iPage VS GoDaddy – Looking for A Cost-Effective Hosting Solution?

iPage and GoDaddy are two famous and historic companies in the industry so customers are always hard to make a choice between them. This iPage VS GoDaddy comparison are written for helping readers learn about their commons and differences. Finally, customers can easily make the decision by contrasting their pricing, features, speed, uptime, technical support and customer satisfaction rate. Note that all content are based on our real hosting experience and verified customer reviews.

iPage VS GoDaddy Overview

Before to contrast their details, we have made an overall comparison table based on our experiences and customer feedbacks. By seeing the overall ratings of Industry Reputation, Features, Loading Speed, Reliability and Technical Support, we can conclusion that iPage is the most cost-effective choice than GoDaddy.

Rating iPage GoDaddy
Reputation 5.0 4
Feature 5.0 3
Loading Speed 4.5 3.0
Reliability 4.5 4.5
Tech Support 5.0 4.5
Website ipage.com godaddy.com

Founded in 1997, iPage is one of the most experienced web hosts that focuses on web hosting business only. It offers affordable web hosting low to $1.99/mo, serving for a large amount of bloggers, individuals and businesses.

GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar from 1997 and started to provide web hosting solutions in 2004. With comprehensive products and global reputation, it also powers millions of websites worldwide.

In the below content, we will carefully tell you why and how iPage is better than GoDaddy.

Pricing & Features

Starting at $1.99/mo, iPage Essential plan is very cheap, 77% off the regular price for $8.95/mo for customers going through its exclusive promotional link. It comes with unlimited hosting space, data transfer, allowed domains & websites, email accounts and 1 free domain name. Besides, it also features with the latest scripts, such as PHP, Perl, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SSH, Cron Jobs, and so on.

iPage Promotion Link Activation

GoDaddy has 3 shared hosting plans, named as Hatchling, Deluxe and Ultimate. Pricing for $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $7.49/mo, GoDaddy plans are 50% off the original price, coming with upgradeable features for difference level customers. However, the Economy plan is very basic, limiting with 100 GB disk space, 1 website, 50 FTP users, 10×1 GB MySQL database allowed, which makes it only a toy for newbies and beginners.

Both the services of iPage and GoDaddy are acceptable, but iPage is still 43% cheaper than GoDaddy Economy plan. Taking the features into consideration, iPage is similar with GoDaddy Deluxe plan, but is much cheaper.

Money Back Guarantee

money backIn addition to the extremely cheap price, iPage also offers ANYTIME money back guarantee to dispel customers’ doubts. Be fully confident to the service, the company allows you to cancel the billing at anytime, without questions asked and no time limited. Plus, you can get full refund is you cancel the account within first 30 days.

On the other hand, GoDaddy guarantees 45 days money. Customers are allowed to request a full refund for the annual plans within 45 days. If you purchased the service less than 1 year, you can get a full refund within 48 hours.

To be sincerely, the money back guarantee of iPage is more powerful and reliable.


Mentioned performance, customers and web hosts both pay close attention to this factor. In order to win the trust and eliminate customers’ worries, both companies claim their services are at least 99.9% uptime. As well, they also try their best to achieve this commitment.

In addition, iPage also utilizes robust data centers and servers to keep fast server responding speed. According to our monitoring during the past 12 months, the servers are responding about 550 ms. Although GoDaddy also utilizes worldwide data centers and advanced facilities, it still 40% slower than iPage, responding in 800 ms averagely.

Technical Support

Technical support is an important factor for shared hosting because many customers handle their websites by themselves. But customers never need to worry about this on iPage and GoDaddy – they both provide well-trained and professional support to help customers 24 hours a days and 7 days a week. Besides, they also offer online Support Center on the official site so that you can easily find almost answers of common asked questions.

Please note that customers can contact iPage via telephone, live chat and email ticket but they can only get phone and email support from GoDaddy, no live chat support available.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

to compare two companies objectively and fairly, we collects hundreds of customer reviews on BestHostingSearch. According to the real ratings, iPage earns 100% customer satisfaction rate from 92 verified customers. However, the customer satisfaction rate of GoDaddy is only 36.4%. Check out the detailed data in the below table.

Rating iPage GoDaddy
Customers’ Votes 92 votes
read reviews
23 votes
read reviews
Overall Rating 100% 36.4%
Reliability 100% 36.4%
Control Panel 100% 36.4%
Tech Support 100% 31.8%

Conclusion – iPage is Recommended!

Based on the thorough comparison between iPage VS GoDaddy, we personally think iPage is a better choice than GoDaddy because of the cheaper price, reliable money back guarantee, faster speed, and professional support. We highly recommend customers to purchase iPage hosting to power their websites. Additionally, you can read about iPage Review for more comprehensive information.

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