InMotion VS BlueHost – Which Should You Choose for Drupal Hosting

InMotion and BlueHost are recognized as two of the most well-established web hosting providers involved with shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server. Since both companies declare their Drupal hosting services are great for site building, we make this comparison to get to the bottom of this declaration. That is created for people who are looking for a right platform to host their websites.

Both companies offer various solutions to the satisfaction of different purposes, such as business sites, blogs, online store, etc. Besides, the premium technical support, sufficient resources and reliable hosting environment are all committed. That’s why it is hard to make a decision between the two companies. First of all, let’s have a quick view of InMotion and BlueHost, and then check into more details.

Rating InMotion BlueHost
Reputation 5 5
Feature 4.5 4.5
Loading Speed 5.0 4.0
Reliability 4.5 4.5
Tech Support 5.0 5.0
In-depth Review InMotion Review BlueHost Review

Drupal Hosting Plans & Price

InMotion has divided its Drupal hosting service into three levels, including Launch, Power and Pro, and this company further enables 56%, 55% and 52% discount for those plans. Click the following promotional link to make those discounts into effect. In this way, the price is automatically down to $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $9.49/mo. What’s more, SSD Drives, Site Transfer and Data Backups are free-issue.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation

Three hosting packages also consist in BlueHost Drupal hosting service, named as Basic, Plus and Prime. Each plan comes with up to 63% discount for $2.95/mo only. The following promotional link activation is used to get such competitive price. BlueHost offers a free domain name to help customers who need to register a new domain save a lot of budget.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

In the aspect of payment methods, both companies support PayPal and credit card to promote better user experience.

Drupal Hosting Features

For some basic features, like disk space, bandwidth and allowed websites, InMotion and BlueHost guarantee enough resource allocation. Besides, the latest PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl and Python are also included in each Drupal hosting solution. The following table shows more details of their Drupal hosting features.

Feature InMotion BlueHost
Plan in Review Launch Basic
Disk Space Unlimited SSD – 10x faster 100GB
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Websites 2 1
MySQL5 Yes Yes
PHP5 Yes Yes
Perl5 Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
Sale Now! $3.49/mo $2.95/mo

InMotion uses cPanel for ease of website building and management. Some popular applications like WordPress, Prestashop and Joomla are preinstalled to save from a trouble. Besides, the premium website builder makes it easier to install software and set up applications on site. That is a great method to simply the Drupal installation and site development.

Besides the use of cPanel, BlueHost also integrates with SimpleScrpts 1-click script installer, which is available for any popular applications, like Drupal, Tikiwiki, WordPress, b2evolution, and so on so forth. The Drag & Drop site builder is free for all users and that enables an easy way to create a Drupal website.

Drupal Hosting Performance

InMotion cares a lot about environmental protection and takes a good use of green data centers with eco-friendly technologies. According to the uptime record we have collected for 30 days in the following chart, we can see InMotion achieves at least 99.99% uptime on average.

Since reliability is a big concern of most webmasters, BlueHost attaches great importance to that factor. By using world-class data center with premium facilities, BlueHost also achieves at least 99.99% uptime during the past 30 days. Check the evidence as below.

InMotion Max Speed Zone stimulates faster speed and that is great for webmasters who have high demand on page loading speed. For BlueHost, this company integrates with robust servers to guarantee high performance.

Drupal Hosting Technical Support

Both companies support the communication methods of live chat, phone and email, which are available uninterrupted. All members of support team are well-trained and experienced enough to solve any problems.

In addition to asking help from support team, another way to search for a solution is turning to self-resources, like FAQs, beginner’s guide, video tutorials, forums, etc. That is in terms of account, email, control panel, site building, server status, hosting details, and so on.

Summary – Both Are Worth Going

Having all aspects reviewed, both InMotion and BlueHost are worth going because of affordable price, generous resource allocation, fast speed, high level of reliability and premium support. Since there are various requirements for a Drupal hosting plan, InMotion is much more suitable for webmasters longing for faster speed while BlueHost is great for webmasters who are running multiple sites for different purposes.