iPage vs A2Hosting – Comprehensive Comparison on Shared Hosting

From the perspectives of multiple aspects, this iPage vs A2Hosting comparison will benefit our readers who have no idea on their shared hosting. With the largest user base, shared hosting is a service existing on the product offerings of iPage and A2Hosting, two popular web hosts in the market. Following our steps to reveal the fact, our readers will save much time and energy telling one from the other.

The fierce competition forces iPage and A2Hosting to be budget-friendly. This is the important reason why a huge number of webmasters consider them to be the first choices for shared hosting. But how to make a choice is a question for most of our readers who have not acquired the knowledge of evaluating a web host. Take it easy! Our professional editors understand the need for a higher online presence and work hard to show you a right direction.

Rating iPage A2Hosting
Price 5 4.5
Feature 4.5 4.5
Uptime 4.5 4.5
Speed 3 4.5
Support 4.5 4.5
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iPage vs A2Hosting – Similarities

Hosting uptime

In contrast to iPage, A2Hosting advertises uptime as more than 99.9% for their hosted websites. However, it is appreciated that their downtime is within 1% in the real world. What make their brand valuable are their efforts towards the best possible uptime. Backed by redundant power supplies, data centers and servers cannot face a power outage.

And many other threats to uptime have also been removed with solid network infrastructure, advanced facilities, and dedicated technicians. Below are their uptime statistics which we access from a monitoring tool.

iPage uptime records:

A2Hosting uptime records:

Support quality

Convenient options, live chat, phone call, and ticket, are 24/7 available for users to choose from. How to contact support members should be according to the actual situation. Under normal circumstances, live chat is recommended to those who want their issues solved before their becoming more and more serious. It is the most effective contact method without the requirements on spoken language.

iPage Edges over A2Hosting

Hosting charges

As we mentioned before, both web hosts are affordable for most webmasters. Their regular prices are both from $7.99/mo. At present, considerable discounts are available through the iPage promotional link and A2Hosting promotional link. However, the winner goes to iPage whose starting price is $1.99/mo.

Price Information iPage A2Hosting
Plan in Review One Plan

Billed Monthly $4.90/mo
Billed Annually $2.99/mo $4.41/mo
Billed Biennially $2.49/mo $3.92/mo
Billed Triennially $1.99/mo $3.92/mo
Renewal Price $7.99/mo $7.99/mo
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Free extras

In addition to the incomparable hosting charges, iPage also includes many free extras to increase its attractiveness. Below is a list of the extras which adds much value into the hosting solution.

iPage Free Extras

A2Hosting Edges over iPage

Hosting freedom

Because there is a single shared plan, iPage sets strict limitations for hosting freedom. However, A2Hosting not only gives two more shared hosting options but also supports Windows operating system. With rich features included, the affordable Windows hosting solutions are also a highlight of A2Hosting.

Refund policy

A 30 days full refund policy applies to both iPage users and A2Hosting users. If you want to be refunded for the remainder of your subscription, however, A2Hosting can improve your money security. Do you have much more faith in A2Hosting?

Control panel

Control panel is a significant difference between their feature offerings. iPage chooses vDeck as its control panel while A2Hosting provides cPanel for Linux users and Plesk for Windows users. Both cPanel and Plesk have received great praises from webmasters. They are so powerful that many tasks can be managed with ease. From users’ point of view, however, they let vDeck in the shadow.

Loading speed

The importance of page loading speed cannot be emphasized any more. It has a much close relationship with users’ interest to access more information and even to purchase a product.

Just like uptime, we are close to the fact via the monitoring tool. iPage doesn’t satisfy us with an average of 559ms server response time. iPage is only suitable for those who have no more requirements on the page load speed. Otherwise, A2Hosting who averages the server response time to 397ms should worth your attention.

It is OK to hold higher expectations for A2Hosting. The add-on services can also do you a favor to speed up your website, apart from free SSD drives and CloudFlare CDN. Whether to purchase them or not should be based on your budget and requirements.

Wrap Up

Just like a coin, iPage and A2Hosting have their pros and cons. As a whole, they are both good web hosts who stand out from the market. If you care more about hosting costs and less about website speed, iPage is advised for your website. If not, A2Hosting is better for your website. Also, the anytime refund policy can be a good reason to place an order on A2Hosting. So figure out what you want before the purchase of a solution from iPage or A2Hosting.