InMotion VS A2Hosting – Choose the Better Web Host for Drupal

InMotion is one of the fastest developing web hosting company in the industry, along with affordable price, powerful performance and professional Drupal support. As an industry leading business web hosting provider, A2Hosting is still a trust-deserving web host with supports of its thousands of loyal customers.

With over ten-year experience in the industry, both InMotion and A2Hosting have high reputation and provide hosting services with affordable price, excellent performance and timely technical support. The two companies share some similarities as well as differences. Here, we will unveil more details about them, which will be illustrated one by one in below.

Rating InMotion Hosting A2Hosting
Reputation 5 4.5
Feature 5 4
Performance 4.5 4
Reliability 5 4.5
Tech Support 5 4
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Price & Packages

In terms of plans and pricing, InMotion shared hosting includes 3 plans – Launch, Power and Pro, priced at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $19.99/mo regularly. Among the 3 plans, the first is suitable for new starters, second for small business and last for growing business individually. However, now InMotion claims special offer with 56% discount for Drupal hosting solutions through the following promotion link. After the discount, customers can get the plans for only $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $9.49/mo.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation

In comparison, A2Hosting offers Lite, Prime+SSD and Turbo, pricing at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $18.99/mo regularly. However, customers can get a 51% discount by activating this promotion link. For instance, the price of the first plan is reduced to $3.92/mo.

A2Hosting Promotion Link Activation

As for the money back guarantee, InMotion promises 90-day money back while A2Hosting allows customers ask for full refund within the first 30-day.


Both InMotion and A2Hosting have rich features. We make a comprehensive analysis between the two web companies by choosing the entry-level Launch and Lite plans from InMotion and A2Hosting individually.

Feature InMotion Hosting A2Hosting
Plan in Review Launch Lite
Web Storage Unlimited Unlimited
SSD Free Extra $2/mo
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
SSH Access Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
PHP 5 Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
MySQL 5 Yes Yes
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Price $3.49/mo $3.92/mo
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days 30 Days
Conclusion Recommended Recommended

As can be noticed from above, both InMotion and A2Hosting have a lot of important features, such as unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer. In addition, some significant development tools are included, like PHP, Python, Ruby and MySQL.

Furthermore, both of the two companies support 1-Click Installer which is convenient and easy for customers to install any software they like. They provide free backup service while some other web hosts ask for additional money, with which users don’t need to worry about their data loss. And the two companies adopt concise cPanel to provide services.


When it comes to the performance, InMotion and A2Hosting have done good jobs from the statistics. Both of the two companies claim to guarantee 99.9% network uptime at least and they do what they say.

By utilizing multiple data centers, premium bandwidth providers and advanced powerful routers from Cisco and Brocade system, InMotion can ensure the page loading speed and server response time. More impressively, all the plans provided by this company are supported by 100% Dell PowerEdge servers. And all the servers of InMotion are under 24×7 monitoring carried out by experienced technicians

Comparatively, A2Hosting has two data centers in USA and Iceland. The company promises to deliver a minimum of downtime. Moreover, this company has its exclusive SwiftServer platform and each of the SwiftServer is well tuned by the Guru Crew support team, guaranteeing a high performance web hosting environment.

Customer Service

Technical Support As the best web hosting providers in this industry, both InMotion and A2Hosting pay much attention to their customer service. The two companies provide satisfactory 24×7 technical support through live chat, phone call and email to help users fix their problems anytime, that is to say whenever they are needed, they provide timely technical support.

Conclusion – Both Are Recommendable

After this in-depth comparison between InMotion and A2Hosting, we can draw a conclusion that both companies are worth choosing because both of them have affordable prices, rich features, fast loading speed and timely technical support. Particularly, the free inclusion of SSD at InMotion hosting is exclusive in the shared web hosting industry.