InMotion Hosting vs WebHostingBuzz – Cheap Hosting Comparison

Founded in 2001 and 2002, both InMotion Hosting and WebHostingBuzz should have a good understanding of how to meet the needs for webmasters. That’s may be one of the reasons why you take the two web hosts into consideration. However, you are likely to be confused when there is the need to tell the better hosting provider. In this case, you will get a professional advice from the InMotion Hosting vs WebHostingBuzz comparison.

Though both web hosts provide a wide range of hosting services, we would like to take about their web hosting due to the cost-effectiveness. With the combination of our editors’ reviews and customers’ feedbacks, this comparison is able to reveal the fact on hosting charges, feature offerings, hosting uptime, hosting speed, technical support, and more. The below rating table is provided for you to have a quick view.

Rating InMotion Hosting WebHostingBuzz
Price 5 4.5
Feature 4.5 3.5
Uptime 5 2.5
Uptime 5 3
Speed 5 3
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Hosting Charges – Both Good

To give you hosting freedom, both InMotion Hosting and WebHostingBuzz have at total of web hosting solutions. However, the two web hosts come with different pricing strategy and feature allocations.

Instead of regularly charging you for $6.99/mo, InMotion Hosting gives up to 57% discounts to new users. The lowest prices -$2.95/mo, $4.49/mo, and $7.49/mo- are valid for those who pay 3-year hosting fees in advance. The below promotional link is released by InMotion Hosting.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation

WebHostingBuzz is also an affordable hosting provider whose starting price is $4.95/mo for the 2-year payment. It is kind for this web host to make a 45-day money back guarantee. With InMotion Hosting, you even have another 45 days to check the service quality.

Price Information InMotion Hosting WebHostingBuzz
Plan in Review Launch Buzz Light
1-Year Payment $4.49/mo $5.95/mo
2-Year Payment $3.49/mo $4.95/mo
3-Year Payment $2.95/mo
Payment Methods Credit Card Card/Paypal/WebMoney/Dwolla
Refund Policy 90 Days 45 Days

Feature Offerings – InMotion Hosting Wins

Note that Launch from InMotion Hosting and Buzz Light from WebHostingBuzz are selected to make things clear. Both web hosts give you enough room to grow with the provision of sufficient disk space and bandwidth. WebHostingBuzz does not list out the number of email accounts, databases, and more, which should have your attention.

The two web hosts have a lot in common, such as, 1 free domain name, cPanel, Softaculous installer, etc. However, InMotion Hosting also provides you with the newer version of PHP, a free website builder, and $250 ad credits.

Feature Information InMotion Hosting WebHostingBuzz
Plan in Review Launch Buzz Light
Free Domain 1 1
Disk Space Unlimited 400 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unknown
Databases 2 Unknown
PHP 7 5
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
1-Click Installer Softaculous Softaculous
Website Builder Free $3/mo
Ad Credits $250 No
Perl/Python/Ruby Yes Yes
SSD Yes No
SSH Access Yes Yes
SSL Certificate Yes Yes
Conclusion Recommended Not Recommended

Hosting Uptime – InMotion Hosting Wins

It is a disaster when your website encounters constant downtime. To put it simply, you will have a great loss of traffic and income. Given the importance of hosting uptime, we have had online tests for the two web hosts with a monitoring tool. The results show that WebHostingBuzz fails to deliver 99.9% hosting uptime while InMotion Hosting has excellent uptime records as below.

To deliver the maximum uptime, InMotion Hosting features the data centers with uninterrupted power supply, 24/7 monitoring, cooling system, and cutting-edge technologies. However, WebHostingBuzz needs more investment on the data centers, network infrastructure, etc. so as to keep their hosted websites run smoothly.

Hosting Speed – InMotion Hosting Wins

In the meantime, the monitoring tool is used to get the statistics about their server response time. InMotion Hosting also distinguished itself from WebHostingBuzz with the ability to deliver fast page load speed.

In fact, the average server response time (237ms) of InMotion Hosting is much shorter than that of many competitors we have reviewed. InMotion Hosting is highlighted for the utilization of free SSD drives, Max Speed Zone, routers from Brocade and Cisco Systems, etc.

Technical Support – InMotion Hosting Wins

For the purpose of self-learning, you have access to more than 3,000 support documents inside the InMotion Hosting support center. On the WebHostingBuzz official website, the wiki is described as a collection of video tutorials and documentations. However, the page is not found when we are going to use the wiki. To better at your service, InMotion Hosting also allows you to ask questions and receive help from the community.

In addition to online resources, both web hosts provide you with chat and ticket/email support. What’s more, InMotion Hosting gives you the freedom to use Skype and phone calls to ask for real-person help. On the basis of our personal tests and customers reviews, InMotion Hosting is the winner due to the quicker responses and more professional answers.

Wrap Up

At this moment, an easy conclusion can be drawn that InMotion Hosting is able to guarantee the service quality at cheaper hosting fees. You should have learned the reasons why InMotion Hosting has the confidence to issue a 90-day refund policy.