iPage vs Arvixe – Affordable Drupal Hosting Comparison

This iPage vs Arvixe comparison is mainly concerning about their Drupal hosting solution.

Both of these two web hosts are affordable web hosting providers, offering cheap hosting services plus rich features. But when it comes to their Drupal hosting, which one can guarantee the better service?

To come out the result, we have personally tried their services for our sample Drupal sites and collected hundreds of reviews from their real customers. In the following, we will reveal both the common aspects and differences between their hosting packages.

iPage vs Arvixe – Common Aspects

These two web hosts all guarantee good price values for their Drupal hosting solutions and ensure 100% Drupal compatibility.

Drupal Compatibility

According to the official site of Drupal, the minimum requirements of Drupal installation include:

  • Apache, Nginx, or Microsoft IIS web server, among which the Apache one is the most recommended.
  • MySQL 4.1 or higher for Drupal 6, MySQL 5.0.15 or higher for Drupal 7, MySQL 5.5.3 or higher for Drupal 8.
  • PHP 5.x for Drupal 6, PHP 5.2.5 or higher for Drupal 7, PHP 5.5/PHP 7.x or higher for Drupal 8.
  • At least 256 MB of PHP memory limit for the basic running of a Drupal site.
  • SuPHP as the PHP handler for a high level of Drupal security.
  • GD library, as an image library for PHP, used for better image manipulation.

After checking the feature list of these two web hosts, both of them have fully met these technical requirements, ensuring 100% compatibility for Drupal running.

Price Values

They all offer cost-effective Drupal hosting, coming with rich features and budget-friendly prices. When it comes to the hosting features, both of them do not set limits on the storage space or bandwidth and allows you to get the free website builder, free domain name, shared SSL, SSH, free advertising credits, user-friendly control panel, 1-click Drupal installation and much more.

As for the hosting charges, Arvixe offers affordable plans which prices starting at $4/mo. And iPage launches a special promotional link, with which you can purchase starting at $1.99/mo only.

Different Aspects – iPage Edges Over Arvixe

Despite the common points above, the two companies have differences in other aspects of their shared hosting services. To be more specific, iPage wins over Arvixe for providing more free extras, relatively cheaper prices, better uptime, and faster speed.

Cheaper Prices

In total, Arvixe has released two shared hosting plans, including Personal Class and Personal Class Pro. These plans start at $4/mo and $7/mo respectively. No coupon is available for claiming a discount.

iPage also strives to offer the affordable Drupal hosting solutions. At present, it only charges you $1.99/mo each month, which is lower than the cost of Arvixe Drupal hosting.

Besides, iPage allows three billing circles including 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. No matter which billing you are choosing, you can enjoy the $1.99/mo promotional activity.

iPage Promotion

Free Beneficial Extras

Although Arvixe also offers some free extras like advertising credits, its offerings are not as beneficial as iPage.

iPage has four special suites for website security, support, marketing and design, which are valued $500 for free.

  • Security Suite values $100, offering daily malware/spam scan, business verification and display certification of your site.
  • Support Suite values $50, including 24/7 phone/chat/email support, rigorous QA testing and helpful online tutorials.
  • Marketing Suite values $300 which is more than that of Arvixe, including $100 for Google AdWords, $100 for Yahoo!/Bing, YellowPages.com listing, and website authentication seal.
  • Design Suite values $50 for the easy building of blogs, online stores and photo galleries.

Better Hosting Reliability

Considering no one wants a Drupal site that is always inaccessible online, iPage pays much attention to the hosting reliability.

The company utilizes the robust web servers to guarantee the proper running of websites. Besides, to guarantee that each server can work uninterruptedly, it uses world-class data centers for the placement of server machines.

To test its uptime in the real-world, we have set up two Drupal sites and got them hosted with iPage. According to the results, this host has performed well. In general, it has delivered an average of 99.95% uptime in the past thirty days, which is more satisfying than that of many other competitors in the same field.

When it comes to Arvixe, the company hasn’t do well in uptime, which has been proved both by our monitoring and the numerous user reviews online. The real uptime seldom reaches 99.9%. You can check the chart below to get more statistics about Arvixe uptime in the previous month.

Faster Hosting Speed

When testing the uptime of these two companies, we also have checked their server response time. According to the result, iPage consumes 550ms for server response, which is over 20% faster than that of Arvixe.

Community Reputation

With years of development, iPage has made itself a reputable hosting provider in the whole field. Besides providing a cost-effective hosting plan, It also ensures excellent hosting performance.

In this case, it is not surprising that iPage is favored by bloggers, store keepers, and many other types of users throughout the globe. Moreover, on the basis of our investigations, iPage have kept an excellent customer satisfaction rate.

According to the 262 reviews that we’ve received on HostUCan, iPage enjoys a customer satisfaction rate that is up to 99.98%. Check the proof below.

Arvixe receives many compliments for the cheap price, but the poor uptime, speed and technical support make it not a satisfying choice for hosting blogs, forums or online shops.

Different Aspects – Arvixe Edges Over iPage

As for Arvixe, the company has outperformed its rival in the following aspects.

Longer Money Back

The period of money back guarantee allowed by Arvixe is 60 days while that of iPage is 30 days. During the specified period, Arvixe promises to issue a full refund for users who are not completely satisfied with its hosting services. In this case, Arvixe simply guarantees a better sense of worry free.

Free Domain

Both of them include the free domains into the hosting packages. However, the free extra of Arvixe can be available for the whole life. As for iPage, it only allows the free domain for the first year of registration.

iPage vs Arvixe – Which One to Choose?

Obviously, iPage is the better Drupal hosting providers, offering budget-friendly and rich-featured services. Besides, this company focuses more on the quality of technical support, assisting you 24/7 via multiple contact channels. Therefore, when choosing between them, you can try iPage first.