Save” button and check if the contact form has been added to the menu.

add new menu